Spring into Summer with these Birthday Party Ideas

The weather is still cool enough, at least for the next few weeks, to host a party in your Phoenix yard, local park, or community center. We’re happy to see temperatures aren’t staying in the 90’s and we’re getting a reprieve before summer really starts! Before it gets too hot, host a birthday party for a special someone.

Before you max out your credit card, create a party budget.

When I was in my twenties I was friends with a couple who threw parties nearly every weekend for any reason. His real estate business was booming so it seemed like there was an unending supply of money.

There didn’t seem to be thought given to how much they were spending or if they could re-use items they bought for previous parties. They picked a date, invited friends, filled coolers with kid and adult-friendly beverages, hired caterers, and partied like they were Kardashians.

When the real estate market crashed, the parties stopped. The lesson? Don’t live beyond my means and always have a budget.

No matter if you’re hosting a birthday dinner party for family or hosting a neighborhood block party complete with a high wire act, you need to know how much you can spend. Once you know, you can begin to research party rental items like bounce houses and movie screens.

Even if it’s a kids’ party, make it adult-friendly.

Where my friends had it right was in making sure there were activities, food, and drink for kids and adults. Just because we have kids or love your kids as our own doesn’t mean we want to talk pre-schools and diaper changing all night. We don’t all want to play pin the tail on the donkey and let’s face it, even if we do, we might enjoy it more with an adult beverage in hand.

Take it from the team at White Knight Party Rentals when we say renting a bar and hiring a licensed bartender could be the best money you spend at your springtime birthday party. Kids party or not, the grown-ups will thank you!

The next time you’re planning a party, think White Knight Party Rentals. We look forward to helping you celebrate the milestones of life.

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