Party All Night on a Dance Floor Rental Phoenix

It’s wedding season, which means beautiful settings, delicious dinners, romantic encounters, and partying all night. While planning a wedding can seem daunting, when you have the right vendors and ideas, you’ll host the party of the year. Naturally, you’ll want to plan to keep your guests entertained with dance floor rental Phoenix, a quality portable floor that is perfect for all your dance moves. With that plus some great music, you’ll create lasting memories for both you and your guests.

Different Dance Floor Rental Phoenix Options
There’s more than one way to move, so there needs to be more than one dance floor rental Phoenix option. Sure, you can go with the standard laminate floor that resembles a hardwood appearance. If you do, your guests will delight in doing the two-step or line dance with ease. But that’s not your only option.

When it comes to dance floor rental Phoenix, you can choose an LED floor. Whether at a wedding or a corporate event, these high-end floors feature more than 16 million colors to dazzle guests. Give the reins to the DJ and allow him to coordinate the floor colors and lights with his music selection. Also, the floor is only 1.25” high, so everyone can get right onto the floor without having to worry about tripping. Who says someone in a wheelchair can’t dance? They’ll be happy to roll all over this cool LED floor!

Dance floors are available in 4’x4’ sections and can be connected together to be as large as 28’x28’. No matter if you’re expecting 30 people or 300, you can have plenty of room for everyone.

Coordinate Your Floor with Your Theme
Weddings always have a color theme, so why not coordinate your floor with your wedding? Choose the hardwood laminate dance floor rental Phoenix for a gathering that is either casual, classic, or country. Opt for the LED floor when you want to really ratchet up the celebration. Since you can change the color of the LED dance floor, you can easily make it blue and gold, burgundy and cream, or any other color combination you need to tie your event together.

Plan for Those Who Don’t Dance
Let’s face it: There will always be guests at your event who won’t choose to dance, no matter how awesome your dance floor rental Phoenix is. For those people, create comfortable areas for them to relax, talk, and watch. Be sure to add table and chair rentals to your list as well. Not only will the non-dancers appreciate the thought, but the dancers will then have a place to rest in between their dance-floor escapades.

Trust Your Dance Floor Rental Phoenix Experts
If this is the summer you get married, or if you’re planning a large corporate event, trust White Knight Party Rentals for all of your party essentials. We are your dance floor rental Phoenix experts, and we can also provide all of your other needs as well: tables, chairs, linens, and even a foam machine! Contact us at 602-277-2789 to get started.

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