Water Slides: You Can Never Have Too Much of a Good Thing

It’s hot out there. Darn hot. And in the arid desert climate, a little water goes a long way to cool things down when it’s 115ºF outside. That’s why we Phoenicians love our backyard pools and the splash pads at outdoor malls. We have a suggestion for you: How about a water slide? Inflatable water slides add a level of fun, sometimes skill, and always excitement to the typical pool / pad refreshment.

Why Water Slides?
Water slides are just for kids, right? Sure, the kids love running through an inflatable obstacle course and slide that’s all slippery with water. But adults enjoy the fun just as much as the kids. Who says adults have to stand around in the shallow end of the pool or float by on a noodle while drinking a cocktail? Adults are active too! Water slides put a smile on everyone’s face, whether that person is 2 or 70. They’re the perfect backyard addition.

Bring the Water Park to You
Water parks make for a fun-filled day of entertainment for the whole family. But they’re so expensive! You have to pay for parking, admission for everyone, lockers, tube rentals, and food. For a family of your, you could easily spend hundreds of dollars in just one afternoon at a water park.

Instead of dealing with those crowds and long lines, you can bring the water park to your backyard. For as little as $229, you get your very own water slide to use again and again for hours. When you invite friends and family and turn it into a party, your dollars go a lot farther while the fun continues.

Water Slide + Pool = Awesome
Sure, if you don’t have a backyard pool, an inflatable water slide can be really great all on its own. You add water to an otherwise hot day and give everyone something to do to stay cool. But what if you already have a pool? In that case, you have a choice. You can make it so the slide dumps people right into the chilly water of the deep end. Or you can keep them separate for a break from one or the other. Regardless of your setup, your backyard with a pool and water slide is now the center of the action for a great day outside.

Plan for Fun
As we head into July, we have about 2–3 more months of hot weather, so get your party planning started now. Pick a date, call White Knight Party Rentals, and send out the invitations. Make it a potluck and BYOB, and be sure to tell everyone to pack a swimsuit, sunscreen, and towel. Yep, this is going to be a great Phoenix summer!

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