Tips And Hints On Choosing Your Bridal Party

Would you like to have your wedding in the summer or winter? What kind of flowers will adorn the tables and what kind of tables will they actually be adorning? Wedding planning involves a large number of decisions, and it can feel overwhelming. Whether you are the wedding planner, or the person actually getting married, the following tips will help you plan and create the best wedding.

If you will be having an outdoor wedding, consider the costs involved. To save money on your wedding, keep in mind that outdoor weddings may require permits, have party size restrictions, and if you will be allowed to have music. Also, weather conditions could add extra costs to your outdoor wedding plans.

If you can’t have a limo for your wedding, dress up the cars you’re going in. Put on crepe paper flowers, streamers and whatever else the owner will let you dress it up with. It will make you feel like you have your own customized coach, so you don’t really need a limo anyway.

Include your children in your wedding to make sure that it’s an enjoyable experience for everyone. Start right when you begin planning by asking them what elements they would like to include in the ceremony. You can even have your oldest child walk you down the aisle and give you a way to their new step-parent.

Make sure that everyone in your wedding party knows how they’re getting to the wedding site and back home from your wedding! This is especially important if you’re going to be serving alcohol, and essential if it’s an open bar. If you’re worried about anyone getting too inebriated, offer free cab rides to anyone who doesn’t bring a car, or drive them home in your limo.


If you are having an outdoor wedding, check your wind speeds for that day. A windy day can ruin an outdoor wedding if not planned for. If it is going to be windy, avoid hairstyles that will be greatly affected by wind. You should also keep in mind that some tents are not designed to handle very windy conditions.

When planning an outdoor wedding, always have a backup plan. Try choosing a venue that has an indoor area available for your wedding if it decides to rain that day. You could also consider having tents just in case you experience bad weather. When using a tent during rain, it is not ideal for when you have heavy rain as the ground beneath the tent will become wet and your guests will have to walk in it.

If you want to get married outdoors, make sure you have a backup plan. Set up a large canopy for shade or rain. A location with access to the indoors would also work well, just in case of bad weather. Mud can ruin footwear, so for the convenience of your guests, it is a good idea to lay down planks of wood for them to walk on.

After reading these tips, it’s safe to say that you probably weren’t aware of even half of these ideas. And that’s because no one ever realizes just how much goes into planning a wedding until they’re actually staring at it in the face. A wedding is perhaps the most detail-oriented celebration out there, so be sure that you’re using these tips to help you out.

Keep your Phoenix Kids Entertained this Summer!

There’s almost nothing worse than kids who are bored over summer break! In the record breaking heat of Phoenix, you can either stay in the air conditioning all day or venture out early to where there’s fun. Stay cool and keep the kids entertained with these ideas.

Mulligan! Before you go crazy on summer spending, check out deals on sites like Groupon. My husband took our three teenage sons for a round of golf at Freedom Golf Course in Mesa. Using a Groupon deal, they were able to play for 56% off the regular price. They also offer golf summer camp for kids. The course is closed Mondays and Tuesdays.

Other Groupon deals include hotel stays for in-town vacations, restaurants, and back to school items.

Get wet! Want to keep the kids busy and cool? Check out water parks like Golfland Sunsplash in Mesa for deals when you use a coupon or buy tickets online. Ask if they offer a summer pass if you’re planning to go more than once. Golfland Sunsplash offers pizza and other food at reasonable-ish prices so plan to make a day of it!

If you’re not into water parks or want to stick closer to home, visit your community pool. You might want to pack water, sports drinks, snacks, sunscreen, and towels but you won’t have to drive far and there won’t be wet kids tracking through your house.

Rent a water slide! Not sure if your family needs an interactive water feature? Rent a water slide for a day from White Knight Party Rentals! We offer a variety of themed slides that may include the soaker hose depending on the model you choose. Delivery to Phoenix, Glendale, Scottsdale and Temp.

We offer will-call/customer pick-up on most items as well to save money on your order – pickup from our conveniently located warehouse at 29th st. and Washington St.

We’d love to hear your ideas for keeping cool and having fun this summer! Comment below and see you soon for all your party needs!

Why You Need a Party Rental Company on Speed Dial

‘Tis the season for parties. No matter what you’re celebrating this December, the likelihood is that you’ll either be planning or attending a bevvy of parties as the year comes to an end. And let’s face it: hosting a party can be a big headache. There’s all of that planning, which often includes buying a bunch of things you’ll only need once a year or less. Then you have to make the guest list, figure out what to feed everyone, and ensure that all of your guests have a good time. Well, we have one suggestion that will help you create a fun environment and ease some of that stress: Put a party rental company on speed dial.

Set the Tone
Let’s start with the big stuff, like canopies and tents, inflatable outdoor movie screens, and bounce houses. These are unlikely to be things you have stored in your garage, and purchasing them can set you back a pretty penny. A party rental company will have all of these big items available for rental for a nominal fee. And what’s even better is that they will deliver, setup, and take down all of these big party necessities for you. All you need to do is call and let the party rental company know when you need everything.

Incidentals Shouldn’t Be Accidental
There’s so much more to hosting a great party than just having a place in which to hold it. You need chairs and tables, temperature regulators (aka fans or heaters), a PA system to rock the tunes, and lighting to keep the party going into the wee hours. While you may have extra chairs and tables in the garage, do you have the lights, patio heaters, and table linens you’ll need? If you host parties on a regular basis, it might make sense to purchase these smaller items, but if you only invite people over once a year or so, that’s a large investment. Instead, you can trust a party rental company to have your back when you need them.

Party Rental Companies Can Help with Planning
In addition to having the hard goods you need to make your party a success, the employees at a party rental company have seen it all. They can provide support on when and where to host a successful party, as well as the essentials you’ll need for it to go off without a hitch. When you call to ask questions, they’ll have answers. What colors go together? How many tents do I need? What if it rains? Nothing is too big or small of a question for them to help.

So grab your phone and program 602-277-2789 into it right now. The party planners at White Knight Party Rentals have everything you need to ensure you are the star of any events you’re planning this holiday season and the rest of the year. Whether you just have a simple question or need to reserve items for a 500-person gala, we can help you. And we’ll make it all go smoothly so you have fun too!

Phoenix Water Slides Keep Residents Cool

Now that the temperature is forecast to surpass 110ºF, it’s hard to argue the fact that it’s hot. Even if you love the higher temperatures, it’s definitely pretty uncomfortable to be outside for too long. That is, unless you are in the water. When you add water to 100ºF+ heat, you have a recipe for some cool fun. And Phoenix water slides are the best, most fun way to add some cool water to your hot afternoon.

Not Your Average Water Slide
Remember when you were a kid and your mom put out the Slip ‘n Slide in the backyard? She’d hook up the water hose, and you’d play until the nearby grass was so swishy that you could barely stay upright anywhere near the area.

But things have changed.

These days, instead of just a sheet of plastic with water running across it, water slides have gone high-tech. They now incorporate obstacle courses, bounce houses, and a lot more fun than they did back in the ‘70s. Now, you can get water slide inflatable rentals, a fun ride that sits comfortably in your backyard or park awaiting happy kids of all ages.

Why Upgrade Your Phoenix Water Slides?
There’s no rule that you can’t just stick with a Slip ‘n Slide or even a sprinkler in the backyard to keep cool this summer. That could be the perfect option for a standard Tuesday afternoon. But what about the times when you have friends or neighbors over at the house? If you have a backyard big enough for a bounce house, you have a backyard big enough for a Phoenix water slide! And if you have a pool, get bonus points for sending your water slide into the pool after the kids have enjoyed the obstacles and climbing.

One of the best things about these water slides is their versatility. Did you know that you can use them both wet and dry? During the summer, it definitely makes more sense to turn on the water for a cool, refreshing slide. But during cooler months, everyone can have just as much fun without the wet.

Make Your Event Even More Fun
So you’ve decided that a Phoenix water slide will make the perfect addition to your next summer party. But why stop there? You can add other fun summertime party rentals to your list. How about a dunking booth or a snow cone machine? An inflatable movie screen is the perfect activity after a day of splashing and sliding; have guests pull up a seat in the pool and watch an outside movie under the stars. And of course, a bounce house is always a fun time, no matter what the weather is like.

If you’re looking for the perfect party rental for your next get together or event — especially if it’s a Phoenix water slide! — trust the party professionals at White Knight Party Rentals. Contact us at 602-277-2789 to get started.

Just Add Water … Slides

A summer party in Phoenix is much more bearable — and fun! — when water is involved. Open the pool, bring out the chips, dip, and beverages, and you have an instant party. But what if you up that idea and add more than water? What if you add a blow-up water slide to your summer party? You’re nearly guaranteed to increase the fun.

No Pool Required
Perhaps one of the best things about water slide rentals is that you don’t have to have a pool to add them to the party. While you certainly could run the slide into the pool, or even next to it, it can be blown up and set in the middle of a yard or park. All that’s really required is a water source, and for some slides, water is actually optional — although who wouldn’t want it on a hot summer day?

Easy Assembly
Do you remember Slip N Slides? Today’s blow-up water slides combine the fun and wetness of those with the excitement of a bounce house. Made from durable soft plastic, they are inflated on site and then deflated just as easily when the party ends. And if you rent from a quality company, you have nothing to do other than have fun. The water slide will be delivered and inflated and then retrieved later. You choose the location and point out the water source; the rental company does the rest. You couldn’t ask for an easier option.

Cool and Refreshing
Thankfully, with the low humidity in the Phoenix desert, once you get a little wet, it doesn’t feel nearly as hot, even if it’s 110ºF. That’s the benefit of a blow-up water slide: the continuously running water keeps the slide cool and slick, getting riders just wet enough on each slide. And of course, if you have riders land in a waiting pool, that extra splash will definitely cool them off!

Fun for All Ages
Just like bounce houses can accommodate toddlers to adults, the same holds true for water slides. No matter what your party is for or how old your guests are, the fun is the same for everyone. Put younger kids on with an adult or have parents ready to catch the kids when they slide into the pool, and you’re ready to go. Even for an all-adult party, a blow-up water slide adds a level of fun they may not have expected from a typical pool party. And if you don’t have a pool, you’ve just added a cool water option. You just can’t go wrong with a water slide rental.

Are you ready to increase the excitement at your next party? AZ Party Zone has a variety of water slide rentals available that are sure to put a smile on guests’ faces. Jumping, sliding, and splashing are just a phone call away! Check out our inventory now.

Boost Your Party with a Theme

If you’re planning to have a few friends over Saturday night, it’s easy enough to turn on the radio, open some bottles of wine, and put out chips and dips. Likely, if you have the right mix of guests, you’ll end up with a pretty nice gathering. But if you really want to knock your friends’ socks off, create a theme and turn your party into an event.

Choose Your Theme
You theme should take into consideration components such as the age of the attendees, the season, time of day, and what you’d like the party to address. For instance…

You could have a spring party that’s outside and is centered around a large picnic.
Holidays are easy since there are built-in themes associated with Halloween, Thanksgiving, or Christmas. Food is always a great central focus, but you can add to the excitement with costumes or by pulling in traditions from around the world.
An awards show party could mean a black-tie soiree complete with champagne, petit fours, and a red carpet.
A birthday party is easily tied to the birthday person’s age (‘80s party for an eight-year-old or over-the-hill theme for a friend turning 50?) or his or her favorite thing (Skylanders, superheroes, or American Girl?).
Build from the Ground Up
Once you have a theme chosen, start to plan all of the aspects of the party you want to support the theme. Consider music, food, colors, activities, and food. If it’s a birthday party, the cake should tie into the theme, and remember goody bags and decorations that keep your guests thinking about your party long after they’ve left.

Be sure that your invitations let everyone know what to expect and how they can play a part in the festivities. Some people get confused by the parameters of a theme, so make it easy for them by giving them limited options. If you’re hosting a Thai-themed night and you want guests to bring a dish to share, give them some websites or books with recipes; better yet, give them the names and numbers of local Thai restaurants!

Go Big or Go … Small
How involved you want to be with your party theme is completely up to you. Perhaps you’ll choose to really go over the top and speak with a British accent during your Anglophile party. Or maybe you’ll just have red and white decorations with heart-shaped cookies for a Valentine’s Day party.

Remember that themed parties can be fun for partygoers of all ages, as well as for all types of parties. Sure, it’s easy to make a kid’s party be themed around the toy favorite this month, but have you thought about a themed wedding? Think about it: most weddings are definitely themed around color and feel (afternoon, evening), but they can also have a bigger theme, if you so desire.

Whatever you choose for your party theme — all well as how pervasive the theme is — is completely fine. When planning and considering a theme, always remember to keep your audience in mind. If you choose a theme with a pretty niche audience, you may find yourself with more no responses than yes. For instance, while your favorite show may be Doctor Who, how many of your friends even know what the show is about, much less have a sonic screwdriver at home to bring to the party? Costume parties can also scare off certain attendees. But if you have the right mix of people who will come and play along, go for it!

Save Money by Renting
You probably don’t have everything you need to create an over-the-top themed event, so remember that you can rent many of the items that will make your party a winner, such as tables, chairs, linens, and decorations. AZ Party Zone has a complete selection of items that will help to support your theme and make your party a huge success. Seriously, who wouldn’t want to attend a party to be surprised by a bounce house out back (yes, even the adults like to jump around)? Call 602-277-2789 to make your reservations now and get ready to have an amazing event!

How to Keep Siblings Busy During Birthday Parties

It’s hard enough to figure out what to do for a young child’s birthday party to keep 8–20 children busy for two or more hours, but when you add in siblings, well, you have your hands full. If the siblings are close in age, it’s a little bit easier, but when you’re looking at five or more years’ age difference, you may need a little help. Never fear! AZ Party Zone is here! In this blog, we share some ideas to help keep siblings happy while their brother or sister is having all the fun.

Send Kids Out with Grandparents, the Other Parent, or a Friend
Getting siblings out of the house during the party may be the easiest solution — and the first thing to consider. This can be harder with younger children who emulate their siblings and want to be involved in everything they do, but if the child is in elementary school and the party is for middle-schoolers, it can be a great option. Be sure to schedule this well in advance and make it a big experience for the sibling. You don’t want them to feel as if they’re being gotten rid of or not as important as the birthday child.

Plan a Special “Side” Party
One way to keep siblings occupied is to schedule a play date at the same time as the birthday party. That way, they are occupied and not paying as much attention to the birthday goings-on. One approach is to make it a special mini party, complete with a couple of gifts for the sibling and their own cake. The adult in charge of the sibling and his or her friend will just need to get them set up and should still be able to enjoy the actual birthday party. Naturally, the goal isn’t to take away from the birthday reveler but to enhance the sibling’s experience.

If your teen is having a sleepover birthday party, he or she certainly isn’t going to want that “pesky” younger sibling interrupting. In that case, be sure to have something special set up for your younger child. You may be surprised at how having another friend over actually makes your life easier rather than harder.

Create Age-Appropriate Versions of Older Kids’ Fun
There are some activities that are good for all ages, such as bounce houses or entertainers, but what if bigger kids are doing a high-level craft project and the little ones get frustrated because they can’t quite do it? How about offering a lower level project for them? The Internet is a fabulous resource for art and craft ideas, and it can be as simple as just putting up a separate table for the sibling to stay busy. Take the worry off yourself by hiring a sitter during the party whose sole job is to pay special attention to the non-birthday child.

Choose Something Inclusive
What better way to make siblings feel special than to get them involved with party planning from the get-go? Have brothers and sisters help the birthday child choose the theme, the activities, and friends to invite. Maybe they already have something in common (such as a love of princesses or building blocks) that will allow them to choose a party option that makes everyone happy. One great option for the whole family, regardless of ages, is a bounce house or bounce obstacle course.

Remember that AZ Party Zone is your one stop for all of your party needs. From equipment rentals to linens and tables, we have everything to make your birthday child’s (and his or her siblings!) day one to remember. Contact us at 602-277-2789 to learn more, and be sure to follow us on Facebook, Google+, and Twitter to gain insider access to promotions and specials!

Treat Bags and Party Favors

No matter what type of party you’re planning, you’ll likely want to provide your guests with a memento to take home as they’re leaving. Treat bags and party favors have been a staple at parties for as long as we can remember, but there’s a difference between creating a take-home memory and something that makes its way to the garbage bin before your guests even reach their cars. Here, we provide some ideas to keep the good times rolling long after last call (or last slice of pizza).

Choose Colors
When colors are chosen for the party, such as with a wedding reception, have your favors reflect those color choices. You can use one color for the bag and one for the tie, for instance. Since white is typically a color in a wedding, some newlyweds will put a handful of Jordan almonds (which are white) inside tulle bags that match the bridesmaid dresses. Don’t like almonds? You can replicate this idea with M&Ms; in fact, you can even have custom-imprinted candies made with sayings. That’s something your guests will remember!

Match Your Treat Bags to Your Theme
If you are building your party around a theme (see our previous blog on that topic), it makes sense to have your party favors and treat bags support that idea. One idea is to get away from actually using bags at all. Chinese take-out boxes come in a variety of colors and make excellent containers for take-home goodies. Or how about hats, bandanas, disposable wine glasses, or small plastic shoes / slippers? Pretty much anything that can hold a few items will work as a treat bag — and don’t be afraid to think outside the bag!

Fill ‘Em Up!
Once you’ve chosen the container for your goodies, it’s time to fill them with something good. Wedding favors traditionally include candies of some sort, whereas children’s treat bags usually boast a mix of candy and toys. If you’re making treat bags for children, you can get the typical throwaway gifts you’ll find at the party store, or you can opt for something they’re actually going to use, such as art or school supplies. And if money is no object, you can take a cue from the big award galas and give away something big and awesome. Of course, if you’re a mere mortal like the rest of us, stick with items that won’t break the bank. Consider thematic favors, such as dip mix for a dinner party or make-it-later origami for a Chinese New Year party.

Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow
While you might be so excited about your treat bags and party favors that you want to give them to your guests the moment they arrive, it’s usually best to hand them out near the end of the party. That way, there’s no fear they’ll be lost or left behind. At a wedding reception, treat bags are often placed on the tables since it would be practically impossible to catch all of the guests as they exit. For birthday parties and dinner gatherings, a container near the door or pulled out as guests depart is probably the way to go. However, if you have noisemakers and favors you’d like your friends to use throughout the event, having them available from the beginning is the best option.

Build Memories That Last
By having fantastic treat bags and party favors, you’ll ensure that your party will stay in the minds of your guests long after they’ve arrived safely back home. Remember that you’re creating an experience for them, and a good party planner knows that even the smallest details play a part in that all-around feeling. Your well-though-out treat bags and party favors will put a smile on partygoers’ faces well into the future.

Seasonal Shindigs: Making the Most of Arizona Party Weather

This time of year in Phoenix is gorgeous, with daytime highs in the 80s and nighttime lows in the 50s. It’s perfect weather to be outside next to the grill for a gathering of friends and family. Lucky for us, most of the year here is great to host parties out of doors, but the trick is in knowing how to keep guests busy and happy, whether it’s a 60º winter day or a 115º summer heat wave. Here, we provide some considerations and suggestions before you plan your next party.

The Age of Participants Matters
Children are pretty hardy when it comes to weather. If you’re hosting a bunch of nine-year-olds, you can put them outside any time of year and they’ll be quite happy. A backyard party in the pool or making snowmen won’t matter to active young kids. However, when your attendees are adults whose idea of a good party is standing around with a drink in hand, you may want to plan your venue accordingly. Your goal is to keep them at as close to room temperature as possible, whether that requires heating things up or cooling things down. If they’re not worried about being hot or cold, guests will be more focused on enjoying your fantastic party.

What Are You Planning?
If your goal is a rousing game of softball, you probably don’t want it to be over 100º in the shade (unless it’s for kids; those guys barely sweat!). Take into consideration what your goal is for the party and what the reason is behind it. If it’s a child’s birthday party, you can assume that the kids will be active. So if it’s hot, add water: a pool, sprinklers, or even misters can cool them down quickly. If you want a mid-summer wedding, it will probably be a better idea to have it indoors or close to air-conditioned facilities. You really can’t expect guests to dance when their clothes are sticking to them from sweat. Just remember that many parties ask guests to do more than just sit around chatting, so be ready if they need to get up and move.

Be Prepared — for Anything!
Although our weather in the Valley of the Sun doesn’t change too drastically from day to day, what is forecast as a sunny 80º day may start off overcast and cool. If you’re hosting an outdoor party during the late fall, winter, or early spring months, portable gas heaters will be just the thing to take off the chill as the sun goes down. Likewise, if your summer party revolves around the pool, make sure you have plenty of shaded areas, misters, and fans to keep revelers cool and comfortable when they’re not in the water. And during our monsoons and dust-storm seasons, be ready with a backup plan. What started out as a gorgeous, sunny day can turn in to a blowing hailstorm with little notice. Create either outdoor escapes or set aside an indoor area to wait out the passing storm before you let everyone venture back outside.

Have Fun!
With 300+ days of beautiful, sunny weather in Phoenix, it’s easy to plan a perfect outdoor party, whether it’s for a birthday, wedding, retirement, anniversary, or just because. Your home could be the envy of all of your friends with regular, year-round galas that make everyone feel comfortable — if you take time to do some pre-party planning. Check the weather forecast, have plenty of water available, keep portable heaters and fans at the ready, and offer a sparkling, cool pool, and everyone will be sure to have a great time.

Don’t have everything you need on hand to create that extraordinary party experience? Let White Knight Party Rentals be your backup and give you the bounce houses, portable heaters, chairs and tables, big-screen TVs, and linens you need to make all of your guests feel comfortable. Call us at 602-277-2789 to learn more!

The Importance of “Thank You”

Do you remember when you were a kid and your mom made you send out thank-you cards to everyone who came to your birthday party? Of course, this was before the age of the Internet, when thank-you cards were actual cards, written out in pencil and folded into an envelope to be put in the mailbox at the end of the driveway. Not everyone’s mom made them take the time, but when you received one of those obligatory notes, you felt good, as if your present really was appreciated.

Since the dawn of email, however, it seems as if handwritten notes have gone the way of the dinosaur. Do you even remember the last time you sent a thank-you note, whether via email or postal mail? Did we get so busy that the niceties of life passed us by? Perhaps, even in our hurried world where anything longer than a post on Twitter doesn’t often get read, it’s time to take a deep breath and a step back to remember how important it is to express our gratitude of others.

Saying Thank You Makes Everyone Feel Good
A simple thank you, in certain contexts, holds the same power as a nice compliment. When someone tells you how pretty or handsome you look, you can float on that remark for the rest of the day, right? That’s the same way most of us feel when we receive an unexpected thank-you card in the mail (and in a pinch, even an emailed card works the same way).

Saying Thank You Makes You Realize How Much You Have
You’ve probably heard of people who practice daily gratitude, during which time they are consciously thankful for the things they’ve received during that day. Taking the time to write out a thank-you card has the same effect: we realize how much we have received and are sharing our gratitude at having received it. Even if the gift wasn’t something you’ve always wanted, you know that the giver put time and energy into choosing it, and that thoughtfulness is enough to warrant a heartfelt thank you.

Saying Thank You Creates a Generation of “Nice” People
You’ve probably heard the older generation say that young people have no manners or are inconsiderate of others. If today’s parents get their children into the habit of sending thank-you cards after birthday parties (or for any reason, really), those kids will understand the importance of thank you and how it makes others feel good, feels good for themselves, and just makes the world a nicer place.

So stop by the dollar store and grab a packet of thank-you cards. If you want, you could even make your cards yourself — that enters a whole new world of niceties! Pick up your pen and start writing. Once you and your children get into the habit of saying thank you, you’ll see that you will want to express your gratitude for all kinds of things, or you may want to send a card for no reason at all.

If you’re looking for a reason to receive thank-you cards, a party is a wonderful idea. The party experts at White Knight Party Rentals can provide all of the essentials you need to create an event your guests will be thanking you for — for months to come!

Summertime in Phoenix: Time for Movies in the Pool

As we creep into the triple-digit temperatures of Phoenix’s summer, we often start to think about indoor activities: taking the kids to a museum, a night at the movies, or even an indoor trampoline gym. While all of those are fine ways to stay out of the heat, why not just jump right into it? That’s right: you can invite some good friends over, hop in the pool, and watch a movie on your very own outdoor movie screen in your backyard.

Step 1: Ready the Equipment
Watching a movie from the pool may seem like an extravagance reserved for posh Scottsdale resorts, but it’s a relatively easy feat to accomplish. You can rent the outdoor movie screen, either a blow-up kind or what amounts to a large screen on a stand, as well as the projector to hook up to a computer or DVD player. Then you just need to send out the invites and choose the movie!

Step 2: Choose a Movie
Pretty much any movie is good on a giant outdoor movie screen, so your preference may have more to do with your specific likes. If you live close to the neighbors, you may want to shy away from flicks with a lot of nudity or profanity; you don’t want to offend anyone! How about some classic films? A great place to start is the American Film Institute’s top 100 films of all time.

Step 3: Stock Up on Goodies
Unless you have a play pool where everyone can touch bottom, you’ll want to make sure you have plenty of floatable seats for your guests. Everything from floating lounge chairs to ultra cost-effective noodles will work fine, as long as you have enough for everyone. And keep those lawn chairs handy too! Some of your guests may want to stay out of the pool and enjoy the cool desert evening air.

In addition to providing your guests with great seats to see the screen, you’ll want to satisfy their snack needs as well. Since it’s a poolside party, provide plastic cups and dishes (no one wants glass to break on the deck!), water and adult libations, and of course popcorn!

Step 4: Press Play
Once the sun goes down, the outdoor movie screen can go up. Plan either one movie or a double feature, and if you go for the gusto, consider adding a blow-up waterslide for guests to play a little during the intermission. How fun would that be to take turns on the slide while waiting for the next movie to start?

Watching a movie from the pool or under the misters on a huge outdoor movie screen is the way to go during the hot summers in Phoenix. With these tips, you’ll be set for the biggest blockbuster event of the season!

Need to rent a movie screen and/or projector for your next pool movie party? White Knight Party Rentals has you covered. Call us at 602-277-2789 to reserve your date and get started.

Weddings, Graduations … and Party Rentals?

If you’ve been to a card store recently (or even the card section of a big-box store), you’ve seen the theme this time of year: dads, grads, and weddings. Such is the season in Phoenix, as students get ready to move on to their next adventure, we celebrate the men who raised us, and brides and grooms prep for their walk down the aisle. So what do party rentals have to do with all this? Well, if you want to knock the socks off your friends and family, you probably will need the best party rental company in Phoenix to provide you with all of the items that will make your event even more memorable.

Find a Place to Sit
With all of those people at your party, you’ll definitely need to find places for them to sit down and take a rest. While you may have a couple of camp chairs and folding chairs in your garage, party rentals in Phoenix provide matching chairs in whatever number you need. No more standing around for your guests!

Set the Look
You have seats for everyone, and whether you need tables for a meal service or just to hold the drinks and snacks, you can make everything come together even more with custom-matching table linens. At a wedding, those linens play a big part in tying the entire wedding theme together. Imagine gorgeous tables draped in your favorite colors under an illuminated tent next to a lake…. Yep, your Phoenix party rental company can do it!

Light It Up
As day turns into night, you can be sure that your guests will head outside to enjoy our amazing desert sky. In that case, you’ll need to light their way so they can see where they’re going, to whom they’re speaking, and what exactly they’re drinking. Also, if a dance floor is involved, lights set the mood, even if they’re sparse and keep the sky visible. Party rentals in Phoenix have all of the lighting you need to use, inside or out. And we also have dance floors for rent!

Add Some Fun
Although there’s certainly no rule against having a mechanical bull at your wedding reception, you’re more likely to add such entertainment to a graduation party. Whether you want to get guests’ heart pumping for the most thrilling seven seconds of their life or you’d rather that they jumped in a bounce house complete with water slide, party rentals in Phoenix have your every need covered. And remember to think outside the box (or bounce house, as the case may be) to add even more excitement to your party. How about a dunk tank, foam party, or outdoor movie screen? When you work with party rentals in Phoenix, the only limit to your fun is your imagination!

Get Started
AZ Party Zone and White Knight Party Rentals is your one-stop source for all of your party rental needs in Phoenix. We’ll help you choose just the right additions to your event, and then our team of professionals will deliver them, set everything up, and come back after your party ends to collect them. You couldn’t ask for an easier event!

Call us at 602-277-2789 and be the hero of your party with a little help from your Phoenix party rental headquarters.

Tips for Planning Your Children’s Birthday Party

If you have school-aged children with summer birthdays, you know how challenging it can be to plan parties. You have to work around vacations and try to track down everyone from your child’s class, which is always a challenge if you didn’t plan ahead to collect phone numbers or email addresses. And then there’s the Phoenix weather to contend with. What kind of party do you have when it’s 115ºF outside? Luckily for you, AZ Party Zone has some suggestions to make your children’s birthday party a screaming success.

Keep Them Busy
The good thing about young kids is that they don’t need a lot to keep them occupied. For some, you can provide some toys and an Xbox and you’re good. For others, a pool and noodles will keep everyone happy for hours. It all depends on your guests’ ages and your birthday child’s wishes. But no matter what your party will be, make sure the plan includes keeping everyone busy for a good chunk of it. Shoot for a short activity, followed by food, cake and ice cream, and then finished with a larger activity. Depending on the age of the children, children’s birthday parties should last from 90 minutes to three hours. Of course, as they get older, overnight slumber parties are another option, but movies, games, pizza, and popcorn will keep them hopping until the wee hours of the night.

Change It Up
Summer children’s birthday parties in Phoenix fall under two categories: inside or in the pool. When it’s hot and sunny, you can’t expect a typical outdoor party to be much fun for anyone unless water is involved, and indoor parties can leave your house looking as if a tornado came through. Why not change things up a bit? For instance, you could add a slip-n-slide to the yard into the pool or an inflatable water slide. How about a poolside movie on an outdoor movie screen? If inside works for you, consider some of your child’s favorite indoor places; you don’t have to go straight to Chuck E. Cheese’s! Phoenix has a bunch of wonderful museums and indoor venues that are happy to host your children’s birthday party.

Remember the Food
The standard party fare includes pizza, soda, cake, and ice cream. Sometimes, parties have a little extra for the parents as well, but what about allergies? These days, a number of children are allergic to nuts, dairy, and gluten, so be sensitive to their needs. If you really wanted to do something different, you could incorporate the food into the party. How about a sundae bar, cupcake-decorating setup, or a way to make their own individual pizzas? Fruits and veggies work really well for most food-sensitive guests, and there are usually gluten- and dairy-free alternatives at most restaurants. You can always ask your guests to notify you of any allergies when they RSVP.

Be Ready for Anything
As a parent, you know that sometimes, no matter how well you plan events, they don’t go quite as expected. Extra people show up you didn’t expect, someone turns up his nose at an event or food item, or a child has a meltdown. Things happen. You can be ready with extra goodie bags and things to do, and you can even ask your teenage babysitter or a family member to be available to help wrangle children who venture off. But don’t stress; kids will have fun most of the time, in spite of your efforts!

Do you need help getting activities together for your summer children’s birthday party? AZ Party Zone has you covered with rentals of tables, chairs, bounce houses, water slides, outdoor movie screens, and nearly anything else you can imagine. Give us a call at 602-277-2789 to speak to one of our party specialists today!

The Best Bounce House in the West

So it’s time to plan a party and you’re wondering how to create an event that everyone will love. What do you do? Of course, whether your party is for children or adults, you have to consider adding a bounce house to the festivities. And do you know where to rent a bounce house? That’s right, none other than your favorite Phoenix party rental company, White Knight Party Rentals!

Why Rent a Bounce House?
Bounce houses have become a staple at many parties for one very important reason: they’re a ton of fun! Kids of all ages enjoy bouncing in them. They’re perfect for your smallest guests (as long as they can walk steadily) all the way up to adults. And if you add different components, such as a slide or obstacle course, they become that much more fun and engaging. They also add some much-needed shade during the hot summer months, a great bonus!

Are Bounce Houses Safe?
There’s been a lot of talk in the media lately about children being hurt in bounce houses. If you know where to rent a bounce house, you’ll choose a reputable company that professionally secures the bounce house to the ground. The incidents that are reported are due to the fact that the houses have not been secured, and when high winds kick in, they go flying. Bounce houses are exceptionally safe when used properly and children are supervised so that there aren’t too many jumping at one time. Just use common sense and be sure to limit the amount of people and keep a close eye on the little ones so they don’t fall and get jumped on.

Round Out Your Party
In the heat of summer, a bounce house is nice, but it’s probably not the only thing you’ll provide for entertainment. This time of year, a nearby pool, waterslides, and even an inflatable movie screen for guests to watch while in the cool water of the pool are great additions to make the party that much more memorable. And be sure you have enough tables, chairs, linens, and balloons to bring the party area to life.

Remember that you’ll need plenty of room for your bounce house, so make sure you have a good-sized backyard or are moving the festivities to a nearby park. You could also place sprinklers near the entrance / exit to run through on the way out of the bounce house. Really, you’re only limited by your imagination when it comes to creating an awesome event that includes a bounce house.

So if you’re wondering where to rent a bounce house, look no farther than White Knight Party Rentals. Our team members will deliver and secure your bounce house before your guests arrive and then take it down and haul it away after the party ends. You couldn’t ask for an easier way to put smiles on everyone’s face at your next gathering of friends and family. Call White Knight Party Rentals at 602-277-2789 now to rent a bounce house that will keep all of your guests busy!

Create a Million-dollar Wedding at a Fraction of the Cost

Wedding season across the country is traditionally the summer months of June, July, and August, but for those of us in the Phoenix, Arizona area, our year-round gorgeous weather means any time is a good time to get married. With all of the celebrity weddings in the news this time of year, though, it can make even the most frugal of brides long for a lavish event. With a little planning and organizing, you can get that million-dollar wedding at a fraction of the cost.

Start Early
As soon as you know that you’re heading down the aisle, it’s time to start planning for the big day. Why? Often, rental facilities will charge less with abundant notice, as will your photographer, videographer, and DJ. You’ll also have time to track down deals on wedding attire and choose not only the perfect location for the ceremony and reception but the best honeymoon destination.

Some brides plan their wedding a year in advance, and that is probably the ideal situation, but with six months of hard work, you can create a stunning event that will have all of your guests wondering how much you spent.

Pick Your Teams
It takes a lot of people to create a dream wedding. You have your facility manager, caterer, DJ or band, photographer, videographer, and wedding party, and that’s just to start! There are so many behind-the-scenes components that many people overlook. If you’re planning your wedding on a budget, you’ll likely rent a lot of the items you need to make it a success. Wedding rentals will save you a lot of money and hassle, so choose a Phoenix rental company for your table and chair rentals as well as your dance floor rental. Dance floor, you say? Yes. If you’re having your wedding in a hall or in your backyard, you need a sturdy floor on which your guests can easily cut a rug. And of course, they can’t dance all night long, so tables, chairs, and linens are a requirement as well.

Scour the Sales
For the DIY bride and groom, sales will make a huge difference in finding the best bargains. When small items (e.g., favors and flowers) are on sale, it’s a good idea to stock up. Michaels and Oriental Trading Company are great for such deals. Also, keep an eye on sites such as Groupon and Living Social for local discounts on all of the services you’ll need for the wedding. Of course, be sure that the expiration date is far enough in the future to accommodate your wedding date!

No matter what season you plan to wed your special someone, you can do it in style and with less money. Just have your ducks in a row and your “I do” will follow.

Contact White Knight Party Rentals for wedding rentals, including table and chair rentals and dance floor rental. We’ll help you save money and make the day as magnificent as your love.

Become a Seven-minute Cowboy with a Mechanical Bull Rental

Living in the Grand Canyon State, most of us are well aware of its rugged history. This is the land of the cowboys, the Marlboro men. If you’ve longed for the day you could strut your stuff and don a cowboy hat and boots for a reason, your time has come. Now you can play with the big boys with your very own mechanical bull rental.

No Training Required
Professional bull riders don’t just jump up on a bull without training. But mechanical bulls aren’t quite the same as the real thing. Sure, your goal is to stay on for as long as possible without being bucked off, but there’s no fear of being chased afterward. A mechanical bull is safely positioned in one place and even comes with its own operator to be sure that the bucking stops once you fall off.

And what if you don’t make it for the full seven minutes to call yourself a champion mechanical bull rider? No worries! These bulls don’t throw you onto the dusty ground; instead, you land on soft cushions and are ready to go again in no time!

Suitable for Any Age
Mechanical bulls aren’t just for the men looking to prove their mettle. Nope, these furry fakes are perfect for nearly any age. Even the little kids can get into the action when the operator slows down the pace to give them a thrill but no big jumps.

Of course, one should always exercise caution when it comes to getting into the (foam-lined) arena with one of these bulls. Pregnant women and people who can’t handle jerking rides because of neck and back issues would do best to cheer from the sidelines. Or laugh. You know, whichever fits the situation best.

The Rules
Okay, there aren’t really any rules to riding a mechanical bull, but if you want it to be as close to authentic as possible, you’ll want to follow two guidelines.

1. Hang on with only one hand. This is not a two-handed sport! You wrap that rein around your wrist and hang on tight. The other hand should either hold onto your hat or just fly around in the air as you yell, “Yee-haw!”

2. Don’t fall off. Real bull riders have to stay on the bull for seven minutes. To get the most out of your experience, you should strive to remain aloft just as long as they do.

Ready to Ride?
Excited to take a ride on the bull? Then it’s time to look for your mechanical bull rental! AZ Party Zone has a bull we’ve named Dozer who is ready to be the star of your next party. Whether you’re gathering a bunch of cowboys and cowgirls for a hoedown or just having some friends over, Dozer is sure to liven up the party. Call us to make sure his schedule is free!

Tent Rentals: Not Just for Camping

Nearly any time of year is a good time for a party. Each month seems to have something special to celebrate, and if you’re like us, you think that the more people you have around, the merrier the celebration is. But sometimes, you need a larger space than you have in your home, and if you have a backyard, a tent rental is the perfect solution to add space and protection from the elements so you can have the merriest party of all!

Too Close for Comfort
For an intimate get-together with half a dozen friends, your home is probably perfect. You won’t even have that much cleanup after the fact with that few people traipsing through the halls. But what if you want to have 20–30 people (or more!) at your home? Perhaps you can’t even fit that many people, and you’re envisioning a living replica of a sardine can in your living room. If, on the other hand, your home is large, you may be able to accommodate everyone inside, but think about the mess they’ll make. And what if your largest room can’t fit everyone? That means you’ll have guests spilling out across your home.

Take It Outside, People
If you have a yard and are able to expand your party to the outdoors, you’ll immediately add more space, likely doubling it or more. But unless it’s a pool party you’re planning, the grass and rocks may be less than welcoming. That’s where a tent rental comes into the picture. With a party tent, you create a dedicated space for your guests, where they feel comfortable to hang out away from the elements. You can set up tables and chairs and create a complete party area that puts everyone in the same room and helps them to mingle.

Up the Ante
When you think of a party tent rental, picture in your head a turn-of-the-century outdoor gathering in Newport, overlooking Narragansett Bay, hobnobbing with the rich and famous. Party tents have long been a way to add a covered area to an outdoor party setting. These tents are perfect for your larger party, but they can be a little bland on their own. Lighting, seating, and decorations will bring the party to life, making it the perfect setting for any season, day or night.

And if you’re concerned about your guests’ comfort, you can add coolers and fans during the summer months or heaters in the winter to ensure partygoers are neither too hot nor too cold. A dance floor and dais put the party front and center, with room for the band or DJ to take stage and guests to strut their stuff. And if you want to keep your guests out of your home entirely, portable facilities in the yard will remedy that issue as well.

Get the Party Started
So if you’re ready to party like Jay Gatsby, it might be time to look in to adding a tent rental to your next large party. AZ Party Zone and White Knight Party Rentals is the place to go for all of your Phoenix party needs, and we can supply the tent, tables, chairs, and everything else to make your party the talk of the season!

Are You Ready for Some Football?

If you’re like the majority of Americans, you’re beyond thrilled that regular season football is back in session. From now until February, you will be in good company in front of your television each Sunday, Monday, and Thursday to follow every kick-off, touchdown, and fumble. And with each of those games comes the opportunity for our favorite event, a party! Throw the best party ever with these tips.

Load the Buffet
It seems that the most important component of any good party is the food. So create some fun with a full buffet of goodies. Chips and dips are standard fare, including guacamole and salsa along with both tortilla and potato chips. A quick search on Pinterest will illustrate a variety of fancy ways to showcase food with a football theme, but you don’t have to go crazy with your spread. Instead, focus on good quality, easy-to-eat foods. Small sandwiches, chips, fruits and veggies, and plenty of cold beer and water will go far. It’s a good idea to avoid messy foods, especially if an overzealous fan is eating them!

Ready the Seats
Most football parties have a number of guests rotating in and out between the food and the TV screen, so be sure to have abundant seating. While it would be great if every seat were a La-Z-Boy, good-quality rental seats are a great choice to avoid playing musical chairs and leaving anyone out of the mix. While you’re at it, consider renting tables on which to put out food. There’s no sense having everyone running to the kitchen when they could just go to the side of the living room to refill.

Remember the Kids
These days, everyone gets into the party when sports are involved, so remember that kids might be at the party (if you’re inviting families). And unfortunately for the diehard fans, kids aren’t always glued to the TV during games. So instead of having them underfoot asking, “Can we go home yet?” keep them occupied with their own fun. Bounce house rentals and, in warmer months, inflatable water slides are the perfect choice to keep the kids happy for hours. If the pool is involved, put one of the teenagers in charge in exchange for a few dollars. The little ones will have supervision, and kids of all ages will be happy bouncing away during the game. You may even find some grown-ups joining during half time!

If kids are at the party, keep them in mind for food as well. Many children don’t drink soda (or their parents don’t let them), so have water bottles and juice boxes for them. They’ll be working up a sweat in that bounce house rental! As long as you have plenty of grab-and-go finger foods, they won’t have to worry about what to eat either.

Keep Garbage Bins Handy
We all know that hosting a party means cleanup afterwards. Make it easier on yourself by putting garbage bins in the living room, kitchen, and outside (plus anywhere else guests will be watching the game). There’s nothing worse than having to track down a place to dispose of your trash in between plays! If you recycle, put that bin right next to garbage and be sure it’s clearly labeled so guests know where to place everything.

Hosting a football party can be a ton of fun with just a little preparation and forethought. To keep your party hopping, remember that AZ Party Zone has your bounce house rentals, inflatable water slides, and table and chair rentals. We will ensure your party is perfect so you can just enjoy the game.

Great Fall Party Rental Ideas

Today marks the first day of fall, and although Valley temperatures have started to drop below 100ºF, it won’t really feel like fall here for another month or so. But that doesn’t mean you can’t start planning now for a great fall party! Today, we share some suggestions for the best fall party rental ideas to ensure your guests have a great time.

Bounce House
There’s no doubt about it: Everyone loves to jump around. With a bounce house and an area to put it, you almost don’t need too much else. Kids of all ages love getting into the house and bouncing to their hearts’ content. You can get a simple bounce house and let them go crazy, or you can magnify the fun with a bounce house plus — plus an obstacle course, slides, or water component.

If you have children of varying ages at your party, be sure that an adult is monitoring the bounce house. Bigger kids can bounce a lot higher and farther than the little ones can, and that can sometimes end up with unhappy, stepped-on toddlers. Consider allowing the toddlers to jump for three minutes, and then switch to the older kids for three minutes. And remember to let the adults in there as well!

Inflatable Movie Screen
Even after it’s too chilly to watch a movie from the pool, an inflatable movie screen remains a good fall party idea. Let your guests pull up chairs and blankets, serve popcorn and drinks, and then roll the movie. An inflatable movie screen is easy to put together and take down, so you’ll spend less time hassling with preparation and more time enjoying the flick.

Choose a family-friendly feature if your guests include children and adults. Remember that some parents don’t allow their younger children to watch anything with a rating higher than PG, so consider that when you’re looking to show the latest superhero film, some of which are rated PG-13. Of course, if you only have adults in the audience, pick a movie with mass appeal.

Photo Booth
Who doesn’t like to have his or her picture taken? A photo booth rental comes complete with an attendant to take the pictures, as well as dozens of props to make it all interesting and memorable. Kids and grown-ups love to get in the action with silly hats, boas, and mustaches. You may find that you have a line around the house when you add a photo booth to your party! And since pictures are typically taken digitally, you and your guests can easily share all of the silliness online!

No matter how big or small your party is, what you’re celebrating, or the age of your guests, you’ll always add a huge amount of fun when you choose some of these cool fall party rental ideas. Look no farther than AZ Party Zone / White Knight Rentals for all of your party needs. Whether you are having it in your backyard or at the neighborhood park, we’ll bring the fun to you and make your party the talk of the town!

Tips to Have a Great Fall Wedding

In Arizona, fall, winter, and spring tend to be popular times to get married. Naturally, that’s because our weather is nearly perfect this time of year, and no one will be sweating under a wedding dress or tuxedo. Create memories to last a lifetime with these tips on how to have a great fall wedding.

Incorporate Seasonal Colors
As the weather cools down, the hues warm up. Traditional fall colors include shades in the warm reds, such as wine, crimson, and burgundy; warm gold tones, including yellow and orange; deep purple; and even brown. Choose one or more colors for bridesmaids, groomsmen’s accents (ties, cummerbunds, and kerchiefs), linens, and flowers to really play up the fall feeling. You’ll instantly boost the warmth of the event, regardless of how chilly the weather turns.

Add a Little Nature
In addition to warm autumn colors, consider using some of nature’s wonderful offerings in your wedding. Small pumpkins and gourds make charming centerpieces, and a medium-sized pumpkin can be carved as a basket for flower girls and bridesmaids. Sunflowers are abundant in Arizona this time of year, and they can be paired with some greenery and even colorful Indian corn for unique bouquets and decorations. Even Manzanita and cacti add to the splendor of a gorgeous fall wedding in the Valley.

Mix Inside and Outside
Although there’s little chance you’ll see any snow at your Phoenix wedding, it certainly can get quite chilly in the evenings. If an outdoor wedding is your desire (and why wouldn’t it be?), perhaps a bit of a compromise is in order. Rent patio heaters to turn on as the temperatures fall. That way, guests can enjoy the starlit night while still remaining warm. You might also consider having certain areas covered by a canopy tent rental, which keeps the heat from rising up and out while still maintaining the outside feel.

Cowboy It Up
Since we do live in the Wild West, how about incorporating a few Western touches into your ceremony? Cowboy boots aren’t very traditional wedding shoe wear, but they’re comfortable and they’ll add a whole lot of interest. Outfit the entire bridal party in cowboy boots, if the mood strikes you. You can also use the cowboy theme in your decorations to bring a little outside, fall feel to the event. Cowboy boots can be used to hold flowers for centerpieces, and lassos can be used for all kinds of decorating touches.

Candles Galore
Nothing says romance more than candles, so make sure you have plenty. If you’re hosting an outdoor afternoon or evening wedding, get creative with your use of candles. How about metal stands with candle candelabras? Maybe tea lights floating in the pool or pond? Each setting could have a tea light with the table centerpiece boasting myriad candles in varying sizes and shapes — all in your coordinating colors, of course.

Backdrop Matters
A rustic barn makes a fantastic backdrop and immediately sets the tone for an outdoor wedding. With the doors open, you’ll instantly create an indoor-outdoor feel, and strings of lights will make the whole setting warm and welcoming. And if a barn isn’t quite the right fit (or in your budget), you can always recreate a similar look and feel inside. Just choose the right colors, flowers, and lighting and you’ll be ready to party.

White Knight Party Rentals has all of the equipment you need to make your fall wedding a success. With services in the greater Phoenix area, we will bring everything to you and pick it up when your event ends. From tables, chairs and linens to tents, patio heaters, and even portable dance floors, we’ll help you design the event of your dreams. Contact us to learn how we can help.

Scare Up Some Fun with a Great Halloween Party

Are you ready for party season? It’s coming up, and the kick-off is Halloween, just a couple of weeks away. If you’re not planning to go out to a resort or other large event, you might be considering hosting your own at-home Halloween party. The party professionals at White Knight Rental have some ideas on how to make your party super scary and gruesomely awesome!

Start with the Décor
When it comes to Halloween, it’s all about the decorations. To get your guests in the right party mood, set the tone from the moment they pull up to your home. A front yard can easily become a cemetery with a few perfectly placed headstones. Outline a body on the front drive and spill a little ketchup on the cement to make it even more realistic. Cobwebs and bats can hang from trees, rooftops, and entranceways. And what about noises and lights? Change your front door and carriage lights to a different color to light the way. Halloween and party stores sell pop-up ghosts and goblins, smoke machines, and creepy noisemakers that will alert everyone in the neighborhood that your home is the place to be — or avoid!

Inside your home, keep the party theme going with black lights and a dark interior. Continue the cobwebs and add some skeletons or other hanging goblins to keep guests on their toes. If you want to maintain the high scare factor, how about hiding a ghost behind the bathroom door? It will probably be good that they’re in the bathroom — just in case!

If you have younger children at the party, you may opt to forego the scary decorations and stick to more of the color-themed idea. Black, orange, and purple are typical Halloween colors and will go a long way to make guests feel festive, without scaring little ghosts and goblins.

Finger Food
Food is just as much a part of the theme as the decorations. Drop some frozen eyeballs in the punch, bake chocolate cupcakes with headstones and gummy worms on top, and make realistic fingers as cakes, cookies, crackers, or even chicken fingers. Jell-o is perfect for floating creepy crawlies, and the wiggle factor alone is enough to make it a little iffy. You can scour Pinterest or Yummly for some good ideas on how to create a dangerous dinner for your guests. Most of them don’t even require superior culinary skills. Just a little creativity can go really far in keeping your theme consistent.

Add Entertainment
Scary music, dark rooms, and good food can only go so far to keep everyone entertained, but there are plenty of options to up the ante.

How about a DJ? If you have a large backyard, you can add a dance floor rental to create the perfect place to move your feet. LED light-up dance floors come in 4’ by 4’ sections to build up to a 28’ by 28’ floor, and the colors change according to your mood with 16 million color combinations!

It’s typically cool in late October, so be sure to rent patio heaters and keep everyone warm in their sexy costumes. Place heaters at the edges of the dance floor to create intimate gathering areas for guests to drink a bit and rest before heading back for more dancing.

And who says a bounce house isn’t a great idea for a Halloween party? If you’re hosting all ages, a bounce house rental is the perfect way to keep younger guests happy while the adults mingle and enjoy your Halloween-themed munchies.

Get Ready to Scare Up Some Fun
No matter what your party needs are this holiday season, White Knight Party Rentals has everything to make your guests scream with delight. Contact us at 602-277-2789 so we can help you host the best Halloween party ever!

A Thanksgiving Party to Rival the Pilgrims’

Can you believe that Thanksgiving is just around the corner? If you’re the kind of person who loves to host, you have a lot on your plate just getting ready — not to mention all of that food that will be on your literal plate soon! Here are some hints on how to have the best Thanksgiving dinner party ever, and we’re even going to challenge the status quo with some offbeat suggestions.

Choose Your Colors
As with any party, a great place to start is with colors. Colors set the tone for the party and give you a foundation from which to choose everything else. Typically, fall colors are the norm for Thanksgiving décor, including burgundy, orange, gold, red, and brown. Cornucopias full of sunflowers, red and orange flowers, and some vines make beautiful centerpieces and tie all of the fall colors together.

Status Quo Challenge:
How about having a black-and-white party? Since most of us don’t dress up much in the heat of Arizona, you could make it a black-tie event in which your guests wears their finest duds. Set the table with black and white everything: dishes, linens, and decorations. Put black-and-white M&Ms in small cornucopias at table settings and to take home. Remember that White Knight Party Rental has all of your table rentals and linen rentals, no matter what colors you choose.

What’s for Dinner?
Everyone expects turkey for Thanksgiving, complete with all of the trimmings. If you don’t want to cook everything and can’t afford (or don’t want) catering, why not host a potluck? Friends and family are usually more than willing to bring a dish or drink to share, and that can cut back on your bill as well as your headaches if you have a little help. Just make sure you have a list of what everyone is bringing so you don’t end up with three types of mashed potatoes and no cranberries.

Status Quo Challenge:
Try something new by adding ethnic dishes into your dinner. After all, the US was founded as a melting pot. How about turkey enchiladas with paella and polenta, topped off with tortes and gelato for dessert? Just for fun, add in a Sno-Kone machine, which will have kids of all ages happy with something other than pie. Yes, White Knight Party Rental has those too.

Plan Activities
The issue with Thanksgiving is that, other than cooking and eating dinner, there’s little to do. If you like football, you can have the TV on, but what about those people who’d rather not watch TV? And since Thanksgiving is typically a family-oriented gathering, you have the younger folks to entertain as well. Keep board games handy (what other time will you have enough people to play Life?) and perhaps another TV for children’s shows. If you have a yard, put out a football and bocce and everyone will be entertained.

Status Quo Challenge:
Who says you can’t have a bounce house at Thanksgiving? A bounce obstacle course is the perfect way for everyone to work off all that food and have fun connecting. It will last longer than your guests do! White Knight Party Rentals are the Phoenix experts on bounce houses, so we’ll help you choose one that’s perfect.

If you need additional suggestions on ways to make your Thanksgiving party more fun than Uncle Bob’s, contact the party specialists at White Knight Rentals: 602-277-2789. We have all kinds of ideas to make your place the talk of the block!

Tips to Plan a Great Holiday Party

‘Tis the season for holiday party fun! If you’re planning to create your own event and get in on the action, the time to start is now! With only three weeks ‘til Christmas and four ‘til New Year’s Eve, you need to get going now to plan the best party ever!

Starting Today

  • Make your guest list and get out invitations. You can go old school and mail invitations or you can use technology and invite people via Evite, Eventbrite, or Facebook.
  • Buy your decorations. You’ll find a better selection now, and if you look for sales, you may get a good deal. Try off-price retailers such as Big Lots, which have nice prices and selection right now.
  • Plan the food. Will you cook? Cater? Ask guests to bring a dish? Build the plan now and either order or start to stock up your food. You can even cook some things ahead of time and freeze them, so you don’t have to stress later.
  • Schedule any vendors you need. Consider not only the food but also entertainment. Do you need a DJ? Tables and chairs? A bounce house or outside entertainment? Coordinate these now so you can make sure you get the date you want.

One Week Prior

  • Confirm all of your vendors to be sure they’re on the same page you are.
  • Send out a reminder email to all of your guests. People get busy and may have forgotten to add your event to their calendars, as crazy as that seems.
  • Decorate the house, if you haven’t already. That means the tree, lights, and everything else that’s been in storage for the past year.
  • Start cleaning. If you didn’t already book a professional, you’ll need to be in charge of this, and you can do some deep cleaning now with a touch-up the day before the party.
  • Bake cookies, if you plan to have them (and you haven’t started already). Unless you’re an award-winning baker, you probably won’t want to spend more than a couple of hours in the kitchen at a shot, so you can do a batch a day and be set to go.

The Day Prior

  • Spot clean the house and put away anything you don’t want out when guests are afoot.
  • Check your light bulbs, especially outside. Clear a path to the door and ensure everything is well lit so everyone can find the party.
  • Review your list of what needs to be done and make sure everything is taken care of.
  • Pull all of your frozen, prepped food out to the fridge to defrost before tomorrow.
  • Choose your outfit. This might seem silly, but you’ll be thankful you did this when you’re running around the day of the party.

The Day Of

  • Put beverages on ice at least two hours before guests are scheduled to arrive so they have time to cool. Naturally, if you have enough fridge space, you can skip this step.
  • Relax and have a great time! All of your prep has paid off.

Planning a holiday party can be stressful, but when you get all of your ducks in a row and use professional help as needed, you can be sure you’ll host a success. White Knight Party Rental has you covered for all of your party rental needs, from bounce houses to heaters to tents. Call us at 602-277-2789 to schedule your party rental items now!

Resolve to Have More Fun This Year

Tonight is New Year’s Eve, and the old year will slip away as the new one comes to take its place. When the clock strikes 12, you’ll kiss someone you love, toast with friends, and listen to “Auld Lang Syne.” What you might also be doing is looking back at last year’s resolutions and thinking about what you’ll do in 2015 to improve yourself and your life. We have a suggestion: Get social, have fun, and host more parties.

Why Be the Same?
Everyone else will be making resolutions about losing weight, eating better, or stopping a bad habit. But we all know those promises will be broken by the end of the month. So why not be different? Step away from the pack! When you resolve to have more parties, you’re really allowing yourself to spend even more time with the people you care about. You’re positioning yourself as a connector who knows all of the important movers and shakers and can introduce them to people in your network. And a bonus of hosting more parties is that you’ll have a lot more fun in the coming year.

Celebrate the Nontraditional
Everyone will have a Super Bowl party or set off fireworks for Independence Day, and while you can certainly create gatherings around those big events, why not celebrate just because? You could have a party in February because it’s the shortest month of the year, or you could have an April Fool’s Day party. If you’re looking for inspiration, bookmark, a website that lists all of the quirky celebrations, holidays, and remembrances that happen throughout the year.

Flip It Around
Don’t you sometimes wish that you were still a kid? And we know that kids long to be grown up, so why not flip the way you host parties? Have an adults-only party at the park and rent a bounce house, a hamster ball, and a sno-cone machine. Or have a kids’ party with appetizers and sparkling cider, fancy linens, quiet music, and a fire outside (and if s’mores happen, so much the better). Everyone appreciates having fun in a different way from time to time, and you’ll definitely give guests something to talk about.

Change the Time
Most people expect a party to happen on a Saturday night, but what’s wrong with a Tuesday night or Sunday morning party? Brunch is a great time to host a gathering, and on a weeknight, you could have guests assemble their own meal, buffet style (think pierogies, cupcakes, and the like). That’s just one more reason to host a party and have some fun.

Know Your Resources
No matter when or what type of party you plan to host, be sure you have a partner in your corner. White Knight Party Rentals has all of the supplies you need, from bounce house rentals to tables and chairs. When you’re ready to party, we’re there to help you make each and every one a success — even if it’s for Make Up Your Mind Day.

When the Weather Heats Up, Add Water

It’s been an unseasonably warm spring in the Valley of the Sun, but we Phoenicians know just how to make things more bearable almost immediately: add water! Whether a water gun fight, a dip in the pool, or a party full of water attractions, the cold, wet stuff changes our mood instantly and makes the hot weather fun. Here are some ideas to add a little wetness to your next event.

Bubble Mania
Sure, it’s not really water, but you can’t make bubbles without water, right? And bubbles are that perfect medium between too cold to get in the pool and too hot to just sit out in the sun. We all loved bubble baths when we were kids, and a bubble party is a lot like that. With a foam machine rental, you can fill up the yard with bubbles to run through, throw at friends, slide on, and make decorative hairstyles. What’s not to love?

Water Slide
Part bounce house, part slip-n-slide, an inflatable water slide is a perfect way to get a little wet while running around outside in the sun. Just add water to a slide rental, and you’re on your way. And water from the hose is always a little on the chilly side, so it’ll feel refreshing and cold all at the same time. Choose a theme that works with the rest of the party, put on your swimsuits, and unleash the fun.

Dunk Tank
Add a little bit of baseball skill to a lot of cold water and you have yourself a dunk tank. These novelties are perfect for school functions and company picnics, since the higher-ups are usually elected to have a seat in the tank for a period of time. Then employees and students show their love with balls thrown strategically at the target, releasing the seat and allowing the person in the tank to take a quick dunk. Make sure everyone has a change of clothes; people are going to get wet.

Inflatable Move Screen
Okay, this idea doesn’t actually have water attached to it, but rather than putting movie watchers on the lawn, how about tossing everyone in the pool? A poolside movie turns a typical party into a swim-in, and guests can float on a noodle, raft, or swim laps while watching the latest release. The best part is that you get to keep cool, enjoy a desert evening outside, and have libations close at hand. Sounds like a perfect party to us.

So don’t let a little rise in the thermometer put a damper on your party plans. Instead of getting frustrated that summer is just around the corner, take advantage of the warmer weather by adding a little water to your next party or get-together. Whether you choose a foam party, water slide, dunk tank, poolside movie, or a combination of many, you’ll be guaranteed a wet and wild time.

White Knight Party Rentals has everything you need to make your next party a success. In addition to our water-themed rentals, we specialize in the essentials for birthday parties, corporate events, and school and church functions. Call our party planners at 602-277-2789 to learn about all of our options and get the party started!

Hints for Hosting the Best Company Picnic

Whether you have 25 employees or hundreds across multiple locations, one of the best ways to get everyone together for some fun is with a company picnic. Food, drinks, sun, and fun will serve as the backdrop for some non-work time spent with colleagues. Here, we share some ways to make your company picnic the best ever.

Plan Ahead
There’s nothing worse than scheduling something and having too few people show up or too little time to get everything together. Check the calendar and get the notice out at least two weeks in advance but preferably closer to a month. Make sure you consider everyone’s activities as best you can. For instance, some employees may not be available on Saturday, either for religious observation or family activities; others may be busy Sunday morning for religious events. Depending on your employees and where you’re located, you might do well to look for a Sunday afternoon time, but don’t put it next to a day off since some employees may go out of town for the long weekend.

Invite Everyone
The best way to increase your attendance at a company picnic is to include families and friends. If you choose to make the event for employees only, you may want to close the office early on a Friday and have it then. When you cut into family time, don’t expect that employees will be eager to attend without their loved ones. How about a compromise: Have a regular lunch or happy hour focused on employees only, and keep the company picnic for families and friends.

Plan Fun for All Ages
Let’s assume that you are planning your company picnic for a weekend date and allowing your team members to bring their significant others and children along for the fun. In that case, you’ll want to make sure you have activities for everyone to enjoy. Try a kids’ area with bounce houses, water slides, and simple games (e.g., bocce, hula hoops) for some unstructured playtime. If you’re feeling really ambitious, you can plan out games, such as the old standbys: three-legged race, potato sack race, tug o’ war, and egg and spoon race. This kind of family and coworker bonding can be a lot of fun for everyone as they get to know new people and forge stronger relationships outside of the boundaries of the cubicles.

Minimize Drinking
On a hot day, many people enjoy a nice cool beer, but with a family-oriented company picnic, a couple of things are at play. One, it’s a company-sanctioned event, which means that the company is responsible should someone get drunk and choose to drive. Two, family is present, and just as most parents wouldn’t take children to the bar, you don’t want to make your company picnic a bar-style event. Also consider the horror stories we’ve all heard of booze-influenced coworkers getting a little too risqué (or sick) at company events. If you opt to serve alcohol, make sure all of your permits are in order and consider limiting intake to two drink tickets per person.

Bring in the Professionals
Just as with any big event, it’s sometimes prudent to hire professionals to plan and manage the activities for you. The party planners at White Knight Party Rentals have a few tricks up our sleeves to help your company picnic go off without a hitch. Contact us at 602-277-2789 to get started!

Summer Blockbusters — at Your Place

Summer movie season may have already started with the opening of “Furious 7” at the beginning of the month, and there’s no doubt it’ll be in full swing when “Avengers: Age of Ultron” bows May 1. Lucky for you, you don’t need to pay the $10+ per ticket and stand in a long line to have your own summer blockbuster when you add an inflatable movie screen to your next home or corporate party.

Extend Your Pool Party
We’ve all been at (or hosted!) the pool party that’s going along great — until the sun starts to set. That’s when most people start to gather up their belongings and head home. But what if they had a reason to stay?

When you add an inflatable movie screen to your pool party, you immediately have something to do once it gets dark. Pull out the screen, set it up next to the pool with the projector, and you can watch anything. Hook up a DVD or Blu-Ray player and watch something you own or picked up at Redbox. Hook up your computer, and you can stream any movie or TV show from the Internet. Connect your game system and y you’re playing arcade games on the big screen. Your options are practically limitless, so you can have a themed party or just provide a selection of movies and games from which guests can choose.

Host a Lawn “Drive-in” Movie
We’ll admit that in the summers, it’s a bit too hot to sit on the lawn in the day, but once the sun goes down, it’s cool and cozy. Just because you don’t have a pool doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the fun of an inflatable movie screen. Pick a spot in your backyard for the screen and aim the projector. Then have your guests pull up lawn chairs and blankets, pass out the popcorn, and you have yourself a party.

If you have a large yard with a pool, combine the lawn party and pool party, allowing guests to choose where they’d like to lounge during the movie. They can even do a little of both, if they choose. Intermission dip, anyone?

Complement Your Movie with Goodies
A movie in the yard isn’t much fun without popcorn, drinks, or maybe snow cones. Add a little food to the festivities to make it just like a summer blockbuster. Since you’re already renting the inflatable movie screen, add a theatre-sized popcorn popper and snow cone machine to make your life easier.

Of course, be sure to have some extra floaties for the pool and blankets and chairs for the lawn. There are bound to be a few people who don’t come prepared.

Trust White Knight Party Rentals for Your Party Needs
Whether you’re planning a swim-in or sit-in movie for your next summer party, White Knight Party Rentals has you covered. We’ll bring over the movie screen, projector, sound system, and Blu-Ray DVD player. We can even add an Xbox game system, if you want your partygoers to play games on the big screen. Call us at 602-277-2789 to put in your reservation and get ready for a summer blockbuster at your place.

Save Money on Your Wedding Planning

Wedding season is upon us across the country, and parents of the bride are collectively wincing at the thought of the bill. Did you know that the average wedding cost in the US is $25,200? That’s nearly half of the average income in the US, which can seem a little outrageous. Instead of going crazy for your once-in-a-lifetime event, you can slash your costs and save money on your wedding planning with these simple tips.

Think Small First
Statistically, most of us have about 200 people in our immediate circle of friends. So if you’re inviting for the bride, groom, and their parents, you’re at 800 people or more. If you’re hosting a sit-down event, $30 a plate is pretty standard. Before you know it, you’ll almost get to that total cost on food alone.

Instead of thinking big, consider thinking small. This is your special day, so you really only need to share it with your special family and friends. Thanks to Facebook, everyone you know can see the pictures online, so there’s no need to invite the whole gang. Just as parents tell their children to only invite their favorite friends to their birthday parties, you can save yourself a lot of money if you follow the same advice for your wedding.

Enlist Volunteers
When you get married, many people want to help and get in on the action, but no one’s sure what to do. Make people feel useful by giving them roles in your party. If your aunt is a chef and caterer, ask if she’ll cater the wedding. What about Cousin Jim who runs a DJ business, your co-worker who moonlights as a photographer, or your friend the florist? These people who already care about you will likely offer you a discount and may just provide their services as a wedding gift.

If you’re hosting the wedding yourself and need to do your own setup and take down, ask friends to help with all of that as well. Perhaps the bridal party can have a little fun setting things up before hand, and then you can get the teenagers (who won’t be drinking) to help clean up afterwards.

A word to the wise: If you do get friends and family to volunteer to help out in certain aspects of the wedding, be sure to thank them in some special way, above and beyond a simple thank you. They may love you, but that special gesture will go a long way.

Rent … Everything
This might be the smartest advice you’ll receive for wedding planning, and it will save you a ton of money. Think of everything that’s used just once for a wedding: gowns and tuxes for the bridal party; tables, chairs, and linens; centerpieces and decorations. Most of these items are available to rent or borrow for a fraction of the cost it would take to buy everything.

If you are having the reception at your home or in a rented hall, you can rent almost everything you’ll need to make it a success. For an outdoor wedding, remember to rent a canopy for the ceremony and reception, lighting, and a dance floor. You may even want to throw in a projector and inflatable movie screen to run highlights of the couples from childhood to the wedding.

White Knight Party Rentals has all of the wedding rental items you need to make your big day a success while saving you money. Contact us at 602-277-2789 to speak with one of our entertainment planners.

What to Do with the Kids This Summer

As the school year ends, it’s the same question every year: What are we going to do with the kids this summer? For parents who work, it’s the annual quest to find the perfect camps and activities to create a fun experience that manages to keep kids on track with their learning. No matter what your little one’s passion, there’s something that will fire it up during the months of June and July.

Overnight Camps
Being that we are in one of the hottest cities in the US, overnight camps for Phoenix kids usually take place in the mountains of Prescott or Flagstaff. Whether a national organization, such as Boy Scouts of America, or a regional group, such as Journey: Opportunities for Leaders of Tomorrow, there’s an overnight camp for your child.

Most overnight camps are designed for kids ages 8–18, with the older campers transitioning into leadership roles as counselors in training, or CITs. Typically, you can expect campers to learn general outdoor skills, including archery, fishing, shooting, swimming, geology, stargazing, hiking, and camping. Overnight camps typically last one week, although you could certainly stack experiences to have them occupied for a number of weeks.

Look here ( for overnight camp ideas.

Day Camps
In the Valley of the Sun, day camps are abundant. From just a couple of hours a day to full 8 am – 6 pm experiences, children as young as kindergarten can get in on the action. Dance, theater, sports, nature, and academic camps are all over town, so parents can mix and match to find the perfect environment for their school-aged children to learn, laugh, and grow.

The type of experience your child will have at day camp will depend on what you choose. Most of the museums and the Phoenix zoo offer day camps, as do a number of for- and not-for-profit organizations. Do you have a budding artist? Try the Phoenix Art Museum. For a future engineer, Play-Well Teknologies offers LEGO-building camps.

Look here ( for day camp ideas.

Daycare Camps
While day camps are built around specific ideas, daycare camps are more about providing care first and activities second. Since daycare camps take place in daycare centers, schools, and local organizations such as the YMCA and Boys and Girls Club, they offer longer care times than most day camps, making them the perfect alternative (or supplement) to day camps.

Most daycare camps offer a schedule of activities for the older children in their care, including field trips, movies, swimming, and themed days or weeks. Check directly with your local childcare facilities to learn more about daycare camps.

Staying Home
If you are a stay-at-home or work-at-home parent, you may choose to keep the children home with you this summer, either for all or part of the two-month break. This time can certainly include stints in overnight or day camps, family vacations, and field trips to local activities. But if you’re like most parents, you won’t want to schedule every single moment with activities that cost money; after all, you’re not Julie from “The Love Boat.” So there certainly will be down time when the kids are playing with friends, watching TV, playing board games, swimming, or grabbing their iPad or game console.

Extra Fun
Regardless what your plans are for your children this summer, why not add a little extra excitement into the mix? Plan a pool party with a few friends just because. Organize a trip to the Children’s Museum of Phoenix with some other parents on a weekday and avoid the crowds (or be brave and “adopt” a couple of the kids’ friends for the day). Rent an inflatable water slide and obstacle course and invite the neighborhood kids. Host a dive-in pool party with an inflatable movie screen. The possibilities are limitless!

If you have kids home with you this summer and run out of things to do, White Knight Party Rentals can help. We have all of the party essentials you need to turn “I’m bored” into “You rock, Mom!” Contact us at 602-277-2789 to speak to one of our party professionals.

Pool Safety 101

School has ended in the Valley, and as we enter into the warmer months, there’s no doubt that more and more people will be enjoying their pools. But that unfortunately also means the number of Phoenix drownings increase exponentially. The party planning specialists at White Knight Party Rentals are all about having fun, especially around the pool, but we want to ensure that you and your family and friends are around with us for many more summers too. To that end, here are some simple tips to keep everyone safe this summer.

Teach Everyone to Swim
Even babies can learn how to float in water and move themselves around, so start early. There are local pools that offer swimming lessons for people of all ages, and the expense is negligible when you consider the cost of not learning to swim. More than just knowing how to tread water, be sure that your children (and pets!) know what to do if they fall in the pool. That sudden shock can be disorienting, so practice with your loved ones. Swim with kids and pets to the stairs and tell them how to get out and get help. Keep floatation devices (even noodles are good in emergencies) close to the pool so if one child needs to help another, he has nearby resources.

Fence It Off
Most drownings happen by accident: a child or pet sneaks outside when no one is looking and runs, then trips into the pool. These types of situations can be 100% avoided when you install a secure, self-locking pool fence. Don’t assume that the back door to the yard will be sufficient! suggests your pool fence be at least four feet tall around your pool, and the lock or latch should be out of reach of small hands. Avoid the habit of propping open the pool fence, because it’s the time you forget to close it again that disaster will strike.

Keep a Phone Handy
While you don’t want to be texting, talking, or playing on your phone when you’re in charge of watching children in the pool, having a phone nearby could be the lifeline you need when a drowning occurs. Seconds count in an accident, so if someone does fall in the pool or has problems while swimming, remove the person from the pool immediately and then dial 911.

Learn CPR and Basic First Aid
If it’s been a few years since you learned CPR, be aware that things have changed. The standard of care now includes a hands-only approach, not the breathe, push, push, approach many of us learned back in the day. Hospitals, the American Red Cross, and private companies offer accredited training programs to teach you how to keep your head and be useful in the case of a drowning. It’s always better to be prepared.

Always Stay Aware
Most drowning stories start the same way: “I just turned my head for a second….” A person can go from struggling to gone in a matter of seconds, and it doesn’t even have to be when you’re away from the pool. Even in a party situation, with a number of people around and in the pool, someone who’s struggling can go under. Contrary to what you’ve likely seen on TV, most drowning victims do not call for help or flail around; they simply slide underwater. Always be aware of yourself and those around you — and this goes for adults as well as children. Don’t assume that all adults can swim or are making sound choices (especially when alcohol is involved). Stay aware and stay alive.

White Knight Party Rentals wants you to have a happy, safe summer. If you’re planning a pool party, stay safe and have fun. And if you need party rentals for any Phoenix activities, we look forward to helping you. Call 602-277-2789 to speak to a party planning specialist now.

Party All Night on a Dance Floor Rental Phoenix

It’s wedding season, which means beautiful settings, delicious dinners, romantic encounters, and partying all night. While planning a wedding can seem daunting, when you have the right vendors and ideas, you’ll host the party of the year. Naturally, you’ll want to plan to keep your guests entertained with dance floor rental Phoenix, a quality portable floor that is perfect for all your dance moves. With that plus some great music, you’ll create lasting memories for both you and your guests.

Different Dance Floor Rental Phoenix Options
There’s more than one way to move, so there needs to be more than one dance floor rental Phoenix option. Sure, you can go with the standard laminate floor that resembles a hardwood appearance. If you do, your guests will delight in doing the two-step or line dance with ease. But that’s not your only option.

When it comes to dance floor rental Phoenix, you can choose an LED floor. Whether at a wedding or a corporate event, these high-end floors feature more than 16 million colors to dazzle guests. Give the reins to the DJ and allow him to coordinate the floor colors and lights with his music selection. Also, the floor is only 1.25” high, so everyone can get right onto the floor without having to worry about tripping. Who says someone in a wheelchair can’t dance? They’ll be happy to roll all over this cool LED floor!

Dance floors are available in 4’x4’ sections and can be connected together to be as large as 28’x28’. No matter if you’re expecting 30 people or 300, you can have plenty of room for everyone.

Coordinate Your Floor with Your Theme
Weddings always have a color theme, so why not coordinate your floor with your wedding? Choose the hardwood laminate dance floor rental Phoenix for a gathering that is either casual, classic, or country. Opt for the LED floor when you want to really ratchet up the celebration. Since you can change the color of the LED dance floor, you can easily make it blue and gold, burgundy and cream, or any other color combination you need to tie your event together.

Plan for Those Who Don’t Dance
Let’s face it: There will always be guests at your event who won’t choose to dance, no matter how awesome your dance floor rental Phoenix is. For those people, create comfortable areas for them to relax, talk, and watch. Be sure to add table and chair rentals to your list as well. Not only will the non-dancers appreciate the thought, but the dancers will then have a place to rest in between their dance-floor escapades.

Trust Your Dance Floor Rental Phoenix Experts
If this is the summer you get married, or if you’re planning a large corporate event, trust White Knight Party Rentals for all of your party essentials. We are your dance floor rental Phoenix experts, and we can also provide all of your other needs as well: tables, chairs, linens, and even a foam machine! Contact us at 602-277-2789 to get started.

Lights! Camera! Photo Booth Rental!

Do you have a summer party planned? A wedding? Birthday? Graduation? Just-because party? Turn selfies, usies, and standard party photos into the talk of your event with a photo booth rental! Reminiscent of drugstore photo booths that shot out strips of goofy black and whites, this rental is updated to include accessories, a USB, and digital prints. It’s the most fun you can have in front of the camera.

Smile Pretty
Whether you choose a cheesy grin or a look of stoic importance, anything goes. That’s the fun of these photo booth rentals: You can make any faces you choose! And with an attentive, engaging attendant there to egg on guests, along with boxes of boas, hats, and funky glasses, the excitement is limitless. The only real question is how many people can you squeeze into that tiny booth? Many of your guests will definitely push the limit and see how many costume changes and friends they can get in their pictures.

Get Social
Since the photos taken in today’s photo booth rental are digital, they can be emailed and shared. So, more than the in-person social component, you can extend the experience to the online social sphere by sharing your pictures on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Tag away and have some fun!

Perfect for Any Party
Often, people associate party booth rentals with weddings, and that’s fair: You do want guests to have fun and to retain some great memories of the day. But they certainly aren’t limited to a wedding reception. A birthday party, family reunion, graduation party, school festival, or casual get-together is the perfect place to position a photo booth rental. At a fundraising event, charge a nominal fee to take pictures and put all that toward your collections. Otherwise, keep the booth open and watch the fun happen.

Photo Booth Rental + Anything!
While a photo booth rental is tons of fun on its own, you can add all kinds of extra components to make it even more exciting. For a large carnival event, a hamster ball or dunk tank can add a ton of excitement for kids of all ages. At a birthday party or just because, try a foam party. And if your theme is movies, your guests can watch an outdoor feature on an inflatable movie screen.

Regardless what your party plans include, or the theme you’re following, consider adding a photo booth rental. Contact the party professionals at White Knight Party Rentals to learn more about adding some fun to your next party.

Water Slides: You Can Never Have Too Much of a Good Thing

It’s hot out there. Darn hot. And in the arid desert climate, a little water goes a long way to cool things down when it’s 115ºF outside. That’s why we Phoenicians love our backyard pools and the splash pads at outdoor malls. We have a suggestion for you: How about a water slide? Inflatable water slides add a level of fun, sometimes skill, and always excitement to the typical pool / pad refreshment.

Why Water Slides?
Water slides are just for kids, right? Sure, the kids love running through an inflatable obstacle course and slide that’s all slippery with water. But adults enjoy the fun just as much as the kids. Who says adults have to stand around in the shallow end of the pool or float by on a noodle while drinking a cocktail? Adults are active too! Water slides put a smile on everyone’s face, whether that person is 2 or 70. They’re the perfect backyard addition.

Bring the Water Park to You
Water parks make for a fun-filled day of entertainment for the whole family. But they’re so expensive! You have to pay for parking, admission for everyone, lockers, tube rentals, and food. For a family of your, you could easily spend hundreds of dollars in just one afternoon at a water park.

Instead of dealing with those crowds and long lines, you can bring the water park to your backyard. For as little as $229, you get your very own water slide to use again and again for hours. When you invite friends and family and turn it into a party, your dollars go a lot farther while the fun continues.

Water Slide + Pool = Awesome
Sure, if you don’t have a backyard pool, an inflatable water slide can be really great all on its own. You add water to an otherwise hot day and give everyone something to do to stay cool. But what if you already have a pool? In that case, you have a choice. You can make it so the slide dumps people right into the chilly water of the deep end. Or you can keep them separate for a break from one or the other. Regardless of your setup, your backyard with a pool and water slide is now the center of the action for a great day outside.

Plan for Fun
As we head into July, we have about 2–3 more months of hot weather, so get your party planning started now. Pick a date, call White Knight Party Rentals, and send out the invitations. Make it a potluck and BYOB, and be sure to tell everyone to pack a swimsuit, sunscreen, and towel. Yep, this is going to be a great Phoenix summer!

Canopy Rentals Phoenix Provide Summer Shade

The great thing about a dry heat is that when you move into the shade with misters or fans, it’s remarkably cooler than in the direct sunlight. That little bit of sun coverage can help you stay cool during any event. And since summer is prime time for weddings and parties, canopy rentals Phoenix can provide that much-needed shade to make sure your event is a winner.

Where Canopy Rentals Phoenix Are Perfect
Essentially, any outdoor event is perfect for canopy rentals Phoenix. But let’s talk for a minute about weddings. If your nuptials take place when the temperatures are lower than 100ºF, being outside is a perfect fit. And remember, even if the days are in the triple digits, evenings cool down quickly, making for a perfect time to get married outside. If your gathering is in the late afternoon into the evening, canopy rentals Phoenix will keep the sunshine at bay. Use your covered area for dancing, dining, the ceremony, or for everything. You can move guests from one canopy-covered area to the next, creating “rooms” of a sort in the outdoors.

If your event is in the winter, pair up your canopy rentals Phoenix with some patio heaters to make for a cozy gathering area. In the summer, try a mister system or fans to cool down your party a bit. Regardless of the season, your canopy rentals Phoenix will make your party a breeze!

Setup and Take Down Couldn’t Be Easier
One of the big concerns you might have about your canopy rentals Phoenix is setting it up correctly prior to your event—and then breaking it back down afterward. Well, you can forget about that, because that’s all taken care of for you. When you rent a canopy, trained professionals (don’t try this at home!) arrive early to get it all set up for you, and then they come back at the conclusion of your event to take it down. And if you also rented a dance floor, tables and chairs, or anything else, they’ll set all of that up for you as well. What a deal! No more worrying or planning; all you need to do is call.

If you have a wedding, party, or outdoor gathering coming up later this summer or in the fall, contact White Knight Party Rentals to reserve your canopy rentals Phoenix. We’ll ensure you have the shade you need for a night everyone will remember.

Phoenix Water Slides: Fun in the Sun

The dry heat is one thing, but when you add in humidity, those 100-degree temperatures feel quite a lot hotter. And of course, the days are much muggier as we rush headlong into the dog days of summer. That makes late summer the perfect time to add Phoenix water slides to your daily routine. You’ll drop the temperature and create a little excitement to these hot, humid days.

Why Phoenix Water Slides Rock
There are a few things you can do on a hot day to keep cool. Staying inside with air conditioning is a good choice, and that’s what many people do. But how much TV can you watch? If getting a little exercise and being outside are more of a draw for you, the pool always beckons. But you can only do so many laps, and it honestly can get a little boring in the pool after a bit.

Phoenix water slides, on the other hand, provide hours of entertainment. Chase each other, try to beat your time, have relays, or just lounge around; anything goes on the slide. And perhaps even better, you’re not fully immersed all the time, as you are in the pool. You get the best of the cool water and the warm air at the same time. No feeling too cold or too hot! You’ll be like Goldilocks basking in the perfect temperature.

Your Phoenix Waters Slides Options
There are so many choices when it comes to choosing your Phoenix water slides. Obstacle courses, multiple slide routes, and character-themed slides are just the tip of the iceberg. There’s even the option to have a bounce house addition so everyone can slide or bounce to their hearts’ content. Some Phoenix water slides have the option of being enjoyed wet or dry. That means on a hot day, you add water, but if it’s a little cooler (maybe at night?), you can keep it dry and still have fun.

When to Add Phoenix Water Slides
You might be wondering when the best time is to add a slide to the party. In actuality, any event—or even a non-event—is a good time for a water slide. Birthday parties, sleepovers, holiday parties, bachelor or bachelorette celebrations, graduation, or even weddings are great times to add a water slide. And even if you don’t have a party planned anytime soon, just your plain-old Tuesday is a great day to add Phoenix water slides to the backyard.

When you’re ready to enhance your day with a water slide, contact the party-planning experts at White Knight Party Rentals. We’ll help you add some real fun, no matter what the occasion.

Phoenix Movie Screen Rentals: Host Your Own Dive-in Movie!

During the summers in Phoenix, one of the best places to be is in the pool. But even the pool has its limits for fun when you’re just splashing around or enjoying libations. With the right tools, though, you can extend your daytime fun in the sun into evening fun in the pool with Phoenix movie screen rentals. Pop up a screen, turn on the DVD player, and you have an instant dive-in movie.

Why Dive-in Movies Rock
Although there aren’t that many around these days, some of us remember going to the drive-in theater when we were kids. And wasn’t that the best way to see a movie? Now, instead of seeing how many friends you can fit in the car (and trunk), you can pile people in the pool for a poolside movie. Phoenix movie screen rentals are inflatable, so they’re ready to go in a matter of minutes. Then you just need to set up the projector and DVD player—and start watching! Most people will connect the DVD player, but you have plenty of other options as well. Cable box, Apple TV or Roku, laptop, iPad, or even a gaming system; all are perfect to use at your poolside event.

And as opposed to being cramped in a hot car or sitting outside at the drive-in with a bunch of strangers, your dive-in movie theater is yours to control. Drink, eat, swim around, or just sit next to the pool to enjoy the festivities. There’s an air of pure relaxation when the pool acts as your backdrop for that blockbuster or big game. And seating is so inexpensive! Just stock up on pool noodles and floats, and everyone will be happy.

Perfect for All Ages
No matter who’s at the party, dive-in movies are the perfect entertainment. Family-friendly movies, a girls’ night in, your favorite sports championship, or a marathon gaming session are all great reasons for Phoenix movie screen rentals. All you need is for the sun to go down, and you’re ready to go. The best part is that everyone is open to do his or her own thing. If someone wants to do some laps while watching, just relax on a raft, or step over to the buffet for a little more to eat, no one will be bothered. And what about intermission? Who says you can’t stop your movie? Hit the pause button midway through to bring out fresh popcorn, a hot pizza, or a cold round of drinks. Anything goes when the party is in your backyard.

Phoenix Movie Screen Rentals Add Life to Your Party
When you’re ready to enhance your next pool party and give guests a reason to stay after the sun goes down, consider adding Phoenix movie screen rentals to your event. The professionals at White Knight Party Rentals will bring over the screen and get everything set up for you, so all you have to do is press play. Contact us to reserve your movie screen and then send out invitations to your dive-in movie!

Wedding Linen Rentals for Every Occasion

We’re not sure if you’ve noticed, but while August was horrendously hot and humid, once the calendar turned to September, it started cooling down noticeably. That must be why so many Phoenix engaged couples choose the fall months of September and October for their weddings. If a wedding is happening in your life this fall (or anytime, really), you want to be sure to remember the wedding linen rentals. For what may seem like such a trivial matter at a big, fancy wedding, the right linens can really set the whole mood.

It Starts with Color
Traditionally, weddings are themed events. Obviously, the underlying theme is the love associated with a couple uniting legally in front of their family and friends. But it goes beyond love when a grand reception is involved. There’s a look and feel you want for your wedding, and each reception is a little different. Fall weddings might invoke the colors of the season, such as rich burgundies, deep browns, and vibrant golds. If you’re looking forward to winter, perhaps you’re considering burgundy, Christmas red and green, blue and silver, or snow white.

Color as a theme can follow throughout the look of your party. Bridesmaids’ dresses and bouquets, groomsmen’s cummerbunds and bowties, floral arrangements, and, of course, wedding linen rentals all support the color theme of your big day. How you choose to put your colors together is up to you. Perhaps you’ll use one color for table linens, chair covers, and napkins, another for table overlays. Or incorporate three different colors. No matter how you mix and match colors, you’re sure to make your wedding day uniquely yours.

What About Texture?
Once you have the colors chosen, you then need to determine the type of fabric you’d prefer for your wedding linen rentals. Would you prefer durable polyester? Shimmery satin? Fancy taffeta? You may even decide to use different fabrics for different tables in the reception, based on their usage and what will occur there. Remember that colors often look different depending on the fabric. When working with your wedding linen rentals company in Phoenix, be sure to ask for samples of the linens so you can be sure they fit with the look and feel you desire. It’s better to be sure than to have ill-matching colors set up on the day of your wedding.

Choose Your Consultant Well
Most of us don’t plan to get married multiple times in our lives, so we want that big day to be remembered by all. With that being the case, you shouldn’t trust your wedding linen rentals to just any company or leave them to chance. Instead, choose a rental company with trained consultants who will help you get everything you need. Contact White Knight Party Rentals to speak to one of our specialists.

Dunk Tank: Perfect for School Carnivals

Fall means that not only are kids back at school but fun school events are happening. Many schools take advantage of the cooler temperatures to host fund-raisers, such as school carnivals. And since it can still reach the high 90s or low 100s during the late afternoon, a great option to include at your school carnival is a dunk tank.

What is a dunk tank?
No doubt you’ve run across a dunk tank at some point in your life. Simply put, it’s a tank of water, over which a cage sits with a chair inside. When a ball is thrown at the exterior target, it releases the chair, dropping the person who had been sitting there into the water. The tank is approximately four feet deep, so any person taller than four feet will land on his or her feet.

How does a dunk tank fit into a school carnival?
Kids love to feel they have some power over those who are normally in charge. They can achieve that when they are able to throw a ball at a dunk tank target and drop a teacher or even the principal. Adults can sit in shifts of as short as 30 minutes and as long as 2 hours.

In addition to giving the kids a leg up on their teachers—if only for a brief moment—a dunk tank is an excellent fund-raising activity. Schools can charge $2 for three balls, easily turning a profit on the rental fees. And when the most popular teachers and parent volunteers are chosen to take a turn sitting in the dunk tank, you’ll have kids lining up to take their turn.

Is a dunk tank a cost-effective investment for a school carnival?
With rental fees lower than $200 for six hours, a dunk tank rental offers an affordable and fun addition to your school carnival. The party-planning professionals at White Knight Party Rentals will deliver and set up your dunk tank so you’re ready for fun. Then when the carnival ends, they’ll return to clean up and break down the dunk tank. All you need are the volunteers to sit on the chair and collect the money. Participants will be ready to throw and contribute to your successful fund-raiser!

To learn more about how you can add a dunk tank rental to your next Phoenix school fund-raiser, contact White Knight Party Rentals. Our party planners are ready to set you up and help you find all of the other fun activities you need to have a successful event.

Just Add Foam

In the Valley of the Sun, nearly any season is party season. But as the temperatures begin to decrease, a whole world of possibilities opens. Parties can be inside or outside, day or night. One fabulous way to add some excitement to any party, regardless of the season or theme, is with foam. Never thought of a foam party before? Well, prepare to learn how a few bubbles can create a whole lot of smiles.

What Is a Foam Party?
foam party is when you bring in a foam machine to create oodles and oodles of bubbles out of some soap and water. Traditionally, foam parties occur on a dance floor, but if you’re hosting a party at home, you can make the backdrop as big or as small as you’d like. Thankfully, foam evaporates and is easily cleaned up, so anything that can stand a little water can be a perfect place for a foam party. These days, even running races are doubling as foam parties! The sky’s the limit.

Why a Foam Party Is So Fun
If you don’t yet understand the excitement of a foam party, perhaps you just need to get in touch with your inner child. Foam is messy but not too messy; it’s slippery but not completely wet; and you can play with it in addition to playing in it.

Transform yourself, for a moment, to a childhood bathtub in which the foam at the top of the water was almost as voluminous as the water below. What did you do with that foam? You turned it into a Mohawk, a beard, a bra top, or even a unicorn horn. Now think what you can do with all that foam as an adult—and surrounded by some of your favorite people! Yep, the possibilities are limitless.

Get Started with Your Foam Party
It doesn’t take much to host a killer foam party. All you really need is the location, a foam machine, and a bunch of fun people. When you rent from the party professionals at White Knight Party Rentals, you’ll receive your foam machine for two hours for $299. Add additional hours for $100 each. What you’ll also get is delivery and pickup as well as the mixture that is biodegradable and easy to clean up. Add disco lights, music, a bounce house, or a water slide, and you’ll have all kinds of fun activities for kids of all ages. The only question left is: What are you waiting for?

Patio Heaters: Stay Warm in Style

Cooler temperatures mean it’s time to head outside more for parties and just enjoying the great weather. But in the desert, a beautiful 80ºF day can turn into a chilly 60ºF evening, sending us Phoenicians scrambling for jackets and blankets. Luckily, there’s a solution to cool evenings that is party friendly: patio heaters.

Types of Patio Heaters
There are a few choices when it comes to patio heater rentals, depending mostly on the look you want. At their core, all patio heaters work the same: they use radiant heat from a propane tank and flame to warm the nearby area. From there, though, it’s mostly aesthetic. Do you want a tabletop option? A simple tank with a light and crank? Or something a little more visually appealing? No matter which option you choose, patio heaters add ambiance, heat, and a level of comfort that will make your back patio or a large party feel that much more inviting.

Events Perfect for Patio Heaters
In all honesty, you don’t even need a special event to use a patio heater. Some people just have them in their backyards to heat their patios when they host parties that spill outside as the sun sets. Whenever you’re outside in a cool area, a patio heater is a warm addition. Consider adding heaters to your next party, whether it’s a wedding, movie on the lawn, holiday gathering, birthday party, or just a Friday night with friends. And don’t worry about safety; patio heaters have sturdy bases and require a bit of strength to get them lit. The little ones will be perfectly fine with patio heaters in the mix.

Add Even More Fun to the Party
Sure, you could just put out appetizers and beverages and call your party good, but you could also make it a much more exciting event. Cool nights are perfect for a backyard movie. Pull up some chairs to your inflatable movie screen, distribute patio heaters around, crank up the popcorn maker, and enjoy a great time.

With patio heaters from White Knight Party Rentals, you’ll be on your way to having an amazing party, whether it’s fall, winter, spring, or a cool summer night. Just contact a party professional to learn more!

Plan Your Best Thanksgiving Party

The holiday season is in full swing now with Halloween behind us and Thanksgiving looming, followed closely by Hanukkah, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve. That means your preparation for Thanksgiving has probably already started, and we have some ideas and suggestions to help you plan the best Thanksgiving party ever.

Start with Food
When a holiday centers around the dinner table, it makes sense to plan the menu first. While many of us can’t separate a Thanksgiving party from the idea of a roasted turkey, there are many other choices for an excellent holiday meal.

How about looking at other cultures? A bevvy of flavors are found around the world, and you can offer a sampling of many or just center on one. Trays of lasagna paired with tortilla soup and pastries could bring in an Italian feel, while family-style Chinese lends itself perfectly to a large gathering. Or how about having an “It’s a Small World” kind of dinner with everyone bringing their favorite ethnic dish? What a great way to join your guests in a feast of gratitude!

For non-meat eaters, the holidays are perfect because there are usually a multitude of side dishes from which to choose. If you’d like to provide the herbivores with a “meatier” main dish, Tofurky offers a vegan alternative to the traditional turkey, and sits nicely alongside the standard main dish.

Remember to provide plenty of snack options while the turkey and other goodies cook. Everything from chips and dip to sweet-and-sour meatballs works; ask your guests to provide hors d’oeuvres so you can focus on the main feast, or create options that can be made and frozen ahead of time to make life easier.

Create Some Fun
As is typical with food-centered parties, the standard Thanksgiving party starts about an hour before the meal is served and ends within minutes of the dessert dishes being cleared. You can extend the length of time guests feel comfortable staying when you add activities that have nothing to do with food.

Traditionally, football goes hand-in-hand with a fun Thanksgiving party. If you and your guests are fans, keep the TV on in the background (and on screens around the house) to provide a distraction while you’re cooking and prepping. A half-time game of touch football in the backyard or nearby park is a great way to get guests engaged and have a little fun; just be sure to forewarn them so they’re not trying to run around in heels and suits!

You can also provide some non-traditional fun for your Thanksgiving party guests in the way of a bounce house or inflatable movie screen. The bounce house is great for all ages and will definitely keep the kids engaged. And a backyard movie screen is ideal for showing either the game or movies under the stars. Set up your meal outside as well and you’ll create a new tradition perfect for the desert!

Need some help with your Thanksgiving party essentials, whether tables and linens or a bounce house? The party professionals at White Knight Party Rentals are available to provide insight. Give us a call at 602-277-2789 to get started!

Canopy Rentals Key to Cozy Parties

It’s a fact of life that it’s going to rain. Even in the desert, we get rain and cool weather. And naturally, it always seem to occur when you have an outdoor event planned. Thankfully, there’s a solution that’s cost effective and will help you to have a fun, cozy outdoor party, whether the sun’s shining or clouds are overhead. That perfect solution is a canopy rental, and it can save the day.

Why Canopy Rentals Are Awesome
Whether you’re planning a wedding, corporate event, or a street fair, a canopy rental is the perfect protection from the elements. These sturdy tent-like coverings allow for plenty of room to stand and move around while shielding those underneath from the sun and rain. And if wind is an issue, add tent sidewalls to one to three sides for all-around comfort.

Lights can be added under the canopy to create a cozy environment that welcomes everyone to linger. And if it’s even colder than you might have anticipated, add patio heaters for a little extra warmth. In 10’x10’, 20’x20’, and 35’x40’ sizes, canopy rentals are perfect for any occasion.

While you may think a 10’x10’ tent isn’t quite big enough, consider a street fair or festival. Many of the participants will shield their arts and crafts under this size tent with three sides to ensure traffic comes in and goes out in an orderly fashion. You can also use the smaller size for a first-aid tent at a golf tournament or as a changing area (with four sidewalls) during a pool party or fashion show.

The larger 20’x20’ canopy is excellent for smaller weddings to cover the bridal party during the ceremony. It can also create a dining area for guests to gather their food in a buffet setting or to sit in the shade at a church fair. Or for those double-sized festival participants, it’s perfect.

Naturally, the largest size, 35’x40’, is where you can place a dance floor, full dining area, and all of the seating for a wedding ceremony. At festivals and large events, a number of long tables can be placed under this size canopy to provide shade and area to sit or eat away from the commotion of everything else.

Make Your Canopy Your Own
Sure, canopy rentals come in only one color: white. But who’s to say you have to keep them in the background and boring? Add tiny white or colored lights along with floral garlands to up the romance factor. Larger light strings are perfect for an evening festival. And on the inside, you can string lights from the interior frame or position fabric along the sidewalls to spruce up the color. Be creative with crepe paper and flowers. Truly, you’re only limited by your imagination.

How Will a Canopy Rental Enhance Your Event?
If you need a canopy, you likely need a lot of other party rentals to make your party the talk of the town. Lucky for you, the party planning professionals at White Knight Party Rentals have you covered—literally! Contact us at 602-277-2789 to learn how we can help you have the best event ever.


Interactive Games: The Perfect Party Addition

Oh what fun it is … to host a party! The guests, the food, the laughter … the planning? While planning a party might not be the best part of the event, gathering friends and family together is always fun. And engaging the services of a professional party rental service can make everything better—especially when they suggest adding interactive games to your shindig.

What Are Interactive Games?
There can be many definitions of interactive games, and many of the current generation might immediately think of video games hooked up through the Internet. But we’re talking about good old-fashioned fun. Think corn hole, ladder toss, or ping pong. These are the games you can play with a friend on a gorgeous afternoon with a cool beverage in your hand. Interactive games are perfect for kids and adults alike, and playing together makes the event that much more fun. Who says you need electricity to have a good time?

Of course, you can up the excitement with more high-tech interactive games, such as four-person joust or tug-o-war, wrecking ball (no, not the Miley song), or dunk tank. Even a foam machine can create a fun interactive environment for dancing, sliding, or playing one of the other interactive games. Shift your mind away from television and tablets to a game in which you’re actually talking to other people. It’s a shocking idea in the 21st century, but back in the day, that’s how people played.

What Goes Well with Interactive Games?
The short answer to what pairs well with interactive games is players! Most of the games are ideal for every age, from toddler to the elderly. After all, who doesn’t enjoy a good game of corn hole in the backyard? But if you’re looking to keep everyone happy, look no farther than your professional party rental service! Bounce houses, photo booth, or an inflatable obstacle course are excellent additions to the party. Throw in your own bocce balls, and you’re ready to roll—literally!

If it’s time to plan your next party, don’t despair. Just contact one of the party professionals at White Knight Party Rentals. We will walk you through all of the particulars, including your theme, ages of guests, time of year, indoor or outdoor, and what kinds of events your guests will enjoy most. Then it’s hands off for you as we drop off, set up, and pick up all of your rentals. It will be the most fun and easiest party you’ve ever hosted!

New Year, New Party Ideas

Congratulations! You’re engaged and we couldn’t be happier for you!

You’ve found the place for your wedding day but now you need everything from table, chairs, and linens to the dance floor. Not sure where to start? You’ve come to the right place! White Knight Party Rentals is your one stop shop for everything you need to make your wedding reception extra special.

When it comes to wedding planning, think about how you want to feel and the experience you want for your guests. Is it an intimate cocktail party or a large banquet formal? Do you guests having fun dancing the night away or having intimate conversations? Maybe it’s a little bit of everything!

Tables & Chairs
One of the toughest parts of wedding planning is figuring out who to invite and where guests are going to sit. While we can’t help you decide the guest list or seating chart, we can create the atmosphere for your guests to enjoy their time with you and your new spouse. Whether it’s a long line of banquet tables and padded wood chairs or an intimate collection of circular tables and chiavari chairs, we can accommodate your request.

It’s not as simple as putting some tables and chairs together and hitting play on your iPod. A wedding should be memorable and photo-ready. Make your venue ready for the most important photos of your life when you’ve got the right linens decorating the space. From perfectly fitted table cloths to chair covers and accent colors, White Knight Party Rentals has got your party looking good.

Dance Floor
No party is complete without dancing. Make sure guests know where to get the party started and keep it going when you have an area set aside just for showing off their best moves. And let’s not forget your first dance with your new spouse! Whether it’s a traditional wood or new LED dance floor, you and your guests are sure to make good use of it.

We’re ready to make your wedding day extra special with the right choice of tables, chairs, linens, and dance floor for you, your new spouse, and guests. Call us at 602-277-2789 to reserve your party rental today!

Wedding Bells are Ringing!

Congratulations! You’re engaged and we couldn’t be happier for you!

You’ve found the place for your wedding day but now you need everything from table, chairs, and linens to the dance floor. Not sure where to start? You’ve come to the right place! White Knight Party Rentals is your one stop shop for everything you need to make your wedding reception extra special.

When it comes to wedding planning, think about how you want to feel and the experience you want for your guests. Is it an intimate cocktail party or a large banquet formal? Do you guests having fun dancing the night away or having intimate conversations? Maybe it’s a little bit of everything!

Tables & Chairs
One of the toughest parts of wedding planning is figuring out who to invite and where guests are going to sit. While we can’t help you decide the guest list or seating chart, we can create the atmosphere for your guests to enjoy their time with you and your new spouse. Whether it’s a long line of banquet tables and padded wood chairs or an intimate collection of circular tables and chiavari chairs, we can accommodate your request.

It’s not as simple as putting some tables and chairs together and hitting play on your iPod. A wedding should be memorable and photo-ready. Make your venue ready for the most important photos of your life when you’ve got the right linens decorating the space. From perfectly fitted table cloths to chair covers and accent colors, White Knight Party Rentals has got your party looking good.

Dance Floor
No party is complete without dancing. Make sure guests know where to get the party started and keep it going when you have an area set aside just for showing off their best moves. And let’s not forget your first dance with your new spouse! Whether it’s a traditional wood or new LED dance floor, you and your guests are sure to make good use of it.

We’re ready to make your wedding day extra special with the right choice of tables, chairs, linens, and dance floor for you, your new spouse, and guests. Call us at 602-277-2789 to reserve your party rental today!

Spring break is coming soon!

How many times do your kids tell you they’re bored while on spring break? Probably a lot. At White Knight Party Rentals, we provide solutions for spring break boredom so it never happens again. Before it gets too hot, gather for parties with friends and family filled with fun, games, and movie night right in your own backyard.

Game Night Potluck. No one likes to cook or entertain every night, especially when the kids are home over spring break. Make it a community effort. Invite friends from school, church, and afterschool activities for game night potluck. Ask each family to bring a dish and a game to share with everyone. Get the kids set up with their favorite card or board game while the adults sit back for some much-needed adult conversation.

Not ready to host a party? Have a family game night and spend valuable, low cost time with your kids, away from the television, video games, and mobile devices.

Ask the Kids. Stop the complaining about nothing to do and ask the kids to make a list of what they want to do over spring break. Go to the library and get books to read, play games, do puzzles, ride bikes, go to the park, draw or paint, and visit grandparents are just a few of the ideas we had. Give them a box of supplies like pencils, pens, markers, coloring books, and paper.

Let them get creative and see where their mind goes.

Just tasking them with coming up with the list is a project that will take some time!

Neighborhood Movie Night. Don’t sit in a crowded theatre with 100 strangers when you can host movie night in your own Phoenix neighborhood! Invite the neighbors and rent an inflatable movie screen from White Knight Party Rentals and get the party started! Add bounce houses to make it a full afternoon and evening of fun for the whole family!

Put an end to spring break boredom and spend time outside before it gets too hot in Phoenix!

Contact Us at White Knight Party Rentals today to get started!

Hosting a Spring Party? We have everything you need!

Spring in Phoenix is the perfect time to host a party! It’s warm enough to be outside well into the evening and not too hot during the day. Grab your sunscreen and let’s celebrate!

Whether you’re hosting a kid’s birthday party, an employee appreciation celebration, or a wedding, White Knight Party Rentals has what you need to make your event extra special.

Kid’s Birthday Party

You got through the holidays but will you survive spring break and your kid’s birthday party?

YES! All you need is the right party planning partner.

That’s where White Knight Party Rentals can help!

We’ve got what you need to keep the party simple for you and fun for your child and their friends. Our Birthday Party Packages include tables, chairs, bounce house, and concession(s) like popcorn or cotton candy machine.

Choose the colors of the year with our Pink and Blue Sleeping Beauty or Disney Princess bounce house. If you’re more of a cat person, we have Hello Kitty. And if characters just aren’t your thing, we’ve got a basic bounce house just for you.

Don’t see what you like for your children’s birthday party in Phoenix? Give us a call and let’s see what we can do to make your kid’s party memorable without breaking the bank or stressing you out!

Employee Appreciation

Thank your employees when you host an employee appreciation event at your office, local park or community center. White Knight Party Rentals has tables chairs, concessions, bounce houses, and more to make your event memorable, safe, and fun.

Is your team highly competitive? Rent human sized hamster balls and you’re off to the races! Choose teams, compete head to head or department to department and see who the last person standing is. Give prizes for the most spirited people or teams and let everyone have fun.

Don’t forget to check with your municipality to see if you need special permits.

Wedding or Bridal Shower

Kids and employees aren’t the only people who appreciate a party. Host a wedding or bridal shower outside before the weather gets too hot. Tables, chairs, linens, arches, backdrops, aisle runners, dance floors and more are available for your special day!

Hosting a spring party? We have everything you need. Contact us today and let’s get the party started!

Tips for Hosting a Spring Bridal Shower

Weddings are special occasions and so are the events leading up to them like the bridal shower.

A bridal shower is a time to give the bride gifts and let her enjoy being the center of attention. It’s kind of a warm-up for the big day when everyone will want to take pictures with her and her new husband. If you’re the maid of honor or have been asked to host the spring bridal shower, here are our tips for a fun and memorable event:

Keep it Simple. Don’t overcomplicate the day with big menus and lots of games. Choose a theme (and stick to it) and keep the event moving along. For example, lunch with chicken salad sandwiches, cookies, and punch, a couple of games to learn more about the bride and groom, and opening of presents. Use the wedding colors, take pictures, and let the guests have a fun time!

Delegate. Everyone is busy with work, school, and family obligations. Don’t overwhelm yourself as party planner or the bride. Delegate tasks like sending invitations and decorating the venue to guests. They’re probably waiting for you to ask how they can help make the bride’s day special.

Track RSVPs. Designate someone to keep track of how many guests are coming to the wedding shower so that you can rent tables and chairs for the right number of people. Choose from a variety of options including circular or rectangular tables, bistro, padded, or chiavari chairs to make the day memorable for the bride and guests.

Consider the time of day. If you’re hosting a spring bridal shower in the afternoon on Phoenix after mid-March, it’s likely going to be too hot for some of your guests. Make them comfortable with tents or canopiesand consider a misting system to keep guests shaded and cool.

Decorate using wedding colors. Resist the urge to buy paper napkins and give the bride a sneak peek of what her wedding will look like when you choose table linens that match her wedding day colors.

Spring bridal showers are a time for celebration! White Knight Party Rentals has everythin

Just the FAQs about Phoenix Party Rentals

Summer is fast approaching which means you’re either looking for ways to host a party by your pool or tips for bringing the party indoors! At White Knight Party Rentals, we’re ready to help you throw a memorable party no matter what time of year it is!

Here are the FAQs about Phoenix Party Rentals

When it comes to our customers, we exercise caution while making sure you and your guests have a safe and enjoyable experience. Whether it’s a kids’ birthday party, an intimate wedding shower or an all night dance party, we have what you need.

Can we accommodate last minute requests?
Our preference is to have your reservation well in advance of your event day. We understand that can’t always happen. If we have the party rental you want, we do our best to help, even on a short schedule.

Is pick-up available?
Yes, pickup is available. Indicate your preference when you make your reservation via phone or online. If you prefer delivery, there is an extra charge.

Is White Knight Party Rentals insured?
Yes we are a fully insured Arizona LLC and will provide a copy of our insurance upon request in advance of your rental. After receiving your rental, you are in charge of operation. White Knight Party Rentals is not responsible for any injuries occurring to lessee or to any persons using the leased units or equipment or to any damage to personal property. Not every Arizona party rental company is insured. We strongly recommend using an insured company.

What if there’s a monsoon with wind and rain on our party day?
We want you and your guests to be safe which is why we will not set up bounce houses if it is raining and/or windy. Even if the weather improves, we will not refund your money.

Do inflatables get hot in the summer?
Yes, even though the bounce houses have roofs, they become quite warm. Consider renting a water slide during the summer or use the bounce house early or late in the day.

Do we need grass to set up a bounce house?
That depends so let us know the surface type when you make your reservation. Large slides and other equipment must be set up on grass while bounce houses can be set up on grass, gravel, dirt, cement, or asphalt.

Can inflatables be set up inside?
Yes but…the area needs to be large and tall enough to accommodate each one.

If we didn’t answer all your questions, check out the FAQ or contact us.

Whether you’re hosting an indoor fair or an outdoor party, we’ve got what you need!

Contact White Knight Party Rentals at 602-277-2789 today!

Blow up your next party with helium filled balloons!

Do you remember your prom theme and colors? Under the Sea with silver and seafoam green. Winter wonderland with royal blue and silver. Whether it’s prom, wedding, birthday, retirement, or other special celebration, White Knight Party Rentals has what you need to blow up your next party with helium filled balloons.

Tips for Decorating with Balloons

Set your party apart when you have helium balloons decorating the entire space!

  1. Choose a party theme and colors. Kids love primary colors but a wedding might be better suited for muted tones. Choose a theme carefully. Ask the guest of honor if they have a preference. The color(s) selected set the tone for the rest of the party style.
  2. Choose mylar or latex balloons. Mylar hold up better outside or in cooler climates. Latex balloons pop especially in the heat but they’re a lot easier to work with. Consider a combination; mylar and latex for the person(s) of honor table and latex for guest tables.
  3. Create a balloon arch. There are so many ways to use a balloon arch! Create an arch for a mother-to-be at her baby shower or for the bride-to-be at her bridal shower. Create an unforgettable entryway for guests at your next party or opt for balloons instead of a flower arch at a wedding. Get creative!
  4. Decorate the venue. Don’t just let the guest(s) of honor have balloon fun! Use helium filled balloons to decorate tables. Tie them to a bottle or vase with ribbon or place the bottle in a decorative balloon for a pop of color. Combine balloons and streamers for a party-themed balloon wall. Let guests take balloons home as their party favor and save on clean up later!
  5. Sparkle the party. Add glow sticks to balloons for a bit of sparkle at your next evening party. Scatter balloons around the yard or venue. Tie to centerpieces for a pop of color. There are also lighted balloons available that you can blow up using our helium tanks.
  6. Estimate the number of balloons. Then call White Knight Party Rentals and add a medium or large helium tank to your party rental order. Our large helium tank fills up to 400 balloons and the medium fills up to 200 balloons.

We charge a delivery fee to Phoenix, Glendale, Scottsdale, and Tempe. Minimum order is $175. If it’s under $175, we charge a $40 delivery fee. More party rental delivery information is available on our website.

You can also pick up from our warehouse at 29th Avenue and McDowell.

Make your next party memorable when you have helium filled balloons!

How to Host a Cool Summer Party

You don’t need a reason to host a cool summer party but having a theme will keep the party engaging for guests. Don’t let them get bored when you have food, drinks, and activities for kids and adults. At White Knight Party Rentals, we have interactive games, photo booths, and everything you need to make your party memorable.

Before jumping into the summer season, consider these tips for how to host a cool summer party.

  1. Invitation list. Who do you want at your party? Is it a small, intimate gathering or more of a neighborhood block party? Intimate parties can be as simple as you providing the meat and vegetables to grill and guests bring a side dish. Block parties or big family celebrations take more planning and maybe a bounce house or water slide!
  2. Choose a theme. No one likes to be bored at a party which is why we recommend have a theme. Whether it’s graduation, 1980’s, birthday, beach, make your party memorable. Get creative with old school dunk tanks, ping pong or corn hole tournaments, a rowdy game of Twister, photo booth fun, or a dance contest featuring your favorite decade of music.
  3. What to wear. Have you been to a pool party and been the one without a bathing suit? It’s embarrassing. Don’t let that happen to your guests by letting them know about water fun ahead of time. Provide a few towels in case they forget to bring their own and keep an eye on kids around water.
  4. Fire up the grill. Simple food and drink are key especially in the heat of a Phoenix summer. Keep the oven and stove off and opt for crockpot recipes featuring beans or queso dip. Fire up the grill and let the heat stay outside.
  5. Rehydrate as you dehydrate. Keep guests safe from dehydration by having water and sports drinks on hand. Watermelon and cucumber are perfect treats as well as frosty beverages for the grill master and guests. Include something for the adults as well as the kids. Clearly mark what’s adult-friendly and kid-friendly so there’s no confusion.
  6. Fun decorations. Grab a helium tank from White Knight Party Rentals, blow up balloons, and give your party a splash of color.

Your summer party shouldn’t be boring. Wow your guests with a cool theme, food, drinks, interactive games, and a water slide from White Knight Party Rentals.

Contact us today to get the party started!

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How to Plan a Successful Event at Your Church

How to Plan a Successful Event at Your Church

Does your church family love spending time together? Are you a new church and want to get to know other families? Are you hosting the annual picnic or pancake breakfast? Before you make the mistake of renting a bounce house for grandparents’ day, define the event goal and theme so you can properly market and plan a successful event at your church.

Once you know the type of event, give White Knight Party Rentals a call.

Event Goal

Whether it’s to celebrate a church milestone, kickoff vacation bible school, or the annual picnic, make sure you (and everyone else) know why the event is happening. That makes it easier for event planning teams to market the event and attract the right people. Older adults may not attend a kids’ carnival but they will bring a salad to the annual potluck picnic.

Don’t let your event fail before it’s even started by asking yourself – and your team – these questions:

  • Is the event purpose to provide fellowship among existing members?
  • Is this a community outreach event where we invite non-members?
  • Is the event a fundraiser? How much money needs to be raised?

Once you define the event goal, you can move on to theme, decorations, and marketing.


Are you hosting a women’s conference? Do you need to feed families at the annual pancake breakfast? Will the event be indoor, outdoor, or both? These and other questions can be asked and answered by your planning teams.

And let’s be honest, no church event is complete without helium balloons hung up to direct guests to the festivities. Decorate the venue and give away as a party favor for the youngest attendees; they will leave with smiles on their faces.


Typically church events are organized and staffed by volunteers. If you’re the event organizer, give yourself enough time to market your church event. Start early asking for volunteers for pre, day of, and post event assistance.

Utilize the church newsletter, social media, website, and announcements at services to spread the word and don’t forget to thank everyone who made the event a success.

If it’s a fundraising event, be sure to include the final dollar amount raised and remind church members of how the money is being used.

Defining the purpose, selecting a theme, and marketing the event take time and planning. With a little luck, a bunch of eager volunteers, and the right party equipment, your day will be a success!

Before stressing that you don’t have tables, chairs, interactive games, concessions, and more, call White Knight Party Rentals at 602-277-2789.

Splash into Summer with these Party Rental Favorites!

Whether you’re planning an event at your churchbridal shower, or summer party, White Knight Party Rentals is ready to make your day special.

It’s the perfect time of year to be outside hosting pool parties but having just a pool can get boring. That’s where we can help. With years of party rental experience, we offer options other party rental businesses don’t offer.

Splash into summer with these favorites:

  • Dunk Tank for fun and entertainment. If you’re hosting a fair or want to add fun to your kid’s birthday party, a dunk tank is just for you! Kids of all ages love the thrill of an accurate throw to soak their favorite teacher, neighbor, or friend. Just $20 delivery fee to Phoenix, Glendale, Scottsdale, and Tempe for a minimum order of $175.
  • Foam machine to set your summer party apart from the rest. Don’t have a boring ol’ pool party! Just add foam for a memorable experience for you and your guests. It’s a 100% biodegradable solution that doesn’t irritate eyes or skin or damage grass. It’s easy to clean up with just a spray of water or let it dissolve itself.
  • Water slide for cool fun. No summer party is complete without a water slide! Choose from our Disney themed, dolphin, rainforest, or basic options. If you don’t see what you like on the website, give us a call.

If you’re hosting a bigger party, we also have Birthday Party Packages that include a bounce house, concession like a popcorn station, tables, and chairs.

You won’t be disappointed when you rent from White Knight Party Rentals. We deliver our clean, well-maintained party rentals on-time and with smiles on our faces.

Our mission is to make your parties extra special by delivering the best equipment and outstanding service. Find out why we’re the highest reviewed party rental company in Arizona.

Jump into Summer Fun

The kids are home for the summer and you’re tearing your hair out wondering what to do with them. How do you entertain them for a birthday party? What will make a Fourth of July party extra special? It’s challenging especially in Phoenix where we’re already having fun in our pools!

Jump into summer fun with these kid-friendly ideas.

  1. Obstacle Courses. Are the kids bored because they’re not being challenged over the summer? Try their wits, strength, and agility in the super fun Ninja Challenge obstacle course. Our newest is the Adrenaline Rush Extreme, a winding 1,850 square feet of maze filled with adrenaline-inducing activities. It’s the ultimate course for sure! Check out all the obstacle course options and give us a call to reserve yours today.
  2. Bounce Houses. Burn off the summer energy with an afternoon of bouncing! Gather the neighborhood kids or school friends for fun in one of our more than 20 bounce houses. Our clean, high quality options are great for birthdays, 4th of July BBQs, and more.
  3. Water Slides. Make your pool party even cooler when you have water slides from White Knight Party Rentals. The Summer Splash waterslide is the most popular for hot days. Just hook up the hose and let the kids play!
  4. Stay cool. Visit Find a Culture Pass to learn how you can go to the library and get passes to local museums and gardens. If you’re going to be outside, be sure to bring water and wear hats and sunscreen!
  5. Catch up on the movies. Stay cool while keeping the kids occupied with Harkins Summer Movies that includes 10 passes for 10 weeks at less than a dollar a movie!
  6. Go Local. Communities and neighborhoods offer free movies in the park after sunset. It’s a great way for kids to see their friends without parents having to clean house for company.

Jump into summer fun by adding to the pool party fun with White Knight Party Rentals or enjoy the local deals for kid-friendly summer fun. Enjoy and stay cool!

Get the Kids Active!

A study was released that said our lifestyle of sitting and staring at mobile devices was as unhealthy as smoking! This is especially true for the younger generations that are increasingly being diagnosed with obesity, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. It seems our lifestyle is creating a generation of kids that are not healthy. We need to get the kids active! At White Knight Party Rentals we offer interactive gamesthat keep kids (and adults) busy and moving. And what’s better than some healthy competition!

It became clear to us that the study about inactivity in children was accurate when we went to a party and the kids stared at their smartphones and tablets for most of the event. They seemed to only take a break for pizza and ice cream. The rest of the time was spent playing online games alone. In some cases, they were in the same room playing online games with each other when they could have been interacting face to face. We wondered if they knew how to play together.

At White Knight Party Rentals, we’re committed to making your party more memorable than sitting around playing video games. We want you and your guests of all ages to have fun interacting with each other over a friendly game of ping pong or cornhole. Maybe you want to settle a dispute or just compete with a sibling with a joust or tug of war. Whatever it is, we want you to be active and having fun!

For your next party…

  • Pick a theme
  • Invite friends and family
  • Rent interactive games from White Knight Party Rentals
  • Have fun!

Whether it’s a summer party or a special occasion like a birthday or graduation, we’re here to help you make your guests comfortable. We want them to talk to each other in real life, not online.

Contact us to learn more about interactive games and other items and remember we deliver games to your location or you can pick them up yourself. Whatever is easier for you is what we want to make happen!

Bring Back the Good Ol’ Days with these Tips for Planning a Retirement Party

Gather colleagues, friends, and family to remember the good ol’ days at a retirement party that celebrates YOU. What would make the party memorable for you and your guests? Is it a Dean Martin-style roast? Is it a formal party with toasts and stories? Is it an intimate dinner at your home? Whatever you decide, we’re sure White Knight Party Rentals has what you need to make your retirement party extra special!

Put your working days behind you and let’s celebrate your new life as a retiree with these tips for planning a retirement party.

  1. Plan ahead. You’re celebrating a lifetime of accomplishments. Don’t just grab a cake and have a quick toast. Retiring is an event that should be celebrated with the people who have meant the most to you in your career. If you’re planning the party yourself, consider waiting until to stop working to plan the party so you can focus on the fun.
  2. Budget. You can easily throw thousands of dollars away if you don’t plan ahead and that includes establishing a budget. Think about the type of party you want, the number of people to invite, food and beverages, and venue. Research options and build a budget around what you can afford.
  3. Style. Think about what type of celebration you want.  If you’re a high level executive it may be a different retirement party than if you’re in a less visible position at the company. A luncheon with close colleagues at a local restaurant, a final toast at the office, a formal party, a dinner party, the options are seemingly endless.
  4. Venue. Just as with wedding planning, the venue can be the most expensive part of the budget. Inquire about catering, bartending, tables, chairs, centerpieces, flowers, DJ, and photographer. Even if it’s an all-inclusive venue, everything you want may not be included or it may be available for an additional fee.
  5. Photos. Parties are a great opportunity to get pictures of your closest friends and family. Make a list of the ones you want and hand off to a professional photographer or trusted colleague who has a good camera.

No matter what style retirement party you’re planning, White Knight Party Rentals has tables, chairstable linensdance floorssound systems, and more to give you and your guests a fun time. Contact us today to learn more!

Photo Booth Fun at Your Next Phoenix Party

Our friends came to us and asked what we thought about having a photo booth at their wedding. Of course we said it was a great idea! Getting guests involved in the fun, whether it’s a wedding, birthday, retirement, employee recognition, or other celebration, is what a party should be. Rent a photo booth from White Knightto make memories last forever!

If has been a while since you donned a combination glasses – nose- mustache, a feather boa, or goofy sunglasses, now is the perfect time to let loose! Let your friends and family release their inner child with props to create photos that are fun, engaging, and memorable.

For those hip with social media, we suggest creating an event-only hashtag. Invite guests to share photos on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and remind them to tag White Knight. We love and appreciate social media mentions from our satisfied partygoers.

Worried your guests will be too shy? Don’t fret!

Our photo booth rental includes an attendant for setup and teardown. The attendant will also interact with guests and make them feel comfortable. Dressing in costumes is up to each partygoer though we think it makes it sillier if they lean into the fun.

The rental also includes two hours of play time, a usb of all photos taken at your event, and unlimited 2×6 photos so everyone in the picture gets a copy. Ask your crafty friends to create a scrapbook of the pictures so you can focus on the guests and not on the shenanigans in the photo booth. You will smile when you see the fun that was had at your party!

There is no charge for delivery to Phoenix, Glendale, Scottsdale, and Tempe. Other cities may have a delivery charge. Additional time is available at an additional fee.

Contact us today to schedule a photo booth rental for your next special occasion!

8 Ways to Thank Employees

Do you have employees who have gone above and beyond on a project? Has your sales team blown projected sales out of the water? Is your company growing and successful because of your employees? Show them you appreciate their efforts and thank employees with these ideas.

  1. Make a note of it. Tired of only getting junk mail? Most people are, including your employees. Tell them they’ve done a job well done by sending a thank you note. Encourage team members to send notes to each other too.
  2. Money talks. You might not be able to give everyone a raise as often as you’d like but you can spread the wealth by adding a gift card to the thank you note.
  3. Movie night. Rent a theatre and treat coworkers and their families to a free movie night.
  4. Throw a party. Has your team exceeded expectations? Tell them you appreciate their long nights and early days by throwing an employee recognition party complete with their families and treats like snow cones, popcorn machines, and cotton candy concessions from White Knight.
  5. Blow it up with balloons. Rent our helium tanks and spread balloon love around the building to celebrate birthdays and anniversaries and to thank special employees or the entire staff. Even better? Surprise them with an unexpected appreciation event.
  6. Game time! Put work to the side and invite the team for an interactive game night complete with ping pong, ladder toss, dunk tank, and more!
  7. Lunch on us. Is the team working toward a deadline? Buy them lunch to show you appreciate their extra effort.
  8. Flex time. There’s nothing better than time away from the office to spend with friends and family. Offer summer Fridays or a work from home option. Studies show they are more productive when they’re given autonomy.

Don’t wait for a special occasion to show employees you appreciate them. Make it part of the company culture to provide fun activities and tokens of achievement.

In need of helium tanks, games, and concessions for your next employee appreciation event? Contact White Knight today!

Red Carpet Ribbon Cuttings

Are you part of a chamber of commerce in the Phoenix area? Chambers of commerce are a great way to meet the neighbors, get the word out about your business, and meet other business owners. Often they will work with you to celebrate your business at a ribbon cutting event. Invite clients, customers, friends, and family to your red carpet ribbon cutting!

Even if you’ve been in business a while, a ribbon cutting is a fun way to celebrate your chamber membership, gain press coverage for your business, and engage the community.

  1. Budget. You’re not going to have a good time if all you see are dollar signs at every turn of your ribbon cutting. Before booking the DJ and dance floor, think about you budget. What makes sense for your business? Maybe you want to spend less on the party in favor of hiring a professional for press releases or marketing the event.
  2. Grand Re-Opening. We hate to say this about our beloved Phoenix but all too often small businesses are overlooked in favor of chains, especially restaurants. That doesn’t have to be the case for you. Celebrate your newly remodeled restaurant (or store or office space) with a grand re-opening celebration! Let the neighbors know you’re a locally owned and operated business ready to serve.
  3. The Experience. Make it a truly memorable experience when guests arrive on a red carpet rented from White Knight Party Rentals. Ask a local photographer to capture their experience or rent a photo booth for guests to capture the fun and post to their social media right from your ribbon cutting! Props like feather boas, sunglasses, capes, and crowns make it fun too.
  4. Food. Don’t forget to feed your guests! Even an afternoon champagne toast needs a snack of fruits, cheese, and crackers. And we know nothing brings a crowd like free food!
  5. VIP Guests. Is the mayor available for your event? How about a local business leader? Ask the local fire station to make an appearance and let the kids see an engine up close.

As you’re planning your ribbon cutting, keep the target audience in mind. If they’re families with kids, make sure to have activities for the kids. If the crowd is older, play music from their generation. Make it a memorable and fun event when you rent the essentials from White Knight!

Fall Into Fun

Now that the Phoenix weather has cooled to below 100 degrees and the monsoon is nearly over, at least for this year, it’s time to fall into fun! Plan fall birthday, retirement, quinceanera, or family reunion parties outdoors!

Save the Stress

Not sure if an outdoor party is right for your family and friends? Think of this way – You don’t have to clean the house or stress over where everyone is going to sit when you have a party at a local community center or park.

Find and reserve a location central for the people you’re inviting. (See below for ideas.)
Pick a date and time. We like late morning or early afternoon when the weather is perfect.
Choose a game or two for the kids. Nothing is better than a kickball or soccer game where they can run off their energy!
Provide the basics like burgers, buns, condiments, and cake.
Assign a guest to call White Knight Party Rentals to reserve tables, chairs, bounce house, and helium tanks.
Ask guests to bring chips, dips, salsas, and salads.
Sit back and have fun!
Find the Right Location

The key to having fun and providing entertainment for your guests is to have the party at the right location. If they have to drive too far, they might not come or won’t stay for long. And you probably want them to stay since you’ve spent time planning fun for them!

Do you have friends in the neighborhood? Consider your HOA Community Center or Park where they may provide amenities like a grill, pool, and park for kids of all ages to have a good time.

Is there a city park in a central location for your guests? Check the city website to find out if you need permits, what you can bring in (like bounce houses or adult beverages), and how many people the location can accommodate. Some parks are first come – first served and others are reservation only for pavilions that may include access to grills and shade.

The City of Phoenix website outlines exactly what you need to host a party or event in their parks including permits, bounce house regulations, and four categories of events depending on the type and number of people. It’s fairly comprehensive and includes links to almost everything you need related to the parks and permits.

The team at White Knight has many years of experience with varied venues and events and is happy to help you! Contact us today!

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Holiday Crafting with Friends (how to host a crafternoon)

Deck the halls, jingle bells, and all that holiday cheer is coming your way! If you’ve been to the big box stores lately, you may already be singing Santa Claus is Coming to Town. You might even be stressing because [fill in the name of your most organized friend or relative] has their shopping done and is ready for New Year’s.

Don’t worry about the trees and decorations and focus on the reason for the season — reconnecting with friends and family by hosting an afternoon of holiday crafting with friends.

Not sure where to begin? You’re never going to please all of the people all of the time so start by picking a date that works for you to host a party. Whoever can make it will be there and whoever can’t, will miss out on the fun.

Where will they sit? Your space may determine how many people you can invite. Don’t worry if you don’t have the tables and chairs for every person. Call White Knight Party rentals!

What craft will you complete? Our word of advice is to keep the craft simple. Decorate ornaments for tree trimming celebrations or create unique holiday cards. You could also supply the basics (markers, glitter glue, colored paper), a list of craft ideas, and see what your guests bring to decorate with your supplies. Might be fun to see who is the most creative!

Don’t break the bank – yours or your guests. It’s time together to stretch your creative side farther than you probably do during the week when you’re driving kids to practices and lessons. Tell guests to dig into their (likely untouched) crafting boxes and contribute to the party — scrapbook paper, greeting card templates, yarn, paint, glitter — then let them create using each other’s supplies.

Freebie! Take photos of your creations to share in blog posts and on social media so your friends and family can see what you’ve been doing. Maybe next time they will make time to join you.

This time of year stretches the wallet. Keep the snacks simple. A tray of holiday cookies and punch or something more festive if that’s what you like. There’s no need to call a caterer for an afternoon with friends!

‘Tis the season, not for stress because Santa is already posing for photos and it’s only the beginning of November, but because it’s the time of year for celebrating those that matter most to you.

Hosting a crafternoon? Contact us for your Phoenix party needs!

Don’t over stuff your house at Thanksgiving!

We’ve heard stories like this often and we want you to know White Knight Party Rentals is here to decrease your holiday stress with everything from tables, chairs, and table linens to heaters, interactive games, and more!

It happens every year. We think it’s going to be a quiet Thanksgiving with our immediate family. Then we find out a friend’s travel plans have been cancelled so we invite him and his family. My sister calls and says her in-laws cancelled and asks if they can join us. Of course we say yes and before we know it, our quiet day is now a feast for 20 friends and family! We take a deep breath and wonder where we’re all going to sit for dinner.

We love football but also believe that Thanksgiving dinner should be enjoyed around one table as friends and family without the distraction of The Game at least for a few hours. Our dining room is too small to accommodate the 20 or so guests plus a family dog who hates being by himself and a hamster who is about to give birth. (Don’t judge and don’t ask about the hamster. It’s my niece’s class hamster that she “won” for the long weekend.) While our non-human guests can make themselves at home in their respective crate and cage, what are we going to do with all our guests?

What do you have?

If that story sounds like you, take a deep breath and figure out what you have available to make your guests comfortable. Count heads and add a few to make sure last minute invitees have a seat at the table. Then pull tables and chairs from the attic, garage, and home office. Maybe you’ve got enough for half the guests. (Yikes!) Place the tables and chairs in the common area. You might find there’s just not enough room. As you scratch your head, you look onto the poolside patio.

It might be too cool for swimming in Phoenix for this year’s Thanksgiving, but there’s a gloriously spacious patio that you use about three times a year for summer parties. Aha! You don’t live in Arizona to figure out where to seat people INDOORS. Serve this year’s dinner OUTDOORS on your patio!

What do you need?

For starters, you need more tables and chairs! Then you realize you have the fall themed tablecloths to the thrift store in your spring cleaning frenzy and temperatures are predicted to drop in the evening so you might need heaters outside. You may be tempted to start stressing out but we urge you to call White Knight Party Rentals!

Who do you call?

Don’t over stuff your house at Thanksgiving (or any other special occasion). White Knight Party Rentals is here to help you through this stressful holiday season. We can get you the tables, chairs, linens, and heaters you need to make your guests feel comfortable for Thanksgiving. Sit back, relax, and enjoy this time with loved ones.

Hiring an Event Planner? Here are some tips.

You’ve got the holiday office party to plan while you’re closing fourth quarter business.

You’re not good with details and the thought of picking table linens gives you hives.

You don’t have time but want a memorable experience for your guests.

If any (or all) of these sound like you, think about hiring an event planner for your next party!

  1. Hire the right party planner. Whether you’re planning a family reunion, an employee recognition event, or a wedding, it will be a positive experience for you and your guests when you’ve got the right person handling the details. Ask for references and interview them face to face or via video. If you don’t think you can work with them – or let them work on the details by themselves – then you should consider hiring someone else. It has to be a good match or it won’t work for either of you.
  2. Don’t be that client for your party planner. You hired a party planner because you didn’t want to handle the details. Trust they know what they’re doing. Give them a clear scope and budget then let him/her execute it without you being a micro-manager. They’ll ask you questions when they need your input. Otherwise, stay away and let them work their magic.
  3. You get what you pay for so don’t be cheap. Just because your neighbor’s sister-in-law is a party planner on the side, it doesn’t mean you should hire her. She may have a “cheap” rate but only be available for consultation nights and weekends. Maybe you’d prefer to be relaxing on the weekend than chatting about why pigs in blankets isn’t an appropriate appetizer for the executive dinner. Consider a more experienced planner and be willing to spend the money.
  4. Enjoy the event. When you hire the right party planner, you’re able to sit back and enjoy the event without concern that guests will be fed on time or that the bar will run out of adult beverages.
  5. Show your gratitude for a job well done. The event planner did all the work of renting tables, chairs, linens, dance floor, and bar from White Knight Party Rentals for your super fun 30th birthday party. Send him/her a handwritten thank you note!

For your next big event, consider hiring an event planner so you don’t have to handle the details. Have them contact us for estimates on all your party rental needs!

Bringing Holiday Cheer to the Neighborhood

Who says holiday parties have to be during the day? As fans of evening parties, we can’t wait to celebrate the season with you in full party style! What’s party style? That’s when you call the team at White Knight Party Rentals to rent an LED Dance floorconcessions like cotton candy and popcorn machines, and invite your friends to relax for a few hours in the midst of holiday madness.

Get it Together

Put the word out in your neighborhood social media group or NextDoor app that you want an adults-only celebration for the neighbors who have been so good to you all year and for the new folks you can’t wait to get to know. Ask if they’ve got high school or college age kids who can help watch the under-18 crowd while the parents get a much needed break.

Even if you’re bringing the kids to the event, it might be helpful to have a kid zone complete with games, activities, and holiday-themed art projects managed by babysitters or nannies. That will give you the time to meet other adults and expand your own social network.

If you’re a business owner, consider this a networking mixer and see you who you might meet that could be of benefit to your business….or just take the night off and enjoy!

Dance the Night Away

Utilize the community center or other nearby venue, rent a dance floor from us, and hire a DJ to keep the party moving all night long! Provide the DJ with a list of songs that you’d like played and perhaps a list of songs or artists to avoid at this family-friendly event.

Allow the DJ to coordinate the floor colors and lights with the music selection. Take it old school with 90’s dance hits or further back with some swing music. There are more than 16 million colors available so make it work for you and the theme of your party! You don’t have to stick with red, green, and white just because of the season.

For a Cause

Make it a memorable and fun night for guests while raising money for a worthy cause like adopting local families for holiday gift giving or a present drop-off party for the neighborhood giving tree.

This time of year is perfect for celebration and giving back. Make your night-time party special when you call White Knight Party Rentals at 602-277-2789 for your party needs.

Get Your Non-Profit Ready for the New Year

Is your non-profit ready for the New Year? You’ve got to give people a reason to donate their time, money, and resources. Excite the community by not only giving them a worthy cause but an amazing experience working with your organization. Here are tips from White Knight Party Rentals for getting your non-profit ready for the New Year:

  1. Clear mission, vision, and values. If you can’t tell donors where their money is going, they’re likely not donating to your organization. This is (somewhat) the result of popular non-profits not being exactly honest about how their money is funneled. It’s better to be transparent by providing charts and social media posts about salaries, administrative costs, and the true amount that goes toward your mission.
  2. Social media presence. If you’re not on social media, it’s likely no one will be able to find you. Websites are great but they’re secondary to having an online presence to reach donors and volunteers. Identify your ideal donor or volunteer (gender, age, interests) and establish social media accounts where they spend most of their time. For example, if they’re 35-55+ years old, they’re likely on Facebook but if they’re younger, you will find them on Instagram or Twitter. You have to go where your audience is, not the other way around.
  3. Schedule an Event. Get people excited about events you’re planning for the New Year! Hosting a 5k fundraiser? Cocktail party for VIPs? You’ve got to get it on their calendars then you can get the details in place like vendors and decorations.
  4. Details….details….details. When it comes to the details for your non-profit fundraiser, it takes a lot of asking. You’re asking for people to attend. You’re asking for donations of time from volunteers pre, post, and at the event. You’re asking for resources from the community like donations of conference rooms or decorations. You’ve got to figure out what you need to pay for and what can be in-kind.
  5. Call White Knight. Do you need a PA sound system? How about concessions like cotton candy, popcorn, and sno-cones to sell at your school fundraising event? We’ve got what you need to make your fundraiser a success!

Give us a call to learn more about rates and availability for your non-profit event!

Last Minute Ideas for Your Holiday Wedding

You’ve ordered the flowers. The dress is altered, steamed, and ready for you to wear on your special day. The DJ has the song list and the wedding party is ready for their big dance number. It feels like you’ve got everything ready for your holiday wedding. Then your venue calls and says they’ve double booked the indoor ballroom and asks if you can move your reception to the outdoors.

Freak out for a few minutes and then give White Knight Party Rentals a call! We’re here to help you with all of your last minute planning!

Dance Space

So you’re outside and were hoping to be inside. Don’t let it dampen your wedding excitement! We’ve got canopy and tent rentals so you and your guests can feel like you’re inside dancing the night away. It will also create privacy so you can enjoy that dance with your dad and first dance with your groom.

And if you need a dance floor, we’ve got those too!

Keep them Warm

For desert dwellers your outdoor holiday wedding might be a little too chilly. Make them comfortable when you rent patio heaters. Choose from our available selection of torch flame, umbrella, and table top heaters to keep your guests toasty for your nuptials and the party afterward.

Comfort is Key

It might feel like winter to those of us who live in Phoenix full-time but for out of town guests, they may need a bit more to feel comfortable. You don’t need to provide one for each guest but have a few parasols available in coordinated wedding colors so granny from Minnesota isn’t using uncle’s giant golf umbrella to shield herself from the Arizona rays. It might also just be a fun photo opp for the guests especially if you have a photo booth!

The most important part of your wedding day is that you and your groom relax and enjoy the party! After all, you’ve been planning for months and the big day is finally here! Don’t let the details bother you when you’ve got us to help make your day special.

Contact White Knight Party Rentals to check availability on all of your holiday wedding needs!

Budget Friendly Kids Party

It happens every year. The kids’ birthdays creep up and scare you like a haunted house on Halloween. Let this year be different when you plan ahead with these budget friendly kids party ideas.

Save Now

No matter how simple or extravagant, we recommend saving a little each month. That way you’re not hit with a big expense and a credit card bill to match. At the same time, set expectations that while Suzy from school might get an extravagant party with ponies and clowns, theirs might be a water slide in the backyard and cake made by Grandma.

As a side note, you might also want to save a little for each of the parties your kids will attend through the year. Set a spending limit like $10-20 per event or gather dollar store goodies in a box. When the kids are invited to a friend’s party, remind them of the spending limit or just have them pick a gift from the box and wrap it in the paper you bought on sale. This can save you the money you need for your own child’s party or other needs.

The Cake

The rise of television reality shows and bake-offs has a lot of us crazy for cakes. We recommend keeping it simple. Take Grandma up on her offer to make a cake and save yourself $40 or more. If you’re making the cake, watch for coupons and sales on boxed cake mixes and frosting. There’s no need to break the bank until your kids get married!

The Party

Think about how many people you’ve got on the invitation list. You’re going to have to provide some sort of snack and refreshment to them. Is that in the budget? Maybe it’s easier to bring cupcakes to the class at school and go out for a free birthday meal on the big day or you might scale down the invite list.

Whatever you decide for your budget friendly kids parties, make your child feel special.

White Knight Party Rentals is here for all your party planning needs from tables and chairs to bounce houses and interactive games. Give us a call today for a quote!

Plan a Party at Your Retirement Community

‘Tis the season for winter visitors! Whether you’re planning a party at your house or for your retirement community, it’s all about fun! As part of your planning process, ask the homeowners association what the rules are for hosting an event on-site in a common area. Then you can get to work on a theme, guest list, and games and prizes to make sure everyone feels included.

Meet and Greet

Some residents live here all year while others have made their way from colder climates for a few months. Schedule a meet and greet where everyone can get to know each other. Provide simple refreshments like cookies and iced tea and an activity where residents can get to know each other. Need extra tables and chairs? White Knight Party Rentals has just what you need!

Know the Rules

If your party is planned for the community center or another common area in the neighborhood, find out what the rules are for such a party. There may be a noise ordinance or a no adult beverage rule. We wouldn’t want you to get in trouble for a fun event! Once you know the guidelines, the options are endless.

  • Rent a movie screen and PA system to host a movie night!
  • Play card games like canasta or poker.
  • Host a potluck and ask each person/couple to bring food popular from their home state.

It’s a great way to get to know each other!

Dance Party

If you figure out there are a lot of active people in your retirement community, host a dance party! Rent a DJ and dance floor and dance the night away with your new friends. Take requests from each popular decade. Ask who has been married the longest and give them a prize and round of applause. Crown a King and Queen of the Prom!

Get creative when it comes to party planning in your community, have fun, and call White Knight Party Rentals for all your party needs!

You Light Up My Life

Valentine’s Day means celebrating your love for the special people in your life but it doesn’t just have to be on February 14th! At White Knight Party Rentals, we make it easy to celebrate the most important family and friends throughout the year. Tell them, “You light up my life,” with these amazing party ideas.

Patio Lighting

Have you been to a backyard party that’s too dark after sunset? You can hardly see to pour a drink, fill your plate, or dance with your honey. It makes for an awkward evening of asking where people are, lighting cell phones so Grandma can get back to the house, and worrying that kids aren’t where they’re supposed to be. Without proper patio lighting, your party can end before it begins!

Don’t let bad lighting stop your springtime party in Phoenix! It’s the perfect time of year to be outside so make sure your yard is lit properly with these lighting options from White Knight Party Rentals. Planning a party at a larger venue? We’ve got options for you!

Wedding Reception

When I got married last year, we searched Phoenix and Mesa wedding venues for the spot with the perfect post-sunset twinkle. We chose our location after seeing the bistro string lighting lit up for another event. The soft lighting made it easy for guests to navigate the outdoor venue, perfectly lit our first dance as husband and wife, and made it fun to party the night away. For us, it wasn’t just about the wedding dress and food, it was about creating the ambiance to make the night extra special.

The Experience

Whether it’s a wedding, graduation party, or just to celebrate being friends, lighting can make or break your event. The wrong lighting means people aren’t sure where to find the basics like food, drink, and restrooms. The right lighting creates the atmosphere for anything from a casual gathering to an all-nighter. Check with your homeowners association to understand what is allowable in residential areas.

Whatever the celebration, up lighting, lighted centerpieces, floating candles in the pool, spotlights, and dance lights each create a different experience for you and your guests at weddings, private parties, corporate events, special celebrations, fundraisers, or concerts.

Contact White Knight Party Rentals to learn how we can light up your life and your next event!

Spring into Summer with these Birthday Party Ideas

The weather is still cool enough, at least for the next few weeks, to host a party in your Phoenix yard, local park, or community center. We’re happy to see temperatures aren’t staying in the 90’s and we’re getting a reprieve before summer really starts! Before it gets too hot, host a birthday party for a special someone.

Before you max out your credit card, create a party budget.

When I was in my twenties I was friends with a couple who threw parties nearly every weekend for any reason. His real estate business was booming so it seemed like there was an unending supply of money.

There didn’t seem to be thought given to how much they were spending or if they could re-use items they bought for previous parties. They picked a date, invited friends, filled coolers with kid and adult-friendly beverages, hired caterers, and partied like they were Kardashians.

When the real estate market crashed, the parties stopped. The lesson? Don’t live beyond my means and always have a budget.

No matter if you’re hosting a birthday dinner party for family or hosting a neighborhood block party complete with a high wire act, you need to know how much you can spend. Once you know, you can begin to research party rental items like bounce houses and movie screens.

Even if it’s a kids’ party, make it adult-friendly.

Where my friends had it right was in making sure there were activities, food, and drink for kids and adults. Just because we have kids or love your kids as our own doesn’t mean we want to talk pre-schools and diaper changing all night. We don’t all want to play pin the tail on the donkey and let’s face it, even if we do, we might enjoy it more with an adult beverage in hand.

Take it from the team at White Knight Party Rentals when we say renting a bar and hiring a licensed bartender could be the best money you spend at your springtime birthday party. Kids party or not, the grown-ups will thank you!

The next time you’re planning a party, think White Knight Party Rentals. We look forward to helping you celebrate the milestones of life.

Here Comes the Bride! Tips for Creating a Dream Wedding on a Budget

We’ve met a lot of engaged couples looking for DIY ideas for their upcoming wedding. They’re looking for tables and chairs, dance floors and bar rental, lighting, and linens. White Knight Party Rentals offers something for everyone, on any budget. Give us a call when you’re ready to say, “Here comes the bride,” and we are here to help make your day special.

Tips for creating a dream wedding on a budget

When you think about your wedding day, think about what’s most important to you and your soon-to-be spouse. Music, ambiance, and intimate setting were my top wedding picks. We wanted an event that represented us and we’re not super fancy people. We simply wanted a fun day where we celebrated our love with the people who meant the most to us. We ended up choosing a venue that offered the ambiance and services that we wanted and could afford.

Along the way, we learned:

  • Seasonal flowers are likely cheaper than imported or off-season choices.
  • Understand what’s included in all-inclusive. We visited an expensive venue and the all-inclusive price didn’t include the bar.
  • Second hand wedding dresses are available at consignment and specialty shops and can save you thousands.
  • Substitute your own vendors if they’re cheaper than the venue is offering and bring in extras like patio heaters or screens for a slideshow.

Before searching for your fairytale venue, talk to your fiancé about what they’d like and what your budget is. Whether you’re planning your entire wedding or just need an aisle runner, it’s important to know how much you can spend. The budget may be the deciding factor in the type of venue you select and how many people you invite. Because we knew we wanted an intimate wedding, we chose a small venue and had a small-ish wedding of 75 people.

Our original guest list was 250 people but we didn’t have that kind of budget so we had tough decisions to make when it came time to send invitations. No matter what happens, your loved ones will still love you, even if they might be upset they weren’t on the invite list.

Keep in mind that your wedding doesn’t need to be fancy and expensive to be memorable.

Contact us to learn more about what we offer for weddings and other events!

Host a Foam Party for Your Graduate

Looking for a unique theme for your graduate? Have you thought about hosting a foam party for family and friends? All you need is a soap-friendly area like a dance floor or an outdoor venue. While Grandma and Grandpa might not participate, you can save the foam machine for later when the graduate and their friends are partying well into the night.

What is a foam party?

Not all that different than a regular party, a foam party can, and in many cases does, include a venue, theme, music, food, drinks, and dancing. Instead of dancing on regular ol’ dance floor, rent a foam machine for the older kids to dance and the younger ones to play. Whether you’re having the party at your house, a public park, or other venue, we ask that you make sure it’s okay to add foam. Everything, especially the guests, will be covered in soapy bubbles.

Is foam safe?

We can’t speak for other vendors but we can tell you that our foam is a 100% safe, biodegradable solution that won’t irritate eyes and skin. The grass won’t be damaged and it’s easy to spray down with water or allow time to dissolve.

Why host a foam party for your graduate?

You’ve always wanted to be the cool parent. We know you have because we want to be them too! You know who we’re talking about. They’re the parents who give their kid a car for their 16th birthday or $100 for straight A’s while you and your spouse are working overtime just to make ends meet. Now is the time to celebrate the hard work you and your student have put in over the years. Let loose and have fun!

Create an event they (and their friends) will never forget when you rent a foam machine and hire a DJ for a graduation party even the cool parents will envy!

Remind guests…

  • Use paper plates and cups. We don’t want broken glass causing injuries.
  • Wear shoes in the foamy areas especially.
  • No sliding or skidding. You might hit something that’s hidden by the bubbles.
  • Remove cell phones and devices from pockets.

Ready for a foam party for your graduate?

Our $299 rental includes two hours of playtime, set-up, and teardown. We deliver to Phoenix, Glendale, Scottsdale and Tempe is $20. Other city delivery charges can be found on the White Knight Party Rentals website. Need the machine for longer? Purchase additional rental hours for $100 per hour. Contact us today!

10 Quick Tips About Photo Booth Rental

Want to make your party memorable for you and your guests? You need to rent a photo booth! At White Knight Party Rentals, it is our goal to give you the tools you need to create an amazing experience at your special event. From birthdays and anniversaries to graduations and retirement parties, we’re here to serve!

Let’s start with our quick tips about photo booth rental. 

  1. Ask what the rental includes. Our rental includes an interactive attendant, memory card of all photos taken, online gallery for you and guests, unlimited 2×6 photos. That means everyone gets a copy and you have online access to print photos for a scrapbook or photo album. Details for photo booth rental.
  2. Props and costumes. Who doesn’t love a giant clock necklace a la Flava Flav for your friend’s 40th birthday party? Or Class of 2017 decorations and costumes for your son’s graduation party? It makes it more fun when your guests have party-themed props for their experience!
  3. Instructions. Even with our attendant, it can be overwhelming for first-timers to figure out what to do once they get into the booth. We like to provide easy to follow directions so you can stay focused on the fun! Decide if you want to keep the props or if guests can take them after their session.
  4. Scrapbook pages. Ask guests to glue or tape a copy of their photos on a scrapbook page and add a message about the special event. Not only will they have a keepsake of their own photo strip but you will too!
  5. #hashtag. Provide the event hashtag for guests to use on their social media posts, especially when they’re all dressed up and ready for their photo booth experience!
  6. Backdrop. If you’re opting for a DIY photo station, provide a backdrop where your friends and family to pose. It can be the company logo, college mascot, or themed to the special day.
  7. Smile! We think it would be logical to bring a smile and sense of adventure but some people get stage fright when they get in front of the camera. Remind guests it’s just for fun and to have a good time.
  8. Location. If possible, we like to have the booth set up near where people will be gathering like the dance floor. Catch them while they’re having fun and not on their way out the door for the night.
  9. Timing. Are you having a booth at your wedding? Open it up for business as soon as cocktail hour starts and people are having a good time.
  10. Make it fun! Encourage guests to choose props and hop in the photo booth as soon as they’re in the mood. If they’re hesitant, you try it first.

We hope these tips are useful. We love helping you make your Phoenix parties fun and memorable and cannot wait to see your photos!

We’re more than tables and chair rentals!


Planning a party? We’ve got everything you need! From tables and chairs to dance floors and photo booths, we’re here to help you make your birthday, graduation, quinceanera, or retirement party special for your friends and family.

When the music stops, grab any chair you can find. 

I recently attended a birthday party and the host was worried there wouldn’t be enough chairs. She was right. People were balancing food and drinks as they were standing and attempting to interact with each other. Then they started eating in shifts – feed the kids, then send the kids to play, and then the adults grab the kids’ spot…. It felt (and looked) like a game of musical chairs!

Don’t let that happen to you!

The hostess could have rented tables and chairs from White Knight so guests could have a better experience. Rates start at less than $10 per table and less than $3 per chair.

Grab your partner and head to the dance floor. 

If your guests are comfortable sitting, talking, and eating, it’s time to get them up and out to the dance floor! Our LED dance floors provide a lighted flat surface for guests of all ages to dance the night away. There are over 16 million colors and with only a 1.25” height, it’s also the safest dance floor available. Load up the iPod with the honored guests’ favorite music and get the party started!

Say Cheeeeese!

 Taking a break from dancing? Grab a feather boa and head on over to the photo booth! We had one at our wedding and guests left a copy of their photo strip in a scrapbook along with a message for us. It’s great to look back and see all the fun we and our friends and family had at our wedding.

The White Knight rental includes a live attendant, set up, tear down, and two hours of playtime. Additional time may be purchased prior to the event. Need more information? Here’s a blog post we wrote all about photo booth rental. 

We’re not just tables and chairs – which we have for you to rent — we’re also your go-to location for creating a unique event for family and friends that includes a dance floor, photo booth and more. We look forward to helping you create a memorable event this summer!


Gender Reveal Party Ideas

I have a few friends due to have their babies in the coming months so I’ve been seeing a lot of gender reveal parties on my social media feeds. That got me thinking about how White Knight Party Rentals could make their day extra special and simple to plan!

Please be seated.

Save yourself and your party planner the stress of rounding up tables and chairs from friends and family across the valley (and the co-ordination of returning all of it) when you call us for your table and chair rentals, linens, and tableware. Choose from a variety of colors and styles based on your party theme. Looking for the perfect turquoise table charger to add a splash of color? We’ve got it…and more!

Pink or Blue? 

Ask guests to wear the color of their gender guess for your new bundle of joy. It will get everyone talking about whether they think the stork is delivering a bouncing baby boy or darling daughter. My favorite is when couples arrive and one has guessed boy and the other girl. I know my husband and I have friendly wagers with each other and our friends when it comes to guessing the gender of friends’ babies.

Pick one.

After they’ve made their official guess by wearing pink or blue, give them a balloon to match their guess. It makes for a great photo opportunity once the gender is revealed! Not sure where to get helium? We’ve got you covered with our helium tanks that you can rent at a rate of $175 for medium that fills 200 balloons or $225 for large that fills 400 balloons. Please note there is a delivery charge of $40 for delivery to Phoenix, Glendale, Scottsdale and Tempe but you can pick up at our warehouse at 29th Ave and McDowell.

Your next gender reveal party doesn’t need to be complicated. It needs to be simple and fun.

White Knight Party Rentals has what you need to make the new mom and dad feel special while also making guests feel comfortable. Everyone can sit back, relax, and not worry about how they’ll get their folding table and chairs into their compact car!

Back to School Fun – Fundraiser Ideas for Schools

As our Phoenix kids head back to school, the team at White Knight Party Rentals is gearing up for fun including these fundraiser ideas. We know schools could use a boost and teachers can always use a hand raising money for the extras that aren’t always provided. Let’s talk about creating a culture of fun while fundraising for your school.

Dine & Donate

Chain and family-owned restaurants across the valley offer dine and donate nights. You’ve got to get on their calendar early so make the request now. Before signing off on the event, find out the details so you can coach your families to success.

What percentage of sales are donated?
What kind of marketing does the restaurant provide for the event? They may have sample social media posts and graphics that you simply copy/paste.
What type of marketing (social media, letters, flyers, etc.) can the school and parents do?
How do families promote on the day of the event? It’s unlikely that you will be allowed to hand out flyers at the door but you can pass them out at school.
Before signing on the dotted line, ask parents if they own restaurants where you can host events.

Movie Night

Parents need a night out and a safe place for their kids. Why not plan a movie night complete with dinner and a movie for mom and dad and babysitting and activities for the kids? Parents buy tickets for dinner and a movie to support the school. Older kids and adults provide babysitting and activities for the kids while the parents have dinner and watch a movie.

The family that owns a restaurant? Ask them to donate the meal or dessert in exchange for recognition at the event, in newsletters, and on social media.

As for the movie, White Knight Party Rentals offers outdoor movie screen rental that includes a pro-sound system and blu-ray or DVD player and a high quality projector.

Direct Sales & Raffle Baskets

Are you bombarded by parents with direct sales businesses? It’s time to stop saying NO and start saying YES when they ask how they can get in front of families at the school. Ask them to create a basket of goodies related to their business and centered on families that the school can raffle at a variety of fundraising events including dine and donate and movie night.

Mom’s at-home Spa Day complete with mud mask and detoxifying foot bath.
Bedazzle Basket that includes a necklace, bracelet, and earrings for mom’s night on the town.
Golf Day for Dad that includes a round of golf and lunch afterwards.
Get creative and have fun with your back to school fundraiser ideas for schools! We can’t wait to hear your ideas and support your school.