Budget Friendly Kids Party

It happens every year. The kids’ birthdays creep up and scare you like a haunted house on Halloween. Let this year be different when you plan ahead with these budget friendly kids party ideas.

Save Now

No matter how simple or extravagant, we recommend saving a little each month. That way you’re not hit with a big expense and a credit card bill to match. At the same time, set expectations that while Suzy from school might get an extravagant party with ponies and clowns, theirs might be a water slide in the backyard and cake made by Grandma.

As a side note, you might also want to save a little for each of the parties your kids will attend through the year. Set a spending limit like $10-20 per event or gather dollar store goodies in a box. When the kids are invited to a friend’s party, remind them of the spending limit or just have them pick a gift from the box and wrap it in the paper you bought on sale. This can save you the money you need for your own child’s party or other needs.

The Cake

The rise of television reality shows and bake-offs has a lot of us crazy for cakes. We recommend keeping it simple. Take Grandma up on her offer to make a cake and save yourself $40 or more. If you’re making the cake, watch for coupons and sales on boxed cake mixes and frosting. There’s no need to break the bank until your kids get married!

The Party

Think about how many people you’ve got on the invitation list. You’re going to have to provide some sort of snack and refreshment to them. Is that in the budget? Maybe it’s easier to bring cupcakes to the class at school and go out for a free birthday meal on the big day or you might scale down the invite list.

Whatever you decide for your budget friendly kids parties, make your child feel special.

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