Phoenix Water Slides: Fun in the Sun

The dry heat is one thing, but when you add in humidity, those 100-degree temperatures feel quite a lot hotter. And of course, the days are much muggier as we rush headlong into the dog days of summer. That makes late summer the perfect time to add Phoenix water slides to your daily routine. You’ll drop the temperature and create a little excitement to these hot, humid days.

Why Phoenix Water Slides Rock
There are a few things you can do on a hot day to keep cool. Staying inside with air conditioning is a good choice, and that’s what many people do. But how much TV can you watch? If getting a little exercise and being outside are more of a draw for you, the pool always beckons. But you can only do so many laps, and it honestly can get a little boring in the pool after a bit.

Phoenix water slides, on the other hand, provide hours of entertainment. Chase each other, try to beat your time, have relays, or just lounge around; anything goes on the slide. And perhaps even better, you’re not fully immersed all the time, as you are in the pool. You get the best of the cool water and the warm air at the same time. No feeling too cold or too hot! You’ll be like Goldilocks basking in the perfect temperature.

Your Phoenix Waters Slides Options
There are so many choices when it comes to choosing your Phoenix water slides. Obstacle courses, multiple slide routes, and character-themed slides are just the tip of the iceberg. There’s even the option to have a bounce house addition so everyone can slide or bounce to their hearts’ content. Some Phoenix water slides have the option of being enjoyed wet or dry. That means on a hot day, you add water, but if it’s a little cooler (maybe at night?), you can keep it dry and still have fun.

When to Add Phoenix Water Slides
You might be wondering when the best time is to add a slide to the party. In actuality, any event—or even a non-event—is a good time for a water slide. Birthday parties, sleepovers, holiday parties, bachelor or bachelorette celebrations, graduation, or even weddings are great times to add a water slide. And even if you don’t have a party planned anytime soon, just your plain-old Tuesday is a great day to add Phoenix water slides to the backyard.

When you’re ready to enhance your day with a water slide, contact the party-planning experts at White Knight Party Rentals. We’ll help you add some real fun, no matter what the occasion.

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