Summertime in Phoenix: Time for Movies in the Pool

As we creep into the triple-digit temperatures of Phoenix’s summer, we often start to think about indoor activities: taking the kids to a museum, a night at the movies, or even an indoor trampoline gym. While all of those are fine ways to stay out of the heat, why not just jump right into it? That’s right: you can invite some good friends over, hop in the pool, and watch a movie on your very own outdoor movie screen in your backyard.

Step 1: Ready the Equipment
Watching a movie from the pool may seem like an extravagance reserved for posh Scottsdale resorts, but it’s a relatively easy feat to accomplish. You can rent the outdoor movie screen, either a blow-up kind or what amounts to a large screen on a stand, as well as the projector to hook up to a computer or DVD player. Then you just need to send out the invites and choose the movie!

Step 2: Choose a Movie
Pretty much any movie is good on a giant outdoor movie screen, so your preference may have more to do with your specific likes. If you live close to the neighbors, you may want to shy away from flicks with a lot of nudity or profanity; you don’t want to offend anyone! How about some classic films? A great place to start is the American Film Institute’s top 100 films of all time.

Step 3: Stock Up on Goodies
Unless you have a play pool where everyone can touch bottom, you’ll want to make sure you have plenty of floatable seats for your guests. Everything from floating lounge chairs to ultra cost-effective noodles will work fine, as long as you have enough for everyone. And keep those lawn chairs handy too! Some of your guests may want to stay out of the pool and enjoy the cool desert evening air.

In addition to providing your guests with great seats to see the screen, you’ll want to satisfy their snack needs as well. Since it’s a poolside party, provide plastic cups and dishes (no one wants glass to break on the deck!), water and adult libations, and of course popcorn!

Step 4: Press Play
Once the sun goes down, the outdoor movie screen can go up. Plan either one movie or a double feature, and if you go for the gusto, consider adding a blow-up waterslide for guests to play a little during the intermission. How fun would that be to take turns on the slide while waiting for the next movie to start?

Watching a movie from the pool or under the misters on a huge outdoor movie screen is the way to go during the hot summers in Phoenix. With these tips, you’ll be set for the biggest blockbuster event of the season!

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