Spring break is coming soon!

How many times do your kids tell you they’re bored while on spring break? Probably a lot. At White Knight Party Rentals, we provide solutions for spring break boredom so it never happens again. Before it gets too hot, gather for parties with friends and family filled with fun, games, and movie night right in your own backyard.

Game Night Potluck. No one likes to cook or entertain every night, especially when the kids are home over spring break. Make it a community effort. Invite friends from school, church, and afterschool activities for game night potluck. Ask each family to bring a dish and a game to share with everyone. Get the kids set up with their favorite card or board game while the adults sit back for some much-needed adult conversation.

Not ready to host a party? Have a family game night and spend valuable, low cost time with your kids, away from the television, video games, and mobile devices.

Ask the Kids. Stop the complaining about nothing to do and ask the kids to make a list of what they want to do over spring break. Go to the library and get books to read, play games, do puzzles, ride bikes, go to the park, draw or paint, and visit grandparents are just a few of the ideas we had. Give them a box of supplies like pencils, pens, markers, coloring books, and paper.

Let them get creative and see where their mind goes.

Just tasking them with coming up with the list is a project that will take some time!

Neighborhood Movie Night. Don’t sit in a crowded theatre with 100 strangers when you can host movie night in your own Phoenix neighborhood! Invite the neighbors and rent an inflatable movie screen from White Knight Party Rentals and get the party started! Add bounce houses to make it a full afternoon and evening of fun for the whole family!

Put an end to spring break boredom and spend time outside before it gets too hot in Phoenix!

Contact Us at White Knight Party Rentals today to get started!

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