Are You Ready for Some Football?

If you’re like the majority of Americans, you’re beyond thrilled that regular season football is back in session. From now until February, you will be in good company in front of your television each Sunday, Monday, and Thursday to follow every kick-off, touchdown, and fumble. And with each of those games comes the opportunity for our favorite event, a party! Throw the best party ever with these tips.

Load the Buffet
It seems that the most important component of any good party is the food. So create some fun with a full buffet of goodies. Chips and dips are standard fare, including guacamole and salsa along with both tortilla and potato chips. A quick search on Pinterest will illustrate a variety of fancy ways to showcase food with a football theme, but you don’t have to go crazy with your spread. Instead, focus on good quality, easy-to-eat foods. Small sandwiches, chips, fruits and veggies, and plenty of cold beer and water will go far. It’s a good idea to avoid messy foods, especially if an overzealous fan is eating them!

Ready the Seats
Most football parties have a number of guests rotating in and out between the food and the TV screen, so be sure to have abundant seating. While it would be great if every seat were a La-Z-Boy, good-quality rental seats are a great choice to avoid playing musical chairs and leaving anyone out of the mix. While you’re at it, consider renting tables on which to put out food. There’s no sense having everyone running to the kitchen when they could just go to the side of the living room to refill.

Remember the Kids
These days, everyone gets into the party when sports are involved, so remember that kids might be at the party (if you’re inviting families). And unfortunately for the diehard fans, kids aren’t always glued to the TV during games. So instead of having them underfoot asking, “Can we go home yet?” keep them occupied with their own fun. Bounce house rentals and, in warmer months, inflatable water slides are the perfect choice to keep the kids happy for hours. If the pool is involved, put one of the teenagers in charge in exchange for a few dollars. The little ones will have supervision, and kids of all ages will be happy bouncing away during the game. You may even find some grown-ups joining during half time!

If kids are at the party, keep them in mind for food as well. Many children don’t drink soda (or their parents don’t let them), so have water bottles and juice boxes for them. They’ll be working up a sweat in that bounce house rental! As long as you have plenty of grab-and-go finger foods, they won’t have to worry about what to eat either.

Keep Garbage Bins Handy
We all know that hosting a party means cleanup afterwards. Make it easier on yourself by putting garbage bins in the living room, kitchen, and outside (plus anywhere else guests will be watching the game). There’s nothing worse than having to track down a place to dispose of your trash in between plays! If you recycle, put that bin right next to garbage and be sure it’s clearly labeled so guests know where to place everything.

Hosting a football party can be a ton of fun with just a little preparation and forethought. To keep your party hopping, remember that AZ Party Zone has your bounce house rentals, inflatable water slides, and table and chair rentals. We will ensure your party is perfect so you can just enjoy the game.

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