Wedding Linen Rentals for Every Occasion

We’re not sure if you’ve noticed, but while August was horrendously hot and humid, once the calendar turned to September, it started cooling down noticeably. That must be why so many Phoenix engaged couples choose the fall months of September and October for their weddings. If a wedding is happening in your life this fall (or anytime, really), you want to be sure to remember the wedding linen rentals. For what may seem like such a trivial matter at a big, fancy wedding, the right linens can really set the whole mood.

It Starts with Color
Traditionally, weddings are themed events. Obviously, the underlying theme is the love associated with a couple uniting legally in front of their family and friends. But it goes beyond love when a grand reception is involved. There’s a look and feel you want for your wedding, and each reception is a little different. Fall weddings might invoke the colors of the season, such as rich burgundies, deep browns, and vibrant golds. If you’re looking forward to winter, perhaps you’re considering burgundy, Christmas red and green, blue and silver, or snow white.

Color as a theme can follow throughout the look of your party. Bridesmaids’ dresses and bouquets, groomsmen’s cummerbunds and bowties, floral arrangements, and, of course, wedding linen rentals all support the color theme of your big day. How you choose to put your colors together is up to you. Perhaps you’ll use one color for table linens, chair covers, and napkins, another for table overlays. Or incorporate three different colors. No matter how you mix and match colors, you’re sure to make your wedding day uniquely yours.

What About Texture?
Once you have the colors chosen, you then need to determine the type of fabric you’d prefer for your wedding linen rentals. Would you prefer durable polyester? Shimmery satin? Fancy taffeta? You may even decide to use different fabrics for different tables in the reception, based on their usage and what will occur there. Remember that colors often look different depending on the fabric. When working with your wedding linen rentals company in Phoenix, be sure to ask for samples of the linens so you can be sure they fit with the look and feel you desire. It’s better to be sure than to have ill-matching colors set up on the day of your wedding.

Choose Your Consultant Well
Most of us don’t plan to get married multiple times in our lives, so we want that big day to be remembered by all. With that being the case, you shouldn’t trust your wedding linen rentals to just any company or leave them to chance. Instead, choose a rental company with trained consultants who will help you get everything you need. Contact White Knight Party Rentals to speak to one of our specialists.

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