Lights! Camera! Photo Booth Rental!

Do you have a summer party planned? A wedding? Birthday? Graduation? Just-because party? Turn selfies, usies, and standard party photos into the talk of your event with a photo booth rental! Reminiscent of drugstore photo booths that shot out strips of goofy black and whites, this rental is updated to include accessories, a USB, and digital prints. It’s the most fun you can have in front of the camera.

Smile Pretty
Whether you choose a cheesy grin or a look of stoic importance, anything goes. That’s the fun of these photo booth rentals: You can make any faces you choose! And with an attentive, engaging attendant there to egg on guests, along with boxes of boas, hats, and funky glasses, the excitement is limitless. The only real question is how many people can you squeeze into that tiny booth? Many of your guests will definitely push the limit and see how many costume changes and friends they can get in their pictures.

Get Social
Since the photos taken in today’s photo booth rental are digital, they can be emailed and shared. So, more than the in-person social component, you can extend the experience to the online social sphere by sharing your pictures on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Tag away and have some fun!

Perfect for Any Party
Often, people associate party booth rentals with weddings, and that’s fair: You do want guests to have fun and to retain some great memories of the day. But they certainly aren’t limited to a wedding reception. A birthday party, family reunion, graduation party, school festival, or casual get-together is the perfect place to position a photo booth rental. At a fundraising event, charge a nominal fee to take pictures and put all that toward your collections. Otherwise, keep the booth open and watch the fun happen.

Photo Booth Rental + Anything!
While a photo booth rental is tons of fun on its own, you can add all kinds of extra components to make it even more exciting. For a large carnival event, a hamster ball or dunk tank can add a ton of excitement for kids of all ages. At a birthday party or just because, try a foam party. And if your theme is movies, your guests can watch an outdoor feature on an inflatable movie screen.

Regardless what your party plans include, or the theme you’re following, consider adding a photo booth rental. Contact the party professionals at White Knight Party Rentals to learn more about adding some fun to your next party.

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