Scare Up Some Fun with a Great Halloween Party

Are you ready for party season? It’s coming up, and the kick-off is Halloween, just a couple of weeks away. If you’re not planning to go out to a resort or other large event, you might be considering hosting your own at-home Halloween party. The party professionals at White Knight Rental have some ideas on how to make your party super scary and gruesomely awesome!

Start with the Décor
When it comes to Halloween, it’s all about the decorations. To get your guests in the right party mood, set the tone from the moment they pull up to your home. A front yard can easily become a cemetery with a few perfectly placed headstones. Outline a body on the front drive and spill a little ketchup on the cement to make it even more realistic. Cobwebs and bats can hang from trees, rooftops, and entranceways. And what about noises and lights? Change your front door and carriage lights to a different color to light the way. Halloween and party stores sell pop-up ghosts and goblins, smoke machines, and creepy noisemakers that will alert everyone in the neighborhood that your home is the place to be — or avoid!

Inside your home, keep the party theme going with black lights and a dark interior. Continue the cobwebs and add some skeletons or other hanging goblins to keep guests on their toes. If you want to maintain the high scare factor, how about hiding a ghost behind the bathroom door? It will probably be good that they’re in the bathroom — just in case!

If you have younger children at the party, you may opt to forego the scary decorations and stick to more of the color-themed idea. Black, orange, and purple are typical Halloween colors and will go a long way to make guests feel festive, without scaring little ghosts and goblins.

Finger Food
Food is just as much a part of the theme as the decorations. Drop some frozen eyeballs in the punch, bake chocolate cupcakes with headstones and gummy worms on top, and make realistic fingers as cakes, cookies, crackers, or even chicken fingers. Jell-o is perfect for floating creepy crawlies, and the wiggle factor alone is enough to make it a little iffy. You can scour Pinterest or Yummly for some good ideas on how to create a dangerous dinner for your guests. Most of them don’t even require superior culinary skills. Just a little creativity can go really far in keeping your theme consistent.

Add Entertainment
Scary music, dark rooms, and good food can only go so far to keep everyone entertained, but there are plenty of options to up the ante.

How about a DJ? If you have a large backyard, you can add a dance floor rental to create the perfect place to move your feet. LED light-up dance floors come in 4’ by 4’ sections to build up to a 28’ by 28’ floor, and the colors change according to your mood with 16 million color combinations!

It’s typically cool in late October, so be sure to rent patio heaters and keep everyone warm in their sexy costumes. Place heaters at the edges of the dance floor to create intimate gathering areas for guests to drink a bit and rest before heading back for more dancing.

And who says a bounce house isn’t a great idea for a Halloween party? If you’re hosting all ages, a bounce house rental is the perfect way to keep younger guests happy while the adults mingle and enjoy your Halloween-themed munchies.

Get Ready to Scare Up Some Fun
No matter what your party needs are this holiday season, White Knight Party Rentals has everything to make your guests scream with delight. Contact us at 602-277-2789 so we can help you host the best Halloween party ever!

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