10 Quick Tips About Photo Booth Rental

Want to make your party memorable for you and your guests? You need to rent a photo booth! At White Knight Party Rentals, it is our goal to give you the tools you need to create an amazing experience at your special event. From birthdays and anniversaries to graduations and retirement parties, we’re here to serve!

Let’s start with our quick tips about photo booth rental.

  1. Ask what the rental includes. Our rental includes an interactive attendant, memory card of all photos taken, online gallery for you and guests, unlimited 2×6 photos. That means everyone gets a copy and you have online access to print photos for a scrapbook or photo album. Details for photo booth rental.
  2. Props and costumes. Who doesn’t love a giant clock necklace a la Flava Flav for your friend’s 40th birthday party? Or Class of 2017 decorations and costumes for your son’s graduation party? It makes it more fun when your guests have party-themed props for their experience!
  3. Instructions. Even with our attendant, it can be overwhelming for first-timers to figure out what to do once they get into the booth. We like to provide easy to follow directions so you can stay focused on the fun! Decide if you want to keep the props or if guests can take them after their session.
  4. Scrapbook pages. Ask guests to glue or tape a copy of their photos on a scrapbook page and add a message about the special event. Not only will they have a keepsake of their own photo strip but you will too!
  5. #hashtag. Provide the event hashtag for guests to use on their social media posts, especially when they’re all dressed up and ready for their photo booth experience!
  6. Backdrop. If you’re opting for a DIY photo station, provide a backdrop where your friends and family to pose. It can be the company logo, college mascot, or themed to the special day.
  7. Smile! We think it would be logical to bring a smile and sense of adventure but some people get stage fright when they get in front of the camera. Remind guests it’s just for fun and to have a good time.
  8. Location. If possible, we like to have the booth set up near where people will be gathering like the dance floor. Catch them while they’re having fun and not on their way out the door for the night.
  9. Timing. Are you having a booth at your wedding? Open it up for business as soon as cocktail hour starts and people are having a good time.
  10. Make it fun! Encourage guests to choose props and hop in the photo booth as soon as they’re in the mood. If they’re hesitant, you try it first.

We hope these tips are useful. We love helping you make your Phoenix parties fun and memorable and cannot wait to see your photos!

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