How to Plan a Successful Event at Your Church

How to Plan a Successful Event at Your Church

Does your church family love spending time together? Are you a new church and want to get to know other families? Are you hosting the annual picnic or pancake breakfast? Before you make the mistake of renting a bounce house for grandparents’ day, define the event goal and theme so you can properly market and plan a successful event at your church.

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Event Goal

Whether it’s to celebrate a church milestone, kickoff vacation bible school, or the annual picnic, make sure you (and everyone else) know why the event is happening. That makes it easier for event planning teams to market the event and attract the right people. Older adults may not attend a kids’ carnival but they will bring a salad to the annual potluck picnic.

Don’t let your event fail before it’s even started by asking yourself – and your team – these questions:

  • Is the event purpose to provide fellowship among existing members?
  • Is this a community outreach event where we invite non-members?
  • Is the event a fundraiser? How much money needs to be raised?

Once you define the event goal, you can move on to theme, decorations, and marketing.


Are you hosting a women’s conference? Do you need to feed families at the annual pancake breakfast? Will the event be indoor, outdoor, or both? These and other questions can be asked and answered by your planning teams.

And let’s be honest, no church event is complete without helium balloons hung up to direct guests to the festivities. Decorate the venue and give away as a party favor for the youngest attendees; they will leave with smiles on their faces.


Typically church events are organized and staffed by volunteers. If you’re the event organizer, give yourself enough time to market your church event. Start early asking for volunteers for pre, day of, and post event assistance.

Utilize the church newsletter, social media, website, and announcements at services to spread the word and don’t forget to thank everyone who made the event a success.

If it’s a fundraising event, be sure to include the final dollar amount raised and remind church members of how the money is being used.

Defining the purpose, selecting a theme, and marketing the event take time and planning. With a little luck, a bunch of eager volunteers, and the right party equipment, your day will be a success!

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