Bringing Holiday Cheer to the Neighborhood

Who says holiday parties have to be during the day? As fans of evening parties, we can’t wait to celebrate the season with you in full party style! What’s party style? That’s when you call the team at White Knight Party Rentals to rent an LED Dance floor, concessions like cotton candy and popcorn machines, and invite your friends to relax for a few hours in the midst of holiday madness.

Get it Together

Put the word out in your neighborhood social media group or NextDoor app that you want an adults-only celebration for the neighbors who have been so good to you all year and for the new folks you can’t wait to get to know. Ask if they’ve got high school or college age kids who can help watch the under-18 crowd while the parents get a much needed break.

Even if you’re bringing the kids to the event, it might be helpful to have a kid zone complete with games, activities, and holiday-themed art projects managed by babysitters or nannies. That will give you the time to meet other adults and expand your own social network.

If you’re a business owner, consider this a networking mixer and see you who you might meet that could be of benefit to your business….or just take the night off and enjoy!

Dance the Night Away

Utilize the community center or other nearby venue, rent a dance floor from us, and hire a DJ to keep the party moving all night long! Provide the DJ with a list of songs that you’d like played and perhaps a list of songs or artists to avoid at this family-friendly event.

Allow the DJ to coordinate the floor colors and lights with the music selection. Take it old school with 90’s dance hits or further back with some swing music. There are more than 16 million colors available so make it work for you and the theme of your party! You don’t have to stick with red, green, and white just because of the season.

For a Cause

Make it a memorable and fun night for guests while raising money for a worthy cause like adopting local families for holiday gift giving or a present drop-off party for the neighborhood giving tree.

This time of year is perfect for celebration and giving back. Make your night-time party special when you call White Knight Party Rentals at 602-277-2789 for your party needs.

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