Red Carpet Ribbon Cuttings

Are you part of a chamber of commerce in the Phoenix area? Chambers of commerce are a great way to meet the neighbors, get the word out about your business, and meet other business owners. Often they will work with you to celebrate your business at a ribbon cutting event. Invite clients, customers, friends, and family to your red carpet ribbon cutting!

Even if you’ve been in business a while, a ribbon cutting is a fun way to celebrate your chamber membership, gain press coverage for your business, and engage the community.

  1. Budget. You’re not going to have a good time if all you see are dollar signs at every turn of your ribbon cutting. Before booking the DJ and dance floor, think about you budget. What makes sense for your business? Maybe you want to spend less on the party in favor of hiring a professional for press releases or marketing the event.
  2. Grand Re-Opening. We hate to say this about our beloved Phoenix but all too often small businesses are overlooked in favor of chains, especially restaurants. That doesn’t have to be the case for you. Celebrate your newly remodeled restaurant (or store or office space) with a grand re-opening celebration! Let the neighbors know you’re a locally owned and operated business ready to serve.
  3. The Experience. Make it a truly memorable experience when guests arrive on a red carpet rented from White Knight Party Rentals. Ask a local photographer to capture their experience or rent a photo booth for guests to capture the fun and post to their social media right from your ribbon cutting! Props like feather boas, sunglasses, capes, and crowns make it fun too.
  4. Food. Don’t forget to feed your guests! Even an afternoon champagne toast needs a snack of fruits, cheese, and crackers. And we know nothing brings a crowd like free food!
  5. VIP Guests. Is the mayor available for your event? How about a local business leader? Ask the local fire station to make an appearance and let the kids see an engine up close.

As you’re planning your ribbon cutting, keep the target audience in mind. If they’re families with kids, make sure to have activities for the kids. If the crowd is older, play music from their generation. Make it a memorable and fun event when you rent the essentials from White Knight!

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