Photo Booth Fun at Your Next Phoenix Party

Our friends came to us and asked what we thought about having a photo booth at their wedding. Of course we said it was a great idea! Getting guests involved in the fun, whether it’s a wedding, birthday, retirement, employee recognition, or other celebration, is what a party should be. Rent a photo booth from White Knightto make memories last forever!

If has been a while since you donned a combination glasses – nose- mustache, a feather boa, or goofy sunglasses, now is the perfect time to let loose! Let your friends and family release their inner child with props to create photos that are fun, engaging, and memorable.

For those hip with social media, we suggest creating an event-only hashtag. Invite guests to share photos on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and remind them to tag White Knight. We love and appreciate social media mentions from our satisfied partygoers.

Worried your guests will be too shy? Don’t fret!

Our photo booth rental includes an attendant for setup and teardown. The attendant will also interact with guests and make them feel comfortable. Dressing in costumes is up to each partygoer though we think it makes it sillier if they lean into the fun.

The rental also includes two hours of play time, a usb of all photos taken at your event, and unlimited 2×6 photos so everyone in the picture gets a copy. Ask your crafty friends to create a scrapbook of the pictures so you can focus on the guests and not on the shenanigans in the photo booth. You will smile when you see the fun that was had at your party!

There is no charge for delivery to Phoenix, Glendale, Scottsdale, and Tempe. Other cities may have a delivery charge. Additional time is available at an additional fee.

Contact us today to schedule a photo booth rental for your next special occasion!

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