The Best Bounce House in the West

So it’s time to plan a party and you’re wondering how to create an event that everyone will love. What do you do? Of course, whether your party is for children or adults, you have to consider adding a bounce house to the festivities. And do you know where to rent a bounce house? That’s right, none other than your favorite Phoenix party rental company, White Knight Party Rentals!

Why Rent a Bounce House?
Bounce houses have become a staple at many parties for one very important reason: they’re a ton of fun! Kids of all ages enjoy bouncing in them. They’re perfect for your smallest guests (as long as they can walk steadily) all the way up to adults. And if you add different components, such as a slide or obstacle course, they become that much more fun and engaging. They also add some much-needed shade during the hot summer months, a great bonus!

Are Bounce Houses Safe?
There’s been a lot of talk in the media lately about children being hurt in bounce houses. If you know where to rent a bounce house, you’ll choose a reputable company that professionally secures the bounce house to the ground. The incidents that are reported are due to the fact that the houses have not been secured, and when high winds kick in, they go flying. Bounce houses are exceptionally safe when used properly and children are supervised so that there aren’t too many jumping at one time. Just use common sense and be sure to limit the amount of people and keep a close eye on the little ones so they don’t fall and get jumped on.

Round Out Your Party
In the heat of summer, a bounce house is nice, but it’s probably not the only thing you’ll provide for entertainment. This time of year, a nearby pool, waterslides, and even an inflatable movie screen for guests to watch while in the cool water of the pool are great additions to make the party that much more memorable. And be sure you have enough tables, chairs, linens, and balloons to bring the party area to life.

Remember that you’ll need plenty of room for your bounce house, so make sure you have a good-sized backyard or are moving the festivities to a nearby park. You could also place sprinklers near the entrance / exit to run through on the way out of the bounce house. Really, you’re only limited by your imagination when it comes to creating an awesome event that includes a bounce house.

So if you’re wondering where to rent a bounce house, look no farther than White Knight Party Rentals. Our team members will deliver and secure your bounce house before your guests arrive and then take it down and haul it away after the party ends. You couldn’t ask for an easier way to put smiles on everyone’s face at your next gathering of friends and family. Call White Knight Party Rentals at 602-277-2789 now to rent a bounce house that will keep all of your guests busy!

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