8 Ways to Thank Employees

Do you have employees who have gone above and beyond on a project? Has your sales team blown projected sales out of the water? Is your company growing and successful because of your employees? Show them you appreciate their efforts and thank employees with these ideas.

  1. Make a note of it. Tired of only getting junk mail? Most people are, including your employees. Tell them they’ve done a job well done by sending a thank you note. Encourage team members to send notes to each other too.
  2. Money talks. You might not be able to give everyone a raise as often as you’d like but you can spread the wealth by adding a gift card to the thank you note.
  3. Movie night. Rent a theatre and treat coworkers and their families to a free movie night.
  4. Throw a party. Has your team exceeded expectations? Tell them you appreciate their long nights and early days by throwing an employee recognition party complete with their families and treats like snow cones, popcorn machines, and cotton candy concessions from White Knight.
  5. Blow it up with balloons. Rent our helium tanks and spread balloon love around the building to celebrate birthdays and anniversaries and to thank special employees or the entire staff. Even better? Surprise them with an unexpected appreciation event.
  6. Game time! Put work to the side and invite the team for an interactive game night complete with ping pong, ladder toss, dunk tank, and more!
  7. Lunch on us. Is the team working toward a deadline? Buy them lunch to show you appreciate their extra effort.
  8. Flex time. There’s nothing better than time away from the office to spend with friends and family. Offer summer Fridays or a work from home option. Studies show they are more productive when they’re given autonomy.

Don’t wait for a special occasion to show employees you appreciate them. Make it part of the company culture to provide fun activities and tokens of achievement.

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