Wipeout Big Baller

Wipeout Big Baller


Have you ever wanted to run across the big red balls on Wipeout? Well this Wipeout big baller game features a series of four inflatable red balls that challengers must jump across to reach the other side. Climb up the ladder on one of the side platforms high above the biggest ball pit you’ve ever seen. Then try to cross the course by jumping or running across those big red balls. Your goal is to hop across all four big balls to the platform on the other side. But don’t worry if you fall off! This ball pit is a super-soft jump zone cushioned by Zero-Shock technology just like our stunt jumping air bag ride so challenge all your friends to the Big Baller game.

Then wipe out the competition!


Minimum space required

30′ (9.14 m) wide

15′ (4.57 m) tall

45′ (13.71 m) long