Tips to Have a Great Fall Wedding

In Arizona, fall, winter, and spring tend to be popular times to get married. Naturally, that’s because our weather is nearly perfect this time of year, and no one will be sweating under a wedding dress or tuxedo. Create memories to last a lifetime with these tips on how to have a great fall wedding.

Incorporate Seasonal Colors
As the weather cools down, the hues warm up. Traditional fall colors include shades in the warm reds, such as wine, crimson, and burgundy; warm gold tones, including yellow and orange; deep purple; and even brown. Choose one or more colors for bridesmaids, groomsmen’s accents (ties, cummerbunds, and kerchiefs), linens, and flowers to really play up the fall feeling. You’ll instantly boost the warmth of the event, regardless of how chilly the weather turns.

Add a Little Nature
In addition to warm autumn colors, consider using some of nature’s wonderful offerings in your wedding. Small pumpkins and gourds make charming centerpieces, and a medium-sized pumpkin can be carved as a basket for flower girls and bridesmaids. Sunflowers are abundant in Arizona this time of year, and they can be paired with some greenery and even colorful Indian corn for unique bouquets and decorations. Even Manzanita and cacti add to the splendor of a gorgeous fall wedding in the Valley.

Mix Inside and Outside
Although there’s little chance you’ll see any snow at your Phoenix wedding, it certainly can get quite chilly in the evenings. If an outdoor wedding is your desire (and why wouldn’t it be?), perhaps a bit of a compromise is in order. Rent patio heaters to turn on as the temperatures fall. That way, guests can enjoy the starlit night while still remaining warm. You might also consider having certain areas covered by a canopy tent rental, which keeps the heat from rising up and out while still maintaining the outside feel.

Cowboy It Up
Since we do live in the Wild West, how about incorporating a few Western touches into your ceremony? Cowboy boots aren’t very traditional wedding shoe wear, but they’re comfortable and they’ll add a whole lot of interest. Outfit the entire bridal party in cowboy boots, if the mood strikes you. You can also use the cowboy theme in your decorations to bring a little outside, fall feel to the event. Cowboy boots can be used to hold flowers for centerpieces, and lassos can be used for all kinds of decorating touches.

Candles Galore
Nothing says romance more than candles, so make sure you have plenty. If you’re hosting an outdoor afternoon or evening wedding, get creative with your use of candles. How about metal stands with candle candelabras? Maybe tea lights floating in the pool or pond? Each setting could have a tea light with the table centerpiece boasting myriad candles in varying sizes and shapes — all in your coordinating colors, of course.

Backdrop Matters
A rustic barn makes a fantastic backdrop and immediately sets the tone for an outdoor wedding. With the doors open, you’ll instantly create an indoor-outdoor feel, and strings of lights will make the whole setting warm and welcoming. And if a barn isn’t quite the right fit (or in your budget), you can always recreate a similar look and feel inside. Just choose the right colors, flowers, and lighting and you’ll be ready to party.

White Knight Party Rentals has all of the equipment you need to make your fall wedding a success. With services in the greater Phoenix area, we will bring everything to you and pick it up when your event ends. From tables, chairs and linens to tents, patio heaters, and even portable dance floors, we’ll help you design the event of your dreams. Contact us to learn how we can help.

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