Tips for Hosting a Spring Bridal Shower

Weddings are special occasions and so are the events leading up to them like the bridal shower.

A bridal shower is a time to give the bride gifts and let her enjoy being the center of attention. It’s kind of a warm-up for the big day when everyone will want to take pictures with her and her new husband. If you’re the maid of honor or have been asked to host the spring bridal shower, here are our tips for a fun and memorable event:

Keep it Simple. Don’t overcomplicate the day with big menus and lots of games. Choose a theme (and stick to it) and keep the event moving along. For example, lunch with chicken salad sandwiches, cookies, and punch, a couple of games to learn more about the bride and groom, and opening of presents. Use the wedding colors, take pictures, and let the guests have a fun time!

Delegate. Everyone is busy with work, school, and family obligations. Don’t overwhelm yourself as party planner or the bride. Delegate tasks like sending invitations and decorating the venue to guests. They’re probably waiting for you to ask how they can help make the bride’s day special.

Track RSVPs. Designate someone to keep track of how many guests are coming to the wedding shower so that you can rent tables and chairs for the right number of people. Choose from a variety of options including circular or rectangular tables, bistro, padded, or chiavari chairs to make the day memorable for the bride and guests.

Consider the time of day. If you’re hosting a spring bridal shower in the afternoon on Phoenix after mid-March, it’s likely going to be too hot for some of your guests. Make them comfortable with tents or canopiesand consider a misting system to keep guests shaded and cool.

Decorate using wedding colors. Resist the urge to buy paper napkins and give the bride a sneak peek of what her wedding will look like when you choose table linens that match her wedding day colors.

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