Treat Bags and Party Favors

No matter what type of party you’re planning, you’ll likely want to provide your guests with a memento to take home as they’re leaving. Treat bags and party favors have been a staple at parties for as long as we can remember, but there’s a difference between creating a take-home memory and something that makes its way to the garbage bin before your guests even reach their cars. Here, we provide some ideas to keep the good times rolling long after last call (or last slice of pizza).

Choose Colors
When colors are chosen for the party, such as with a wedding reception, have your favors reflect those color choices. You can use one color for the bag and one for the tie, for instance. Since white is typically a color in a wedding, some newlyweds will put a handful of Jordan almonds (which are white) inside tulle bags that match the bridesmaid dresses. Don’t like almonds? You can replicate this idea with M&Ms; in fact, you can even have custom-imprinted candies made with sayings. That’s something your guests will remember!

Match Your Treat Bags to Your Theme
If you are building your party around a theme (see our previous blog on that topic), it makes sense to have your party favors and treat bags support that idea. One idea is to get away from actually using bags at all. Chinese take-out boxes come in a variety of colors and make excellent containers for take-home goodies. Or how about hats, bandanas, disposable wine glasses, or small plastic shoes / slippers? Pretty much anything that can hold a few items will work as a treat bag — and don’t be afraid to think outside the bag!

Fill ‘Em Up!
Once you’ve chosen the container for your goodies, it’s time to fill them with something good. Wedding favors traditionally include candies of some sort, whereas children’s treat bags usually boast a mix of candy and toys. If you’re making treat bags for children, you can get the typical throwaway gifts you’ll find at the party store, or you can opt for something they’re actually going to use, such as art or school supplies. And if money is no object, you can take a cue from the big award galas and give away something big and awesome. Of course, if you’re a mere mortal like the rest of us, stick with items that won’t break the bank. Consider thematic favors, such as dip mix for a dinner party or make-it-later origami for a Chinese New Year party.

Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow
While you might be so excited about your treat bags and party favors that you want to give them to your guests the moment they arrive, it’s usually best to hand them out near the end of the party. That way, there’s no fear they’ll be lost or left behind. At a wedding reception, treat bags are often placed on the tables since it would be practically impossible to catch all of the guests as they exit. For birthday parties and dinner gatherings, a container near the door or pulled out as guests depart is probably the way to go. However, if you have noisemakers and favors you’d like your friends to use throughout the event, having them available from the beginning is the best option.

Build Memories That Last
By having fantastic treat bags and party favors, you’ll ensure that your party will stay in the minds of your guests long after they’ve arrived safely back home. Remember that you’re creating an experience for them, and a good party planner knows that even the smallest details play a part in that all-around feeling. Your well-though-out treat bags and party favors will put a smile on partygoers’ faces well into the future.

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