How to Keep Siblings Busy During Birthday Parties

It’s hard enough to figure out what to do for a young child’s birthday party to keep 8–20 children busy for two or more hours, but when you add in siblings, well, you have your hands full. If the siblings are close in age, it’s a little bit easier, but when you’re looking at five or more years’ age difference, you may need a little help. Never fear! AZ Party Zone is here! In this blog, we share some ideas to help keep siblings happy while their brother or sister is having all the fun.

Send Kids Out with Grandparents, the Other Parent, or a Friend
Getting siblings out of the house during the party may be the easiest solution — and the first thing to consider. This can be harder with younger children who emulate their siblings and want to be involved in everything they do, but if the child is in elementary school and the party is for middle-schoolers, it can be a great option. Be sure to schedule this well in advance and make it a big experience for the sibling. You don’t want them to feel as if they’re being gotten rid of or not as important as the birthday child.

Plan a Special “Side” Party
One way to keep siblings occupied is to schedule a play date at the same time as the birthday party. That way, they are occupied and not paying as much attention to the birthday goings-on. One approach is to make it a special mini party, complete with a couple of gifts for the sibling and their own cake. The adult in charge of the sibling and his or her friend will just need to get them set up and should still be able to enjoy the actual birthday party. Naturally, the goal isn’t to take away from the birthday reveler but to enhance the sibling’s experience.

If your teen is having a sleepover birthday party, he or she certainly isn’t going to want that “pesky” younger sibling interrupting. In that case, be sure to have something special set up for your younger child. You may be surprised at how having another friend over actually makes your life easier rather than harder.

Create Age-Appropriate Versions of Older Kids’ Fun
There are some activities that are good for all ages, such as bounce houses or entertainers, but what if bigger kids are doing a high-level craft project and the little ones get frustrated because they can’t quite do it? How about offering a lower level project for them? The Internet is a fabulous resource for art and craft ideas, and it can be as simple as just putting up a separate table for the sibling to stay busy. Take the worry off yourself by hiring a sitter during the party whose sole job is to pay special attention to the non-birthday child.

Choose Something Inclusive
What better way to make siblings feel special than to get them involved with party planning from the get-go? Have brothers and sisters help the birthday child choose the theme, the activities, and friends to invite. Maybe they already have something in common (such as a love of princesses or building blocks) that will allow them to choose a party option that makes everyone happy. One great option for the whole family, regardless of ages, is a bounce house or bounce obstacle course.

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