How to Host a Cool Summer Party

You don’t need a reason to host a cool summer party but having a theme will keep the party engaging for guests. Don’t let them get bored when you have food, drinks, and activities for kids and adults. At White Knight Party Rentals, we have interactive games, photo booths, and everything you need to make your party memorable.

Before jumping into the summer season, consider these tips for how to host a cool summer party.

  1. Invitation list. Who do you want at your party? Is it a small, intimate gathering or more of a neighborhood block party? Intimate parties can be as simple as you providing the meat and vegetables to grill and guests bring a side dish. Block parties or big family celebrations take more planning and maybe a bounce house or water slide!
  2. Choose a theme. No one likes to be bored at a party which is why we recommend have a theme. Whether it’s graduation, 1980’s, birthday, beach, make your party memorable. Get creative with old school dunk tanks, ping pong or corn hole tournaments, a rowdy game of Twister, photo booth fun, or a dance contest featuring your favorite decade of music.
  3. What to wear. Have you been to a pool party and been the one without a bathing suit? It’s embarrassing. Don’t let that happen to your guests by letting them know about water fun ahead of time. Provide a few towels in case they forget to bring their own and keep an eye on kids around water.
  4. Fire up the grill. Simple food and drink are key especially in the heat of a Phoenix summer. Keep the oven and stove off and opt for crockpot recipes featuring beans or queso dip. Fire up the grill and let the heat stay outside.
  5. Rehydrate as you dehydrate. Keep guests safe from dehydration by having water and sports drinks on hand. Watermelon and cucumber are perfect treats as well as frosty beverages for the grill master and guests. Include something for the adults as well as the kids. Clearly mark what’s adult-friendly and kid-friendly so there’s no confusion.
  6. Fun decorations. Grab a helium tank from White Knight Party Rentals, blow up balloons, and give your party a splash of color.

Your summer party shouldn’t be boring. Wow your guests with a cool theme, food, drinks, interactive games, and a water slide from White Knight Party Rentals.

Contact us today to get the party started!

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