Phoenix Movie Screen Rentals: Host Your Own Dive-in Movie!

During the summers in Phoenix, one of the best places to be is in the pool. But even the pool has its limits for fun when you’re just splashing around or enjoying libations. With the right tools, though, you can extend your daytime fun in the sun into evening fun in the pool with Phoenix movie screen rentals. Pop up a screen, turn on the DVD player, and you have an instant dive-in movie.

Why Dive-in Movies Rock
Although there aren’t that many around these days, some of us remember going to the drive-in theater when we were kids. And wasn’t that the best way to see a movie? Now, instead of seeing how many friends you can fit in the car (and trunk), you can pile people in the pool for a poolside movie. Phoenix movie screen rentals are inflatable, so they’re ready to go in a matter of minutes. Then you just need to set up the projector and DVD player—and start watching! Most people will connect the DVD player, but you have plenty of other options as well. Cable box, Apple TV or Roku, laptop, iPad, or even a gaming system; all are perfect to use at your poolside event.

And as opposed to being cramped in a hot car or sitting outside at the drive-in with a bunch of strangers, your dive-in movie theater is yours to control. Drink, eat, swim around, or just sit next to the pool to enjoy the festivities. There’s an air of pure relaxation when the pool acts as your backdrop for that blockbuster or big game. And seating is so inexpensive! Just stock up on pool noodles and floats, and everyone will be happy.

Perfect for All Ages
No matter who’s at the party, dive-in movies are the perfect entertainment. Family-friendly movies, a girls’ night in, your favorite sports championship, or a marathon gaming session are all great reasons for Phoenix movie screen rentals. All you need is for the sun to go down, and you’re ready to go. The best part is that everyone is open to do his or her own thing. If someone wants to do some laps while watching, just relax on a raft, or step over to the buffet for a little more to eat, no one will be bothered. And what about intermission? Who says you can’t stop your movie? Hit the pause button midway through to bring out fresh popcorn, a hot pizza, or a cold round of drinks. Anything goes when the party is in your backyard.

Phoenix Movie Screen Rentals Add Life to Your Party
When you’re ready to enhance your next pool party and give guests a reason to stay after the sun goes down, consider adding Phoenix movie screen rentals to your event. The professionals at White Knight Party Rentals will bring over the screen and get everything set up for you, so all you have to do is press play. Contact us to reserve your movie screen and then send out invitations to your dive-in movie!

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