Keep your Phoenix Kids Entertained this Summer!

There’s almost nothing worse than kids who are bored over summer break! In the record breaking heat of Phoenix, you can either stay in the air conditioning all day or venture out early to where there’s fun. Stay cool and keep the kids entertained with these ideas.

Mulligan! Before you go crazy on summer spending, check out deals on sites like Groupon. My husband took our three teenage sons for a round of golf at Freedom Golf Course in Mesa. Using a Groupon deal, they were able to play for 56% off the regular price. They also offer golf summer camp for kids. The course is closed Mondays and Tuesdays.

Other Groupon deals include hotel stays for in-town vacations, restaurants, and back to school items.

Get wet! Want to keep the kids busy and cool? Check out water parks like Golfland Sunsplash in Mesa for deals when you use a coupon or buy tickets online. Ask if they offer a summer pass if you’re planning to go more than once. Golfland Sunsplash offers pizza and other food at reasonable-ish prices so plan to make a day of it!

If you’re not into water parks or want to stick closer to home, visit your community pool. You might want to pack water, sports drinks, snacks, sunscreen, and towels but you won’t have to drive far and there won’t be wet kids tracking through your house.

Rent a water slide! Not sure if your family needs an interactive water feature? Rent a water slide for a day from White Knight Party Rentals! We offer a variety of themed slides that may include the soaker hose depending on the model you choose. Delivery to Phoenix, Glendale, Scottsdale and Temp.

We offer will-call/customer pick-up on most items as well to save money on your order – pickup from our conveniently located warehouse at 29th st. and Washington St.

We’d love to hear your ideas for keeping cool and having fun this summer! Comment below and see you soon for all your party needs!

Why You Need a Party Rental Company on Speed Dial

‘Tis the season for parties. No matter what you’re celebrating this December, the likelihood is that you’ll either be planning or attending a bevvy of parties as the year comes to an end. And let’s face it: hosting a party can be a big headache. There’s all of that planning, which often includes buying a bunch of things you’ll only need once a year or less. Then you have to make the guest list, figure out what to feed everyone, and ensure that all of your guests have a good time. Well, we have one suggestion that will help you create a fun environment and ease some of that stress: Put a party rental company on speed dial.

Set the Tone
Let’s start with the big stuff, like canopies and tents, inflatable outdoor movie screens, and bounce houses. These are unlikely to be things you have stored in your garage, and purchasing them can set you back a pretty penny. A party rental company will have all of these big items available for rental for a nominal fee. And what’s even better is that they will deliver, setup, and take down all of these big party necessities for you. All you need to do is call and let the party rental company know when you need everything.

Incidentals Shouldn’t Be Accidental
There’s so much more to hosting a great party than just having a place in which to hold it. You need chairs and tables, temperature regulators (aka fans or heaters), a PA system to rock the tunes, and lighting to keep the party going into the wee hours. While you may have extra chairs and tables in the garage, do you have the lights, patio heaters, and table linens you’ll need? If you host parties on a regular basis, it might make sense to purchase these smaller items, but if you only invite people over once a year or so, that’s a large investment. Instead, you can trust a party rental company to have your back when you need them.

Party Rental Companies Can Help with Planning
In addition to having the hard goods you need to make your party a success, the employees at a party rental company have seen it all. They can provide support on when and where to host a successful party, as well as the essentials you’ll need for it to go off without a hitch. When you call to ask questions, they’ll have answers. What colors go together? How many tents do I need? What if it rains? Nothing is too big or small of a question for them to help.

So grab your phone and program 602-277-2789 into it right now. The party planners at White Knight Party Rentals have everything you need to ensure you are the star of any events you’re planning this holiday season and the rest of the year. Whether you just have a simple question or need to reserve items for a 500-person gala, we can help you. And we’ll make it all go smoothly so you have fun too!

Phoenix Water Slides Keep Residents Cool

Now that the temperature is forecast to surpass 110ºF, it’s hard to argue the fact that it’s hot. Even if you love the higher temperatures, it’s definitely pretty uncomfortable to be outside for too long. That is, unless you are in the water. When you add water to 100ºF+ heat, you have a recipe for some cool fun. And Phoenix water slides are the best, most fun way to add some cool water to your hot afternoon.

Not Your Average Water Slide
Remember when you were a kid and your mom put out the Slip ‘n Slide in the backyard? She’d hook up the water hose, and you’d play until the nearby grass was so swishy that you could barely stay upright anywhere near the area.

But things have changed.

These days, instead of just a sheet of plastic with water running across it, water slides have gone high-tech. They now incorporate obstacle courses, bounce houses, and a lot more fun than they did back in the ‘70s. Now, you can get water slide inflatable rentals, a fun ride that sits comfortably in your backyard or park awaiting happy kids of all ages.

Why Upgrade Your Phoenix Water Slides?
There’s no rule that you can’t just stick with a Slip ‘n Slide or even a sprinkler in the backyard to keep cool this summer. That could be the perfect option for a standard Tuesday afternoon. But what about the times when you have friends or neighbors over at the house? If you have a backyard big enough for a bounce house, you have a backyard big enough for a Phoenix water slide! And if you have a pool, get bonus points for sending your water slide into the pool after the kids have enjoyed the obstacles and climbing.

One of the best things about these water slides is their versatility. Did you know that you can use them both wet and dry? During the summer, it definitely makes more sense to turn on the water for a cool, refreshing slide. But during cooler months, everyone can have just as much fun without the wet.

Make Your Event Even More Fun
So you’ve decided that a Phoenix water slide will make the perfect addition to your next summer party. But why stop there? You can add other fun summertime party rentals to your list. How about a dunking booth or a snow cone machine? An inflatable movie screen is the perfect activity after a day of splashing and sliding; have guests pull up a seat in the pool and watch an outside movie under the stars. And of course, a bounce house is always a fun time, no matter what the weather is like.

If you’re looking for the perfect party rental for your next get together or event — especially if it’s a Phoenix water slide! — trust the party professionals at White Knight Party Rentals. Contact us at 602-277-2789 to get started.

Just Add Water … Slides

A summer party in Phoenix is much more bearable — and fun! — when water is involved. Open the pool, bring out the chips, dip, and beverages, and you have an instant party. But what if you up that idea and add more than water? What if you add a blow-up water slide to your summer party? You’re nearly guaranteed to increase the fun.

No Pool Required
Perhaps one of the best things about water slide rentals is that you don’t have to have a pool to add them to the party. While you certainly could run the slide into the pool, or even next to it, it can be blown up and set in the middle of a yard or park. All that’s really required is a water source, and for some slides, water is actually optional — although who wouldn’t want it on a hot summer day?

Easy Assembly
Do you remember Slip N Slides? Today’s blow-up water slides combine the fun and wetness of those with the excitement of a bounce house. Made from durable soft plastic, they are inflated on site and then deflated just as easily when the party ends. And if you rent from a quality company, you have nothing to do other than have fun. The water slide will be delivered and inflated and then retrieved later. You choose the location and point out the water source; the rental company does the rest. You couldn’t ask for an easier option.

Cool and Refreshing
Thankfully, with the low humidity in the Phoenix desert, once you get a little wet, it doesn’t feel nearly as hot, even if it’s 110ºF. That’s the benefit of a blow-up water slide: the continuously running water keeps the slide cool and slick, getting riders just wet enough on each slide. And of course, if you have riders land in a waiting pool, that extra splash will definitely cool them off!

Fun for All Ages
Just like bounce houses can accommodate toddlers to adults, the same holds true for water slides. No matter what your party is for or how old your guests are, the fun is the same for everyone. Put younger kids on with an adult or have parents ready to catch the kids when they slide into the pool, and you’re ready to go. Even for an all-adult party, a blow-up water slide adds a level of fun they may not have expected from a typical pool party. And if you don’t have a pool, you’ve just added a cool water option. You just can’t go wrong with a water slide rental.

Are you ready to increase the excitement at your next party? AZ Party Zone has a variety of water slide rentals available that are sure to put a smile on guests’ faces. Jumping, sliding, and splashing are just a phone call away! Check out our inventory now.

Boost Your Party with a Theme

If you’re planning to have a few friends over Saturday night, it’s easy enough to turn on the radio, open some bottles of wine, and put out chips and dips. Likely, if you have the right mix of guests, you’ll end up with a pretty nice gathering. But if you really want to knock your friends’ socks off, create a theme and turn your party into an event.

Choose Your Theme
You theme should take into consideration components such as the age of the attendees, the season, time of day, and what you’d like the party to address. For instance…

You could have a spring party that’s outside and is centered around a large picnic.
Holidays are easy since there are built-in themes associated with Halloween, Thanksgiving, or Christmas. Food is always a great central focus, but you can add to the excitement with costumes or by pulling in traditions from around the world.
An awards show party could mean a black-tie soiree complete with champagne, petit fours, and a red carpet.
A birthday party is easily tied to the birthday person’s age (‘80s party for an eight-year-old or over-the-hill theme for a friend turning 50?) or his or her favorite thing (Skylanders, superheroes, or American Girl?).
Build from the Ground Up
Once you have a theme chosen, start to plan all of the aspects of the party you want to support the theme. Consider music, food, colors, activities, and food. If it’s a birthday party, the cake should tie into the theme, and remember goody bags and decorations that keep your guests thinking about your party long after they’ve left.

Be sure that your invitations let everyone know what to expect and how they can play a part in the festivities. Some people get confused by the parameters of a theme, so make it easy for them by giving them limited options. If you’re hosting a Thai-themed night and you want guests to bring a dish to share, give them some websites or books with recipes; better yet, give them the names and numbers of local Thai restaurants!

Go Big or Go … Small
How involved you want to be with your party theme is completely up to you. Perhaps you’ll choose to really go over the top and speak with a British accent during your Anglophile party. Or maybe you’ll just have red and white decorations with heart-shaped cookies for a Valentine’s Day party.

Remember that themed parties can be fun for partygoers of all ages, as well as for all types of parties. Sure, it’s easy to make a kid’s party be themed around the toy favorite this month, but have you thought about a themed wedding? Think about it: most weddings are definitely themed around color and feel (afternoon, evening), but they can also have a bigger theme, if you so desire.

Whatever you choose for your party theme — all well as how pervasive the theme is — is completely fine. When planning and considering a theme, always remember to keep your audience in mind. If you choose a theme with a pretty niche audience, you may find yourself with more no responses than yes. For instance, while your favorite show may be Doctor Who, how many of your friends even know what the show is about, much less have a sonic screwdriver at home to bring to the party? Costume parties can also scare off certain attendees. But if you have the right mix of people who will come and play along, go for it!

Save Money by Renting
You probably don’t have everything you need to create an over-the-top themed event, so remember that you can rent many of the items that will make your party a winner, such as tables, chairs, linens, and decorations. AZ Party Zone has a complete selection of items that will help to support your theme and make your party a huge success. Seriously, who wouldn’t want to attend a party to be surprised by a bounce house out back (yes, even the adults like to jump around)? Call 602-277-2789 to make your reservations now and get ready to have an amazing event!

Back to School Fun – Fundraiser Ideas for Schools

As our Phoenix kids head back to school, the team at White Knight Party Rentals is gearing up for fun including these fundraiser ideas. We know schools could use a boost and teachers can always use a hand raising money for the extras that aren’t always provided. Let’s talk about creating a culture of fun while fundraising for your school.

Dine & Donate

Chain and family-owned restaurants across the valley offer dine and donate nights. You’ve got to get on their calendar early so make the request now. Before signing off on the event, find out the details so you can coach your families to success.

What percentage of sales are donated?
What kind of marketing does the restaurant provide for the event? They may have sample social media posts and graphics that you simply copy/paste.
What type of marketing (social media, letters, flyers, etc.) can the school and parents do?
How do families promote on the day of the event? It’s unlikely that you will be allowed to hand out flyers at the door but you can pass them out at school.
Before signing on the dotted line, ask parents if they own restaurants where you can host events.

Movie Night

Parents need a night out and a safe place for their kids. Why not plan a movie night complete with dinner and a movie for mom and dad and babysitting and activities for the kids? Parents buy tickets for dinner and a movie to support the school. Older kids and adults provide babysitting and activities for the kids while the parents have dinner and watch a movie.

The family that owns a restaurant? Ask them to donate the meal or dessert in exchange for recognition at the event, in newsletters, and on social media.

As for the movie, White Knight Party Rentals offers outdoor movie screen rental that includes a pro-sound system and blu-ray or DVD player and a high quality projector.

Direct Sales & Raffle Baskets

Are you bombarded by parents with direct sales businesses? It’s time to stop saying NO and start saying YES when they ask how they can get in front of families at the school. Ask them to create a basket of goodies related to their business and centered on families that the school can raffle at a variety of fundraising events including dine and donate and movie night.

Mom’s at-home Spa Day complete with mud mask and detoxifying foot bath.
Bedazzle Basket that includes a necklace, bracelet, and earrings for mom’s night on the town.
Golf Day for Dad that includes a round of golf and lunch afterwards.
Get creative and have fun with your back to school fundraiser ideas for schools! We can’t wait to hear your ideas and support your school.