Great Fall Party Rental Ideas

Today marks the first day of fall, and although Valley temperatures have started to drop below 100ºF, it won’t really feel like fall here for another month or so. But that doesn’t mean you can’t start planning now for a great fall party! Today, we share some suggestions for the best fall party rental ideas to ensure your guests have a great time.

Bounce House
There’s no doubt about it: Everyone loves to jump around. With a bounce house and an area to put it, you almost don’t need too much else. Kids of all ages love getting into the house and bouncing to their hearts’ content. You can get a simple bounce house and let them go crazy, or you can magnify the fun with a bounce house plus — plus an obstacle course, slides, or water component.

If you have children of varying ages at your party, be sure that an adult is monitoring the bounce house. Bigger kids can bounce a lot higher and farther than the little ones can, and that can sometimes end up with unhappy, stepped-on toddlers. Consider allowing the toddlers to jump for three minutes, and then switch to the older kids for three minutes. And remember to let the adults in there as well!

Inflatable Movie Screen
Even after it’s too chilly to watch a movie from the pool, an inflatable movie screen remains a good fall party idea. Let your guests pull up chairs and blankets, serve popcorn and drinks, and then roll the movie. An inflatable movie screen is easy to put together and take down, so you’ll spend less time hassling with preparation and more time enjoying the flick.

Choose a family-friendly feature if your guests include children and adults. Remember that some parents don’t allow their younger children to watch anything with a rating higher than PG, so consider that when you’re looking to show the latest superhero film, some of which are rated PG-13. Of course, if you only have adults in the audience, pick a movie with mass appeal.

Photo Booth
Who doesn’t like to have his or her picture taken? A photo booth rental comes complete with an attendant to take the pictures, as well as dozens of props to make it all interesting and memorable. Kids and grown-ups love to get in the action with silly hats, boas, and mustaches. You may find that you have a line around the house when you add a photo booth to your party! And since pictures are typically taken digitally, you and your guests can easily share all of the silliness online!

No matter how big or small your party is, what you’re celebrating, or the age of your guests, you’ll always add a huge amount of fun when you choose some of these cool fall party rental ideas. Look no farther than AZ Party Zone / White Knight Rentals for all of your party needs. Whether you are having it in your backyard or at the neighborhood park, we’ll bring the fun to you and make your party the talk of the town!

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