Resolve to Have More Fun This Year

Tonight is New Year’s Eve, and the old year will slip away as the new one comes to take its place. When the clock strikes 12, you’ll kiss someone you love, toast with friends, and listen to “Auld Lang Syne.” What you might also be doing is looking back at last year’s resolutions and thinking about what you’ll do in 2015 to improve yourself and your life. We have a suggestion: Get social, have fun, and host more parties.

Why Be the Same?
Everyone else will be making resolutions about losing weight, eating better, or stopping a bad habit. But we all know those promises will be broken by the end of the month. So why not be different? Step away from the pack! When you resolve to have more parties, you’re really allowing yourself to spend even more time with the people you care about. You’re positioning yourself as a connector who knows all of the important movers and shakers and can introduce them to people in your network. And a bonus of hosting more parties is that you’ll have a lot more fun in the coming year.

Celebrate the Nontraditional
Everyone will have a Super Bowl party or set off fireworks for Independence Day, and while you can certainly create gatherings around those big events, why not celebrate just because? You could have a party in February because it’s the shortest month of the year, or you could have an April Fool’s Day party. If you’re looking for inspiration, bookmark, a website that lists all of the quirky celebrations, holidays, and remembrances that happen throughout the year.

Flip It Around
Don’t you sometimes wish that you were still a kid? And we know that kids long to be grown up, so why not flip the way you host parties? Have an adults-only party at the park and rent a bounce house, a hamster ball, and a sno-cone machine. Or have a kids’ party with appetizers and sparkling cider, fancy linens, quiet music, and a fire outside (and if s’mores happen, so much the better). Everyone appreciates having fun in a different way from time to time, and you’ll definitely give guests something to talk about.

Change the Time
Most people expect a party to happen on a Saturday night, but what’s wrong with a Tuesday night or Sunday morning party? Brunch is a great time to host a gathering, and on a weeknight, you could have guests assemble their own meal, buffet style (think pierogies, cupcakes, and the like). That’s just one more reason to host a party and have some fun.

Know Your Resources
No matter when or what type of party you plan to host, be sure you have a partner in your corner. White Knight Party Rentals has all of the supplies you need, from bounce house rentals to tables and chairs. When you’re ready to party, we’re there to help you make each and every one a success — even if it’s for Make Up Your Mind Day.

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