Hiring an Event Planner? Here are some tips.

You’ve got the holiday office party to plan while you’re closing fourth quarter business.

You’re not good with details and the thought of picking table linens gives you hives.

You don’t have time but want a memorable experience for your guests.

If any (or all) of these sound like you, think about hiring an event planner for your next party!

  1. Hire the right party planner. Whether you’re planning a family reunion, an employee recognition event, or a wedding, it will be a positive experience for you and your guests when you’ve got the right person handling the details. Ask for references and interview them face to face or via video. If you don’t think you can work with them – or let them work on the details by themselves – then you should consider hiring someone else. It has to be a good match or it won’t work for either of you.
  2. Don’t be that client for your party planner. You hired a party planner because you didn’t want to handle the details. Trust they know what they’re doing. Give them a clear scope and budget then let him/her execute it without you being a micro-manager. They’ll ask you questions when they need your input. Otherwise, stay away and let them work their magic.
  3. You get what you pay for so don’t be cheap. Just because your neighbor’s sister-in-law is a party planner on the side, it doesn’t mean you should hire her. She may have a “cheap” rate but only be available for consultation nights and weekends. Maybe you’d prefer to be relaxing on the weekend than chatting about why pigs in blankets isn’t an appropriate appetizer for the executive dinner. Consider a more experienced planner and be willing to spend the money.
  4. Enjoy the event. When you hire the right party planner, you’re able to sit back and enjoy the event without concern that guests will be fed on time or that the bar will run out of adult beverages.
  5. Show your gratitude for a job well done. The event planner did all the work of renting tables, chairs, linens, dance floor, and bar from White Knight Party Rentals for your super fun 30th birthday party. Send him/her a handwritten thank you note!

For your next big event, consider hiring an event planner so you don’t have to handle the details. Have them contact us for estimates on all your party rental needs!

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