Dunk Tank: Perfect for School Carnivals

Fall means that not only are kids back at school but fun school events are happening. Many schools take advantage of the cooler temperatures to host fund-raisers, such as school carnivals. And since it can still reach the high 90s or low 100s during the late afternoon, a great option to include at your school carnival is a dunk tank.

What is a dunk tank?
No doubt you’ve run across a dunk tank at some point in your life. Simply put, it’s a tank of water, over which a cage sits with a chair inside. When a ball is thrown at the exterior target, it releases the chair, dropping the person who had been sitting there into the water. The tank is approximately four feet deep, so any person taller than four feet will land on his or her feet.

How does a dunk tank fit into a school carnival?
Kids love to feel they have some power over those who are normally in charge. They can achieve that when they are able to throw a ball at a dunk tank target and drop a teacher or even the principal. Adults can sit in shifts of as short as 30 minutes and as long as 2 hours.

In addition to giving the kids a leg up on their teachers—if only for a brief moment—a dunk tank is an excellent fund-raising activity. Schools can charge $2 for three balls, easily turning a profit on the rental fees. And when the most popular teachers and parent volunteers are chosen to take a turn sitting in the dunk tank, you’ll have kids lining up to take their turn.

Is a dunk tank a cost-effective investment for a school carnival?
With rental fees lower than $200 for six hours, a dunk tank rental offers an affordable and fun addition to your school carnival. The party-planning professionals at White Knight Party Rentals will deliver and set up your dunk tank so you’re ready for fun. Then when the carnival ends, they’ll return to clean up and break down the dunk tank. All you need are the volunteers to sit on the chair and collect the money. Participants will be ready to throw and contribute to your successful fund-raiser!

To learn more about how you can add a dunk tank rental to your next Phoenix school fund-raiser, contact White Knight Party Rentals. Our party planners are ready to set you up and help you find all of the other fun activities you need to have a successful event.

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