Patio Heaters: Stay Warm in Style

Cooler temperatures mean it’s time to head outside more for parties and just enjoying the great weather. But in the desert, a beautiful 80ºF day can turn into a chilly 60ºF evening, sending us Phoenicians scrambling for jackets and blankets. Luckily, there’s a solution to cool evenings that is party friendly: patio heaters.

Types of Patio Heaters
There are a few choices when it comes to patio heater rentals, depending mostly on the look you want. At their core, all patio heaters work the same: they use radiant heat from a propane tank and flame to warm the nearby area. From there, though, it’s mostly aesthetic. Do you want a tabletop option? A simple tank with a light and crank? Or something a little more visually appealing? No matter which option you choose, patio heaters add ambiance, heat, and a level of comfort that will make your back patio or a large party feel that much more inviting.

Events Perfect for Patio Heaters
In all honesty, you don’t even need a special event to use a patio heater. Some people just have them in their backyards to heat their patios when they host parties that spill outside as the sun sets. Whenever you’re outside in a cool area, a patio heater is a warm addition. Consider adding heaters to your next party, whether it’s a wedding, movie on the lawn, holiday gathering, birthday party, or just a Friday night with friends. And don’t worry about safety; patio heaters have sturdy bases and require a bit of strength to get them lit. The little ones will be perfectly fine with patio heaters in the mix.

Add Even More Fun to the Party
Sure, you could just put out appetizers and beverages and call your party good, but you could also make it a much more exciting event. Cool nights are perfect for a backyard movie. Pull up some chairs to your inflatable movie screen, distribute patio heaters around, crank up the popcorn maker, and enjoy a great time.

With patio heaters from White Knight Party Rentals, you’ll be on your way to having an amazing party, whether it’s fall, winter, spring, or a cool summer night. Just contact a party professional to learn more!

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