Just Add Water … Slides

A summer party in Phoenix is much more bearable — and fun! — when water is involved. Open the pool, bring out the chips, dip, and beverages, and you have an instant party. But what if you up that idea and add more than water? What if you add a blow-up water slide to your summer party? You’re nearly guaranteed to increase the fun.

No Pool Required
Perhaps one of the best things about water slide rentals is that you don’t have to have a pool to add them to the party. While you certainly could run the slide into the pool, or even next to it, it can be blown up and set in the middle of a yard or park. All that’s really required is a water source, and for some slides, water is actually optional — although who wouldn’t want it on a hot summer day?

Easy Assembly
Do you remember Slip N Slides? Today’s blow-up water slides combine the fun and wetness of those with the excitement of a bounce house. Made from durable soft plastic, they are inflated on site and then deflated just as easily when the party ends. And if you rent from a quality company, you have nothing to do other than have fun. The water slide will be delivered and inflated and then retrieved later. You choose the location and point out the water source; the rental company does the rest. You couldn’t ask for an easier option.

Cool and Refreshing
Thankfully, with the low humidity in the Phoenix desert, once you get a little wet, it doesn’t feel nearly as hot, even if it’s 110ºF. That’s the benefit of a blow-up water slide: the continuously running water keeps the slide cool and slick, getting riders just wet enough on each slide. And of course, if you have riders land in a waiting pool, that extra splash will definitely cool them off!

Fun for All Ages
Just like bounce houses can accommodate toddlers to adults, the same holds true for water slides. No matter what your party is for or how old your guests are, the fun is the same for everyone. Put younger kids on with an adult or have parents ready to catch the kids when they slide into the pool, and you’re ready to go. Even for an all-adult party, a blow-up water slide adds a level of fun they may not have expected from a typical pool party. And if you don’t have a pool, you’ve just added a cool water option. You just can’t go wrong with a water slide rental.

Are you ready to increase the excitement at your next party? AZ Party Zone has a variety of water slide rentals available that are sure to put a smile on guests’ faces. Jumping, sliding, and splashing are just a phone call away! Check out our inventory now.

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