Tent Rentals: Not Just for Camping

Nearly any time of year is a good time for a party. Each month seems to have something special to celebrate, and if you’re like us, you think that the more people you have around, the merrier the celebration is. But sometimes, you need a larger space than you have in your home, and if you have a backyard, a tent rental is the perfect solution to add space and protection from the elements so you can have the merriest party of all!

Too Close for Comfort
For an intimate get-together with half a dozen friends, your home is probably perfect. You won’t even have that much cleanup after the fact with that few people traipsing through the halls. But what if you want to have 20–30 people (or more!) at your home? Perhaps you can’t even fit that many people, and you’re envisioning a living replica of a sardine can in your living room. If, on the other hand, your home is large, you may be able to accommodate everyone inside, but think about the mess they’ll make. And what if your largest room can’t fit everyone? That means you’ll have guests spilling out across your home.

Take It Outside, People
If you have a yard and are able to expand your party to the outdoors, you’ll immediately add more space, likely doubling it or more. But unless it’s a pool party you’re planning, the grass and rocks may be less than welcoming. That’s where a tent rental comes into the picture. With a party tent, you create a dedicated space for your guests, where they feel comfortable to hang out away from the elements. You can set up tables and chairs and create a complete party area that puts everyone in the same room and helps them to mingle.

Up the Ante
When you think of a party tent rental, picture in your head a turn-of-the-century outdoor gathering in Newport, overlooking Narragansett Bay, hobnobbing with the rich and famous. Party tents have long been a way to add a covered area to an outdoor party setting. These tents are perfect for your larger party, but they can be a little bland on their own. Lighting, seating, and decorations will bring the party to life, making it the perfect setting for any season, day or night.

And if you’re concerned about your guests’ comfort, you can add coolers and fans during the summer months or heaters in the winter to ensure partygoers are neither too hot nor too cold. A dance floor and dais put the party front and center, with room for the band or DJ to take stage and guests to strut their stuff. And if you want to keep your guests out of your home entirely, portable facilities in the yard will remedy that issue as well.

Get the Party Started
So if you’re ready to party like Jay Gatsby, it might be time to look in to adding a tent rental to your next large party. AZ Party Zone and White Knight Party Rentals is the place to go for all of your Phoenix party needs, and we can supply the tent, tables, chairs, and everything else to make your party the talk of the season!

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