Host a Foam Party for Your Graduate

Looking for a unique theme for your graduate? Have you thought about hosting a foam party for family and friends? All you need is a soap-friendly area like a dance floor or an outdoor venue. While Grandma and Grandpa might not participate, you can save the foam machine for later when the graduate and their friends are partying well into the night.

What is a foam party?

Not all that different than a regular party, a foam party can, and in many cases does, include a venue, theme, music, food, drinks, and dancing. Instead of dancing on regular ol’ dance floor, rent a foam machine for the older kids to dance and the younger ones to play. Whether you’re having the party at your house, a public park, or other venue, we ask that you make sure it’s okay to add foam. Everything, especially the guests, will be covered in soapy bubbles.

Is foam safe?

We can’t speak for other vendors but we can tell you that our foam is a 100% safe, biodegradable solution that won’t irritate eyes and skin. The grass won’t be damaged and it’s easy to spray down with water or allow time to dissolve.

Why host a foam party for your graduate?

You’ve always wanted to be the cool parent. We know you have because we want to be them too! You know who we’re talking about. They’re the parents who give their kid a car for their 16th birthday or $100 for straight A’s while you and your spouse are working overtime just to make ends meet. Now is the time to celebrate the hard work you and your student have put in over the years. Let loose and have fun!

Create an event they (and their friends) will never forget when you rent a foam machine and hire a DJ for a graduation party even the cool parents will envy!

Remind guests…

  • Use paper plates and cups. We don’t want broken glass causing injuries.
  • Wear shoes in the foamy areas especially.
  • No sliding or skidding. You might hit something that’s hidden by the bubbles.
  • Remove cell phones and devices from pockets.

Ready for a foam party for your graduate?

Our $299 rental includes two hours of playtime, set-up, and teardown. We deliver to Phoenix, Glendale, Scottsdale and Tempe is $20. Other city delivery charges can be found on the White Knight Party Rentals website. Need the machine for longer? Purchase additional rental hours for $100 per hour. Contact us today!

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