Pool Safety 101

School has ended in the Valley, and as we enter into the warmer months, there’s no doubt that more and more people will be enjoying their pools. But that unfortunately also means the number of Phoenix drownings increase exponentially. The party planning specialists at White Knight Party Rentals are all about having fun, especially around the pool, but we want to ensure that you and your family and friends are around with us for many more summers too. To that end, here are some simple tips to keep everyone safe this summer.

Teach Everyone to Swim
Even babies can learn how to float in water and move themselves around, so start early. There are local pools that offer swimming lessons for people of all ages, and the expense is negligible when you consider the cost of not learning to swim. More than just knowing how to tread water, be sure that your children (and pets!) know what to do if they fall in the pool. That sudden shock can be disorienting, so practice with your loved ones. Swim with kids and pets to the stairs and tell them how to get out and get help. Keep floatation devices (even noodles are good in emergencies) close to the pool so if one child needs to help another, he has nearby resources.

Fence It Off
Most drownings happen by accident: a child or pet sneaks outside when no one is looking and runs, then trips into the pool. These types of situations can be 100% avoided when you install a secure, self-locking pool fence. Don’t assume that the back door to the yard will be sufficient! Poolsafely.gov suggests your pool fence be at least four feet tall around your pool, and the lock or latch should be out of reach of small hands. Avoid the habit of propping open the pool fence, because it’s the time you forget to close it again that disaster will strike.

Keep a Phone Handy
While you don’t want to be texting, talking, or playing on your phone when you’re in charge of watching children in the pool, having a phone nearby could be the lifeline you need when a drowning occurs. Seconds count in an accident, so if someone does fall in the pool or has problems while swimming, remove the person from the pool immediately and then dial 911.

Learn CPR and Basic First Aid
If it’s been a few years since you learned CPR, be aware that things have changed. The standard of care now includes a hands-only approach, not the breathe, push, push, approach many of us learned back in the day. Hospitals, the American Red Cross, and private companies offer accredited training programs to teach you how to keep your head and be useful in the case of a drowning. It’s always better to be prepared.

Always Stay Aware
Most drowning stories start the same way: “I just turned my head for a second….” A person can go from struggling to gone in a matter of seconds, and it doesn’t even have to be when you’re away from the pool. Even in a party situation, with a number of people around and in the pool, someone who’s struggling can go under. Contrary to what you’ve likely seen on TV, most drowning victims do not call for help or flail around; they simply slide underwater. Always be aware of yourself and those around you — and this goes for adults as well as children. Don’t assume that all adults can swim or are making sound choices (especially when alcohol is involved). Stay aware and stay alive.

White Knight Party Rentals wants you to have a happy, safe summer. If you’re planning a pool party, stay safe and have fun. And if you need party rentals for any Phoenix activities, we look forward to helping you. Call 602-277-2789 to speak to a party planning specialist now.

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