Get the Kids Active!

A study was released that said our lifestyle of sitting and staring at mobile devices was as unhealthy as smoking! This is especially true for the younger generations that are increasingly being diagnosed with obesity, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. It seems our lifestyle is creating a generation of kids that are not healthy. We need to get the kids active! At White Knight Party Rentals we offer interactive gamesthat keep kids (and adults) busy and moving. And what’s better than some healthy competition!

It became clear to us that the study about inactivity in children was accurate when we went to a party and the kids stared at their smartphones and tablets for most of the event. They seemed to only take a break for pizza and ice cream. The rest of the time was spent playing online games alone. In some cases, they were in the same room playing online games with each other when they could have been interacting face to face. We wondered if they knew how to play together.

At White Knight Party Rentals, we’re committed to making your party more memorable than sitting around playing video games. We want you and your guests of all ages to have fun interacting with each other over a friendly game of ping pong or cornhole. Maybe you want to settle a dispute or just compete with a sibling with a joust or tug of war. Whatever it is, we want you to be active and having fun!

For your next party…

  • Pick a theme
  • Invite friends and family
  • Rent interactive games from White Knight Party Rentals
  • Have fun!

Whether it’s a summer party or a special occasion like a birthday or graduation, we’re here to help you make your guests comfortable. We want them to talk to each other in real life, not online.

Contact us to learn more about interactive games and other items and remember we deliver games to your location or you can pick them up yourself. Whatever is easier for you is what we want to make happen!

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