Why You Need a Party Rental Company on Speed Dial

‘Tis the season for parties. No matter what you’re celebrating this December, the likelihood is that you’ll either be planning or attending a bevvy of parties as the year comes to an end. And let’s face it: hosting a party can be a big headache. There’s all of that planning, which often includes buying a bunch of things you’ll only need once a year or less. Then you have to make the guest list, figure out what to feed everyone, and ensure that all of your guests have a good time. Well, we have one suggestion that will help you create a fun environment and ease some of that stress: Put a party rental company on speed dial.

Set the Tone
Let’s start with the big stuff, like canopies and tents, inflatable outdoor movie screens, and bounce houses. These are unlikely to be things you have stored in your garage, and purchasing them can set you back a pretty penny. A party rental company will have all of these big items available for rental for a nominal fee. And what’s even better is that they will deliver, setup, and take down all of these big party necessities for you. All you need to do is call and let the party rental company know when you need everything.

Incidentals Shouldn’t Be Accidental
There’s so much more to hosting a great party than just having a place in which to hold it. You need chairs and tables, temperature regulators (aka fans or heaters), a PA system to rock the tunes, and lighting to keep the party going into the wee hours. While you may have extra chairs and tables in the garage, do you have the lights, patio heaters, and table linens you’ll need? If you host parties on a regular basis, it might make sense to purchase these smaller items, but if you only invite people over once a year or so, that’s a large investment. Instead, you can trust a party rental company to have your back when you need them.

Party Rental Companies Can Help with Planning
In addition to having the hard goods you need to make your party a success, the employees at a party rental company have seen it all. They can provide support on when and where to host a successful party, as well as the essentials you’ll need for it to go off without a hitch. When you call to ask questions, they’ll have answers. What colors go together? How many tents do I need? What if it rains? Nothing is too big or small of a question for them to help.

So grab your phone and program 602-277-2789 into it right now. The party planners at White Knight Party Rentals have everything you need to ensure you are the star of any events you’re planning this holiday season and the rest of the year. Whether you just have a simple question or need to reserve items for a 500-person gala, we can help you. And we’ll make it all go smoothly so you have fun too!

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